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Black Magick Returns In 2017 – But What Does That Mean For Wonder Woman?

Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott‘s series Black Magick, currently being developed for television,  has been on hold while they have been working on Wonder Woman together. Only volume one of this pagan police procedural has been published. But next year it returns. Black Magick will be returning in April 2017. — Greg Rucka (@ruckawriter) September 22, 2016… Read more »

Wonder Woman ’77 Meets Bionic Woman In Dynamite’s December 2016 Solicitations

We’ve got Dynamite’s full solicitations for December 2016 and they are headlined by the meeting that would have dominated TV ratings in 1977… Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman. The Dynamite / DC collaboration brings the Linda Carter version of Wonder Woman to meet the Lindsay Wagner version of Jamie Sommers. We also get a… Read more »

Elena Anaya Is Most Definitely Playing A Villain In Wonder Woman

Elena Anaya‘s role in Wonder Woman hasn’t yet been elaborated on, and neither has the main anatagonist in the film yet. This lead some to draw a line between the two, especially considering her bizzare face mask in the first trailer for the movie. Well, it looks like that could be right… or at least… Read more »

5 Reasons Frank Cho’s Skybourne Is The Wonder Woman Of The 21st Century (SPOILERS)

We’ve already noted that Frank Cho had recycled two planned Wonder Woman covers into covers for Skybourne #1, his new comic for Boom Studios after he walked off the DC comic citing broken promises over editorial input. Well, Skybourne #1 came out yesterday. And reading it, I was struck by a number of aspects that… Read more »

Ivan Reis Talks About Drawing While Drawing Wonder Woman

Ivan Reis sat down at the DC Comics Art Academy at SDCC and drew Wonder Woman. But while he was drawing, he talked about his approach and how he likes to start with the eyes and how he only uses photo reference for locations and not for people. The Justice League and Aquaman artist also… Read more »

Alex Ross And Cat Staggs’ Covers For Wonder Woman ’77/Bionic Woman #1, Out In December

The Dynamite/DC Comics crossover project Wonder Woman ’77/Bionic Woman is interesting on a number of levels. Not least that writer Andy Mangels. denied by DC Comics the opportunity to write the character despite being the biggest fanboy in the world over her, launching Wonder Woman Day, writing books, creating websites, hosting panels about the character and… Read more »

Frank Cho’s Last Wonder Woman For A While

Frank Cho walked off the Wonder Woman variant cover gig after DC Comics editorial broke promises regarding no input from the comic’s writer Greg Rucka into them. He picked up a couple of cover gigs at Harley Quinn and Trinity… The latter of which also featured a certain Amazonian warrior. He writes, “Trinity #2 cover,… Read more »

Wonder Woman Parody Trailer Questions Amazon’s Fighting Plans

I think the folks at Artspear Entertainment saw a very different version of the Wonder Woman trailer than I did. But they were nice enough to animate their spoof version and post it on-line. In their version the differences between the Amazons and us are a little more pronounced as we see by Steve Trevor’s… Read more »

8 Ways Liam Sharp Is Happy About His New DC Exclusive Contract On Wonder Woman

Yesterday, DC Comics announced that Liam Sharp, current artist on Wonder Woman, would be exclusive to the publisher for two years. Which comes with guaranteed work, healthcare benefits, and not being allowed to work for Marvel, IDW or Valiant. And he’s been expressing his joy at the reaction. By expressing humility I don’t believe I have… Read more »

Frank Cho Recycled Wonder Woman #7 And #8 Covers Into Skybourne Covers

So, we all know that Frank Cho walked off Wonder Woman’s variant covers after guarantees that writer Greg Rucka with whom Cho has shared a fractious relationship it seems, would not interfere with them were broken. You can see his fifth and sixth final covers below. But he had sketches plans for future covers that were… Read more »

Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Respond To Dubious Warner Bros. Letter

An open letter posted to Pajiba has caused a bit of a stir online. And while it casts a harsh criticism on Warner Bros. Pictures as a corporate entity, its veracity has been called into question. But that hasn’t stopped Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins from responding to the letter’s claim that her film is… Read more »

Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane… Is Not Wonder Woman’s Anymore (SPOILERS)

Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane appeared in her earliest of comic book stories, decades before she would gain the power to fly under her own steam. Originally, it was a creation of Diana’s during her younger years on Paradise Island. She created it to be an improvement on her mother’s planes which would be shot down… Read more »