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The Simpsons / Family Guy Crossover Preview From Comic Con

Shown at San Diego Comic Con Saturday, and airing September 28, the Simpsons crossing over with Family Guy is appropriately called “The Simpsons Guy“.

Live From The Strain Panel In Hall H At San Diego Comic Con – Peeling Del Toro’s Banana

The audience screaming for The Strain, the first show to make it into Hall H for its first season, were promised a cannister of gummi worms afterward, Straing style. What followed was a preview viewing of today’s episode of the …

Turns Out, True Blood Wasn’t Doing an Homage to Terminator 2 And Bill And Sookie Won’t Be What We Think They’ll Be

By Abigail Raney Despite what the internet – and panel moderator Tim Stack – thought (and despite having Robert Patrick on the cast), apparently that hallway scene on last week’s episode was not meant to be a send up to …

Willie Ito Awarded Inkpot Award

Nikolai Formich writes, On Saturday, animation legend Willie Ito was awarded the Inkpot award. Ito worked in animation as a character designer, layout artist, and story director, and his memorable work includes  What’s Opera, Doc?, Yogi Bear, The Lady and …

The CONSTANTINE Comic Con Preview Trailer

Another new trailer spinning out of tonight’s WB/DC tv panel… another look at Constantine:

We See The Footage From Ascension, Just As The Characters Do Every Year

Every year the crew of Ascension watch an old black-and-white film, from a German rocket scientist based on Von Braun, announcing the Ascension project. And now the audience at San Diego Comic-Con saw it too. “So the time has come …

Once Upon a Time Borrows From Milton To Hint At Its [Darker?] Fourth Season

Abigail Raney writes, A fair number of things happened in Once Upon a Time‘s panel: Ginnifer Goodwin Skyped in from Vancouver and knocked out Michael Socha when he wondered onto camera. There was a mini mockumentary which featured the writers …

SDCC 2014 Marvel Animation: Guardians Of The Galaxy Cartoon Is Coming

Liveblogged from SDCC by Liz Hey Saturday morning cartoons are not at all a new tradition, but today’s Marvel Animation Presents panel made things a bit more exciting than sitting in your underwear in front of the TV. After all, you …

The Game Of Thrones Swag That’s Worth Starting A War Over

From Frazer Brown, who I want to behead right now to steal his swag, the goodies given out to everyone who attended the Game of Thrones Hall H panel. Oh, the jealousy…

Arrow Season 3 Teaser: Arsenal, Ray Palmer, And A Whole Lot More

So very many trailers I shouldn’t be watching yet this week. Even so, pretty cool — The Arrow Season 3 teaser:

Watch Jordan Peele As Stan Lee In The Key & Peele Season 4 Comic Con Teaser

Stan Lee couldn’t be at Comic Con this year, but Jordan Peele stands in for him in this impromptu pitch session.  I don’t see anyone playing Tom Brevoort in there, though… Key and PeeleGet More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows

Live From The Vikings: Blood Legacy Panel At San Diego Comic Con With Cast – ‘The Bottom Line Is This Is Real’

The History Channel’s runaway success Vikings is charging toward a third season, and if previous seasons are any indication, there will be hefty changes and new directions this time around, keeping things beyond fresh. The show has teased an attack …

The Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 Comic Con Teaser Trailer: “Mockingbird’s In”

Patton Oswalt does his usual brilliant thing on the way to mentioning Mockingbird for season 2 of Agents of SHIELD:

The Agents of SHIELD Gag Reel They Just Showed At Comic Con. Also, Mockingbird

The two Agent of SHIELD things in the headline are not related, but I have no time for two posts at the moment, so, yes — Mockingbird (Bobbi Morse) in Season 2, and separately, this is pretty funny stuff:

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Video Intro For A Bunch Of New Cast Members

Game of Thrones Season 5, new cast: Jonathan Pryce (Pirates of the Caribbean series) — the High Sparrow. Alexander Siddig (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, 24) — Doran Martell. Keisha Castle-Hughes (Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith) — …

Experiencing a demon problem? Call John Constantine At 404-248-7182.

Fun little Constantine viral from NBC.  But I wonder what the Alec Holland reference means…

The Walking Dead: Season 5 Trailer

Ah, jeez… I am totally behind on this so I can’t watch the trailer, but maybe you can.  The Walking Dead Season 5:

‘On The Set With Vikings’ Experience At San Diego Comic Con Is Immersive, Has A Comic

Rich Johnston and I saw them setting up an interesting lot on 2nd Avenue on Tuesday with what looked like a massive Icelandic landscape shot, and we watched workers pulling in bales of hay, walkways, and other paraphernalia. We argued …