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Watch Over Ten Minutes Of Backyard Blockbusters, Documentary About Fan Films

The first extended sequence has been posted online in the pursuit of some publicity.

Teaser Trailer: Masters Of Sex With Michael Sheen And Lizzy Caplan

William Masters and Virginia Johnson taught the world a lot of things. Sex was never the same again.

New Trailer For Mortal Instruments Mashes Up Blade, Franklyn And Beautiful Creatures

Will these disparate elements gel? And will there be anything a little deeper for the rest of us?

Contrast And Compare: Trailers For The Deep And 2 Guns

Baltasar Kormak├║r has two films reaching release in the UK over the next couple of months. One’s based on a comic book, the other one is awards-laden.

Hobbit Crew’s Video Profile Of New Zealand In All Of Its Middle Earthiness

It’s just very nice to look at, especially at full resolution and full screen.

James Kochalka Sings And Dances The Theme Tune To SuperF*ckers

Remember where you saw this first. And tried to rip your eyeballs out. James Kochalka doing his very best dad dancing for a music video of the theme tune to the SuperF*ckers cartoon based on the comic book of the …

Fake Adam West’s Batman Prank Calls, Custom Fit Pants And Fondue Rules

For some reason, Fake Adam West only has 38 Twitter followers. Still, that’s 38 more than the real Adam West.

The Phoenix Comicon Evacuation In Video

I’ve been told by sources close to Phoenix police, the evacuation of Phoenix Comicon for half an hour was due to an incident with a fire extinguisher, which gave the appearance of smoke billowing of a third floor window at …

3 Minute Fast And Furious Featurette Plays Up The Family Values

Fast 6 uses both unexplained resurrection and amnesia ploys to bring Michelle Rodriguez back.

The New Characters Of Game Of Thrones Season 3 – Including Footage From Upcoming Episodes

Each season of Game of Thrones has seen some characters fall by the wayside, and usually in pieces. At the same time, some more have always come along to fill out the ranks.

The Weekly Bleed – WonderCon Dreaming With Brian Buccellato, John Layman, Joel Gomez And Omar Spahi

Toni Darling gives us a look through the week in Bleeding Cool and beyond. But in video form. And with an American accent. Star Wars, Man Of Steel, Frank Cho’s X-Men and WonderCon! With clips of the following interviews… Brian …

Video: The Earliest Animation Of All Time, As Created In Cave Paintings

Before Snow White. Before Humorous Phases of Funny Faces. Before the zoetrope.

When Bleeding Cool Met Philippa Boyens To Discuss The Hobbit Trilogy

Chatting with the Tolkien buff and co-writer of The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Back To The Future Hoverboard Video Review: “Let Me Show You How The Actual Hovering Works”

The Mattel hoverboard is finally shipping on Monday. It doesn’t really hover.

Here’s A Key Spider-Man Sequel Clue, Hidden As An Easter Egg – Can You See It? – UPDATED

Marc Webb and co. put a secret bit of Spider-man set up in this clip for you.

First Actual Clip From New Battlestar Galactica Series Blood And Chrome

Things get a little bit frantic in some space fighter action.

First Footage From World War Z Sells The Scale

It looks like a Sony Bravia ad meets Sharknado. Sort of.

Video: Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Once More With Feeling Was Performed Live Last Night

And you missed it.