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Thread: Eight Thoughts About Eight Comics - Batman's On Twitter

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    Default Eight Thoughts About Eight Comics - Batman's On Twitter

    Batman's on Twitter folks! From this week's Detective Comics. Although he may be wrong...
    Drunk af going 120 drifting corners #FuckIt YOLO? 2.7.5 Inkyy(@ink2flashyy) September 2, 2012

    Peter Parker is wearing the Otto scientist coat, and doing a fair impression of Dr Horrible in the bargain.

    While in Wolverine And The X-Men, Doop tools up. Can I suggest Marvel considers making Doop knuckledusters? Very handy for those bar room brawls at the Hyatt during San Diego...

    And in Avengers Arena, someone actually says about the Sentinel kid what everyone has been saying outside of the comics forever. Suuuuuuuuupermannn...

    He's going to fuck him in the eye socket, isn't he? No wonder Garfield took so against Nermal.

    Nergal. Sorry.

    At least Supreme didn't need to use an eye socket. And while he may be obsessed with "Supremecy", at least it isn't white supremacy...

    You know, as brand names for mobile phones go, I don't think this one from Change #2 will catch on.

    I like it when we get rules. Non Humans gives us the rules. Basically it's giving us the much darker, more sinister, version of Ted...

    That is not necessarily a bad thing. So, what have you been reading?

    Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London.

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    Only picked up Action and Change today, which both possibly sound like they could be civil rights publications to non-comic readers.

    Not had a chance to read them yet because I've been shifting my washing machine out, ready for the new one that's coming tomorrow. It's all go in the House of not him - HIM.

    Anyway, I did have a flick through Change and was pleased to see that the art is vastly improved this time round. I liked the first issue, but kind of felt that Morgan Jeske had potential, without necessarily being quite 'there' yet. He's definitely a lot closer to being 'there' this time round though. I'm looking forward to seeing more. And actually getting chance to read this month's issue.

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    Is Rich not aware of @thegoddamnbatman

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    Man. If that does happen to Carl, I may just have to stop buying Walking Dead. One of my favorite books, but there's a line I won't pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by triggerleo View Post
    Man. If that does happen to Carl, I may just have to stop buying Walking Dead. One of my favorite books, but there's a line I won't pass.
    Sounds more like something we'd see in Preacher than Walking Dead. I think even Kirkman's got some lines he won't cross.
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    I think Rich has been reading too many issues of Crossed, to come up with that Walking Dead idea.

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