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The Agents Of SHIELD Team Discuss The Big Changes Made By Captain America 2‏

I think the show is still limping rather too much. I’m watching it out of some sort of loyalty now. And hope.

It’s Jackie Chan’s 60th Birthday… So A Sequel To The Karate Kid Gets Announced‏

I might have wanted a better gift for him, however, than the report that The Karate Kid 2 is a go.

All Six Of The Sinister Six In The Amazing Spider-Man 2?‏

You should sit tight for a big reveal soon, though. Very soon.

Samuel L. Jackson Reveals When He’s Coming Back To Agents Of SHIELD‏

Spoilers ahead, I suppose. Minor ones.

Lego’s Phil Lord And Chris Miller Said No To Ghostbusters 3. For Now‏

It seems that the dream is over.

Nathan Fillion Teases The Possibility Of A Guardians Of The Galaxy Cameo‏

Not too long ago, some additional shooting took place on Guardians of the Galaxy. Why? A quote from James Gunn was doing the rounds, and let’s assume that it’s accurate. Anything you want you didnt get? Go for it. Something …

See Quicksilver In (Biscuit) Action – The X-Men: Days Of Future Past Version

And some bonus posters that made me think of Abba.

Peter Mayhew Is Back As Chewbacca For Star Wars 7, Disney Admit Filming Has Started‏

So there we go. All the mystery will be sucked out of this box before you know it. Within reason, anyway. And that suits me just fine.

Goonies 2 And Gremlins Remake Both Promised. Or Threatened, Your Call

Ghostbusters 3 isn’t the only old rehash on deck.

A New, Extended Trailer For Godzilla Brings The Noise

Wow. I like Godzilla more the more of it I see, and the more Bryan Cranston they give us. I’m starting to feel more and more confident that Gareth Edwards have done the near impossible and made a film with …

Ida Engvoll And Disa Östrand Have Screen Tested For The Next James Bond Movie

I dare say some non-Swedes also tested, or at least auditioned, but don’t be surprised to see one of the above take the role.

Casting Underway On Bond 24 – Chiwetel Ejiofor Wanted For Villain, Two Actresses Sought‏

He’s just a fine, fine actor. It’s also worth noting that he’s incredibly charismatic and would make for a great “charmer villain” type.

Judy Greer, Katie McGrath And Lauren Lapkus All Book For A Trip To Jurassic World‏

In total, the Jurassic World cast is looking pretty grand.

The First Poster For Paramount’s New Film Of The Little Prince‏

I’m rather amused by Franco being cast as a little prince. And I expect he is too.

David Letterman Has Announced His Retirement From The Late Show In 2015

David Letterman can tell this story better than me, so I’ll let him do just that.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles To Get Dubbed With Johnny Knoxville And Tony Shalhoub Getting Roles‏

It’s starting to look like the Platinum Dunes dudes have had a good look at what they had and are, on set and in the recording booth, setting about some fixes.

Quentin Tarantino To Direct Live Version Of His New Western, The Hateful Eight

I hope this goes well, everybody has a ball and the rapturous reception encourages Tarantino to restart the process of getting The Hateful Eight before 70mm cameras and into our eyes.

Are The Doombots Coming To Fox’s Fantastic Four?‏

It’s just a rumour, for now, but it’s an intriguing prospect and the first hint, perhaps, of what themes and ideas Trank and his screenwriters could be playing with.