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Official Character Reveal For Gotham’s Oswald Cobblepot, AKA The Penguin

Yeah, this is a bit anticlimactic since we’ve already gotten quite a good look at him in set photos.

Set Snoop Report: The Doctor Tracks Aliens Around Sherlock’s Drug Den

UFO graffiti, a lab coat and some aliens. What does it all mean?

First Official Look At Sean Pertwee As Gotham’s Alfred

We met Harvey Bullock and Selina Kyle, and now Fox have released the first official image of Gotham’s Alfred Pennyworth, played by Sean Pertwee. I’m not sure if we’ve seen any unofficial paparazzi pics of him yet, but they’re probably …

MCM Comic Con Birmingham – Meeting the Women of Sleepy Hollow

Olly MacNamee writes for Bleeding Cool: [*Spoilers for Season One of Sleepy Hollow!] For fans of the first season of Sleepy Hollow, the finale did not disappoint. Revealing to viewers that Henry Parrish was actually Ichabod and Katrina’s vengeful son, …

Another New Fargo Trailer Focuses On The Cast

While the first trailer for FX’s Fargo miniseries focused on “Story” (well, sort of) this one is all about the cast. Actually, I think this one tells us a lot more about what we’re in for. Quick snippets of each …

Fear Is Born On First Poster For NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby Remake

For being a remake that I’m not sure anyone really wants, this is a pretty cool poster.

These Four Orphan Black Posters Have An Awful Lot In Common‏

Top class tag line too.

Official Image Of Gotham’s Selina Kyle And Set Snaps Of Her And Young Bruce Wayne‏

I bet that lad is having the time of his life knowing that he’s kinda sorta Batman.

Marvel Announce The Casting Of Patton Oswalt As Agents Of SHIELD’s Agent Eric Koenig

He’ll be an asset to SHIELD, I’m sure, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing on the show.

First Look At Donal Logue As Harvey Bullock In Gotham

Fox is starting to do a little more marketing for their Batman prequel series Gotham. First came the logo and website and synopsis, and now, the first official character image. I wonder if they’re pissed the paparazzi got the jump …

TV Version Of Powers Is Back On And It’s Going To Be A Playstation Network Exclusive

Though FX’s attempts to realise Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s Powers as a TV show faltered not once but twice, there turns out to have been a happy ending. Well, the promise of one, at least.

New Promo For Mad Men Leaves It All Up In The Air

AMC is really sticking to its airport theme in marketing the seventh and final season.

Game Of Thrones Movies Being “Actively Discussed”

According to the author, there have been real and meaningful discussions about taking the series to the big screen.

First Trailer For FX’s Fargo Miniseries

All the elements that made the original Faro so good is here.

Video: Billy Dee Williams’ Star Wars Routine From Dancing With The Stars

If you can’t guess what Billy Dee William’s dancing partner will be wearing then I suppose you’re still waiting for your first coffee of the day.

A Good Look At Gotham’s Jim Gordon And Oswald Cobblepot, Alias The Penguin

The young Jim Gordon is a good looking TV star type, manifest in the form of Ben McKenzie. It stands to reason that Oswald Cobblepot, the man who will one day be The Penguin, would be younger too.

First Look At Charlie Brown And Snoopy In The New, CG Peanuts Movie

This is, if nothing else, a rather unusual look. There’s a rather more simple texture to the CG than in many recent movies, and then there’s a very pen-like line style over the top. All things considered, it’s not scary. …

When Kristen Bell Called Up Bleeding Cool To Chat About Veronica Mars – The Character, The Movie, The Novels

Veronica Mars, in person. Sort of. Close as can be.