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Wonder Woman To Take Place Across Time According To Rumors

Den of Geek reports Wonder Woman, the long awaited feature film about DC Comic’s Amazon powerhouse, will take place across three time periods. They write: The first setting will be Themyscira, the idyllic island Wonder Woman has called home since her adventures began in the 1940s. The second period is World War I – the… Read more »

Wonder Woman In Chains, On The Cover Of Earth One From Morrison, Paquette And Fairburn

DC media partner HitFix has the look of Wonder Woman Earth One by Grant Morrison, Yanick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn along with the January solicitations, just as the let retailers at the Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit take a peek… The official synopsis: From the masterful minds of Grant Morrison (FINAL CRISIS, THE MULTIVERSITY) and Yanick Paquette… Read more »

Meredith And David Finch, On Whether Wonder Woman Could Be In A Same-Sex Relationship

We know that this scene is coming in Wonder Woman’s future. We just don’t know how soon. But I’m going with “pretty soon”. But with Wonder Woman and Superman on the outs, where does that lead At Fan Expo the other week, Meredith and David Finch held a Wonder Woman panel talking about heir current… Read more »

Valiant To Create A New Female Icon For 2016, On Par With Wonder Woman And Captain Marvel

Believe it or not, New York Comic Con 2015 is almost upon us with publishers and PR-friendly news outlets already horse-trading embargoed news and information between themselves in advance of the oncoming melee of announcements. Well, consider this a sneak preview. Sources tell us that Valiant is planning a major new series in 2016 — or possibly… Read more »

Wonder Woman’s Lasso – As Bad As Waterboarding? (SPOILERS)

Today’s Superman/Woman Woman #20 puts Lois Lane in the hot seat for lasso-based interrogation. Which considering that Superman and Wonder Woman are a thing does strike one as a little conflict of interest… and he’s not happy about it. That is a look of disdain folks…  “Lasso method” we are calling it now… I’m not sure… Read more »

Alex DeCampi On Wonder Woman, The End Of Sensation Comics And Wider Issues Of Sexual Harassment

Alex De Campi is a fearless comic book creator. Which means, until recently, she was a penniless comic book creator. Blotting her copybook at Marvel when she walked off the Scorpion series citing problems with the chosen artist (who was later replaced before the book launched). And at DC, well, she criticised the dress sense of a… Read more »

Eva Green, Sean Bean Rumored As Wonder Woman Villains

Wonder Woman’s rogues gallery isn’t that strong. There’s Ares, of course, Circe — who headlined the singled best episode of Justice League Unlimited — and Cheetah, who’s notable because she was on Superfriends. Did any of them make it on to the 1970s TV show? In any event, it’s probably not crazy to think that… Read more »

Wonder Woman To Begin Shooting In November

According to, the long awaited Wonder Woman feature film will begin production in November. They cite producer Deborah Snyder‘s September 1st appearance at a panel for the See Jane Salon Power to Greenlight event. There’s even video from the Geena Davis Institute: A clip of #deborahsnyder talking about the upcoming #wonderwoman 75th anniversary. —… Read more »

Wonder Woman Tells Superman ‘It’s Not Gay Marriage, It’s Just Marriage’

From the upcoming digital-and-then-print Sensation Comics from DC Comics, Wonder Woman officiates a marriage between two women of her acquaintance. And offers perspective from Paradise Island, a country of just women. Huffington Post writes of writer and artist Jason Badower, The wedding issue also marks Badower’s DC Comics debut. The artist told The Huffington Post in… Read more »

Is This How The Truth Of Lois And Wonder Woman Will Come Out? (Superman/Wonder Woman Final Page Spoiler)

We know that this scene is yet to come. A preview of a short Superman/Wonder Woman story ahead of the mini-relaunch of DC Comics in June. And a scene we have yet to reach in the main comic. But of Lois and Clark? Well, things didn’t go too well there either.  Even if other people… Read more »

When Superman Meets Obama (Superman/Wonder Woman SPOILERS)

Bleeding Cool has previously looked at DC Comics’ peek-a-boo use of Obama as President of the United States in its comics of late. But in today’s Superman/Wonder Woman it goes all out. With a walk around the White House garden with the man they now call Clark Kent. Beginning with a man who cuts through… Read more »

“She Is As Unique And Important As Wonder Woman” – Nancy A. Collins Talks Vampirella / Jennifer Blood

Writer Nancy Collins talks about her book, Swords of Sorrow: Vampirella/Jennifer Blood #4, on sale Aug. 19. Cover art by Billy Tan. BYRON BREWER: Nancy, you have been writing Vampirella’s adventures in her solo book for quite a while. Aside from the team up, were you able to do anything new with the character in… Read more »

Swipe File: The Paybacks And Wonder Woman

A piece of promo art from the upcoming Paybacks series from Dark Horse, by Geoff Shaw. And the cover image to Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia, by JG Jones. UPDATE: JG Jones initially brought attention to this on Facebook. I understand that the Paybacks image was at this time simply an unfinished promo image and, if used, would have had an… Read more »

Ch-Ch-Changes – From Finch To Churchill On Wonder Woman

A few changes for the Big Two, ‘twixt solicitation and publication. Ian Churchill will be the artist on Wonder Woman #43 rather than David Finch and Jonathan Glapion. Flash Annual #4 was solicited as written by Robert Venditti and Van Jensen but actually it was just by Van Jensen. And Age Of Ultron Vs. Marvel Zombies… Read more »

Chris Pine To Join Wonder Woman

Word is that Star Trek actor has signed on to join the DC Cinematic Universe… but not as Green Lantern. Rumor is that Chris Pine will play Steve Trevor opposite of Gal Gadot in the upcoming Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins. Gadot will first play the character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before… Read more »

Roy Thomas Tells The War Years Of Batman, Superman And Wonder Woman

Ex-Marvel EIC and veteran comics writer for Marvel and DC, Roy Thomas, has written three new volumes for Chartwell Books. Each details one of the DC Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and their contemporary stories relating to World War II, compiling select stories with commentary and analysis. Go take a look. Golden Age reprints of… Read more »

For Those Who Really Want Wonder Woman And Superman To Split Up, Read Injustice Gods Among Us

That’s from the Superman/Wonder Woman preview story. But in the first issue of the DC You issue, the pair were still very much together. But for those who can’t wait, maybe try Injustice: Gods Among Us? It’s a different continuity. But if you want a Game Of Thrones style conclusion, you’ll get one from the last… Read more »

Wonder Woman Vs Giganta In 3rd Justice League: Gods And Monsters Chronicles

We’ve seen the vampiric Batman voiced by Michael C. Hall and the okay with killing Superman voiced by Benjamin Bratt… so are you ready for this New God version of Wonder Woman voiced by Tara Strong? Here we see her in action with Steve Trevor against a very different take on Giganta. This is the… Read more »

What Does Today Mean For Superman And Wonder Woman? Or Lois Lane?

I first mentioned that Superman and Wonder Woman would become a couple in the DC Universe for real, back in May 2011. A year and a bit later, it came to pass. In the New 52 of the DC Universe, Clark and Lois were never a couple. And recently, DC Comics did this to drive… Read more »

The Wonder Woman Exhibition At Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, As Seen on Periscope (Batmobile UPDATE)

Thanks to The Comic Bug for broadcasting on Periscope their guard duties at the Masrton Family Wonder Woman exhibit at Atlantic City Boardwalk Con’s inaugural year. Apparently there’s half a million dollars worth of art up there, so it needs all the guards it can get. Especially when the doors open…   UPDATE: Ooh look, they got Batmobiles too…… Read more »