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5 Things About The Machine

There’s a lot more going on in the movie than first appears. Here are the five things that really impressed me.

We’ve Seen Over 20 Minutes Of Godzilla And Want To Tell You All About It – Context, Themes And Character

Including an interview with Gareth Edwards, the film’s director.

Massive Godzilla Trailer Breakdown Has Some Spoilery But Also Intriguing Revelations

How many monsters are in this thing? What is its relation to Gojira (1954)? And… Rodan!?

The Big Screen’s Latest Batman Has A Few Words Just For You

There’s an interesting story behind this video, but now is not the time to tell it. Right now, just… enjoy it for what it is. It’s Batman.

From The Robocop Premiere – Abbie Cornish And Jose Padilha On An Incredibly Timely Reboot

She roves and she reports: Becky Lewis has been to the Robocop premiere and come back with some words from the director and star.

When Chris Crainey Went Extreme Fanboy Over Marc Silvestri

Shawn Demumbrum writes, We invited a mix of artists to participate in the World Record Attempt. Some seasoned professionals. Some artists who are just getting started. Chris Crainey is somewhere in between. We had a schedule, but it changed depending …

Talking To Ben Bates, Jim Valentino, Matt Wagner, Steve Lieber And David Marquez At Wizard World Portland

Ian Melton got to speak briefly with a number of comic creators at Wizard World Portland last weekend. And he had plenty to share. He writes. Ben Bates was a creator whose work I was only slightly familiar with, but …

Code Black 2: Shutout by Michael Davis, From The Edge

Michael Davis is the co-founder of Milestone Comics and a current graphic novelist. He runs The Black Panel at San Diego Comic Con. And he now writes a weekly column for Bleeding Cool. This is the second in an series …

Win! Tickets To The Launch Of Vikings On Blu-Ray And DVD At The British Museum

Attend a screening, launch event and Q&A at The British Museum with the show’s creator and one of the stars.

The Bleeding Cool Review – That Awkward Moment

Don’t write That Awkward Moment off as a run-of-the-mill bromance comedy.

John Wells On August: Osage County, Praising The Weinsteins And The Julia, Julianne, Juliette Confusion

The film has been nominated for three Screen Actor Guild awards, a BAFTA for Julia Roberts, and two Academy Awards, for both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.

Godzilla Model Shows Off His Full Form, Drops Atomic Breath Clues

Alright ladies and gentlemen, I think it is just about time to get excited. Here is a picture of the new King of Monsters from Gareth Edwards upcoming Godzilla… in model form.

The Man Behind The Maniac: An Interview with Guy Adams

Alasdair Stuart writes: Guy Adams has been quietly putting words in the mouths of very frightening people for years now. Best known as the author of a string of tie-in books to Life on Mars, Guy is an accomplished novelist …

Amelia Cole and the Barnstorming Second Season: An Interview with Team Amelia

Alasdair Stuart writes: Amelia Cole and the Hidden War finished a little while ago and set up the next season in the series as it went. Two seasons in, the book has gained a good audience both in print (Where …

The Last 2000AD Of 2013

Alasdair Stuart writes: For many in the UK, Christmas is marked by the arrival of a double-sized Radio Times that, somehow, always seems to use the same Santa art for the front cover. For many others, Christmas only begins when …

Godzilla Trailer Breakdown: Big, Bleak Lizard Destruction

What is that coming over the hill? It’s Godzilla! It’s Godzilla!

12 Things And Two Interjections, All About the Jupiter Ascending Trailer

The trailer was released earlier this week, and here are some things we noticed about it.

Closing The Gate After The Butterfly Has Bolted

Alasdair Stuart writes; There’s a rich thread of darkness that runs through a lot of the best English literature about children. Look at the class, and cultural, divies in The Owl Service by Alan Garner or the brutality that stays …