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Movie Rushes – Hobbit, Highlander, Torchwood And Transformers

Daisy Lowe. Captain America. A Trap For Cinderella. Alpha House. Kanye West. Dolph Lundgren and Tony Jaa. Jenna Louise Coleman. Plenty more.

Catching Up With Dexter, Anne Hathaway, GI Joe And Lots More – A Rushes News-Heap Special

Rob Liefield. Michael Bay. Michel Gondry. The Galactic Empire. Schwarzenegger. Ghost in the Shell. IMAX. Coronation Street. More.

Thor 2 Mini-Rushes – Baddies, Warriors, Fandral And Stan Lee

Another look at Thor 2, our first images of Fandral and a promise from Stan Lee.

Some Weekend Rushes – Fast 6, Prometheus, Oldboy, Game Of Thrones And More

Bonus absurdity about Spongebob from the Ukraine. Really, it’s crazy.

Rushes – From Doctor Who Specials To A Total Recall Director’s Cut And Lots In Between

Including a way that YOU can get JMS the gig of writing Ghostbusters 3. Perhaps. Kinda.

Catch-Up Rushes – A Bunch Of Interesting Stories I Missed While I Was Sick

I’m still not well, I’m afraid, but I’ve been away for long enough so I’m going to have to pull myself up, prop myself on a pile of pillows and see what I can get done. We’ll start with a …

Dredd Movie Mini-Rushes – A Nice Tribute To The Fans, John Wagner Gives His Verdict – UPDATED


Iron Man 3 Mini-Rushes – All The Goings On With Marvel’s Next

Now that Iron Man 3 has started shooting and the on-set spies have had something to actually start spying on, some interesting little bits and pieces have started to roll forth. Here’s a round-up of more recent newslets relating to …

Tuesday Afternoon Picture Rushes – Real-Life Cartman, Alternative Universe Batman, Vampires, Mars And More

Some pictures for you. None of that tricky reading required.

Wednesday Night Mini-Rushes – A “Man” With Four Arms And A Woman Swooshing Her In 3D

John Carter. Chronicle. The Dictator. Snow White and the Huntsman. Katy Perry.

Man Of Steel Mini Rushes – Lana Lang Cast, Great New Photo And Logo

Henry Cavill has been so gracious as to pose for a picture with a young fan on the set of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel and, as you’d expect, that image has made its way online where it can become …

Tuesday Rushes Part Two – Game Of Thrones, Uggie On A Skateboard, Thor 2, Snow Piercer And More

Idris Elba. Stop motion robosmut. Bong Joon-ho and Chan Wook Park. Joel Edgerton. American Reunion, Lots more.

Tuesday Rushes Part One – The Artist, Fox Vs. Lohan, Sherlock, Looper, Expendables 2 And More

Today’s first burst of Rushes.

Monday Mini-Rushes – The A-Team, Abraham Lincoln, John Carter And More

The A-Team have been Seussified by the same chap who set about Batman last week. A UK housewife is on the warpath over Americanisms in new Winnie the Pooh books, and other Disney fare published in Britain. A skipping rope …

Wednesday Rushes Part One – Metropolis Remake, Marvel Movies Chat, Disney Blasphemy And More

A budget breakdown for Star Wars. Compromising positions for Jean Dujardin. Scorn for Melancholia and Woody Allen.

Late Tuesday Rushes – Avengers, Cocaine Cowboys, Masters Of Sex And More

James Bond. Party Down. Nic Roeg. An X-Box 720 easter egg. Chronicle. Byzantium. Burt Wonderstone. Loads more.

Saturday Rushes – The Dark Knight Plagiarises, Jism 2′s Wet Sheets, New Faces For Kick-Ass 2 And More

A nice round-up of film and TV goings on – Star Trek, Spider-Man, Sherlock and more.

Thursday Semi-Rushes – Kanye West Vs. The Jetsons, HBO Vs. Netflix, Gwen Stacy Vs. The Conspicuous Extra

Just a little Rushes, some things I had in the system in short form.