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New Promo For The Rock And Brett Ratner’s Hercules Is A Chopped Up Scene

I’ll be interested to see how much better this version is than the Kellan Lutz one that trickled out already this year. Surely this won’t hurt Ratner’s reputation any?

Late Night Fun – Something Only A Convention Could Make Happen…

There has been some amazing photos that have come out of comic conventions lately… photos that would never have happened if not for attending stars having fun. The kind of thing that fans just love to see. Like the time …

Oxford Student Maisie Richardson-Sellers Now Rumored For Star Wars: Episode VII

Are they really going to make us wait for May 4th for an official announcement?

Bruce Timm’s Batman: Strange Days Now On-Line

Here it is, Bruce Timm’s tribute to Batman for the 75th Anniversary. Batman: Strange Days premiered last night on Cartoon Network but now you can see it here.

Game Of Thrones Showrunner Duo To Make Dirty White Boys As First Feature Film

While Game of Thrones was able to thrive just fine without any stars, expect at least two big stars for Dirty White Boys. Who do we think will be movie stars in 2020 or so?

Quicksilver In Actual Action In New X-Men: Days Of Future Past Image

So maybe Fox and co regret their decision to show us our first really good look at Quicksilver in a Carl’s Jr ad

New Trailer For How To Train Your Dragon 2

Looks like there’s plenty of family reunion time to come.

Red Band Trailer For 22 Jump Street

I kind of like that this new red band trailer for 22 Jump Street really isn’t the funniest thing we’ve seen from the movie so far.

Stephen Colbert Tapped To Replace David Letterman

When last week David Letterman announced his pending retirement from CBS’s The Late Show, speculation ran rampant on possible replacements but I can honestly say I didn’t see this one coming… CBS has announced just minutes ago that Stephen Colbert …

When Bleeding Cool Met Sam Claflin To Discuss Hammer’s New Horror, The Quiet Ones

The star of The Quiet Ones on this film and his other upcoming projects.

The Brothers Behind Journey 2 Are Rebooting Timecop, Maybe With A Looper Vibe

Busy guys – they also have Journey 3 and do-overs of The Monster Squad and McGyver on the cards.

The Truman Show May Be Adapted For Television

Paramount is forging its way into TV and will be turning to its library for material. Among the films they will be developing for TV is a new adaptation of Andrew Niccol’s The Truman Show, which starred Jim Carrey as …

Call To Arms: Mercenary Kings Are Here

By Etienne Dubuc   Montreal  is really seen as a major video games city nowadays. Triple AAA games are being made by Ubisoft, Warner Brothers, Eidos in their studios. That strong presence of the major studios also brings the creation …

A Trailer For The New How To Train Your Dragon 2 Trailer

Last week, I got to see about two thirds of How to Train Your Dragon 2.In short, I really liked what I saw.

Matt Damon May Become The Martian For Fox, As Drew Goddard Exits

he film is described as Apollo 13 meets Castaway.

Trailer: Marvel Superheroes Join Disney Infinity Videogame

Now I know that I’ll have lots of little Marvel figurines in my Infinity collection too. Can’t say I’m too cut up about it.

Between Bits Of New Footage, Bryan Singer Explains The Appeal Of X-Men Days Of Future Past‏

There’s also a great bit of James McAvoy being really excited.

Game Of Thrones Death Sheet

This is pretty damn cool. Husband and wife comic creators Comfort Love and Adam Withers have come up with a new game for Game of Throne fans, a way you can track the mayhem at home. And you have to …