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"Both Are Powerful Women Vigilantes..." - Shannon Eric Denton Talks Lady Rawhide / Lady Zorro

Nancy Collins, writer of Red Sonja: Vulture’s Circle #3, talks with writer Shannon Eric Denton about Lady Rawhide/Lady Zorro #1, both on sale now. Cover by Mike Mayhew. NANCY COLLINS: March is Women’s History Month, and here we have a new miniseries featuring two female heroes in a historical setting. Was that a deliberate decision… Read more »

The Mindset To Become A Vigilante - Recapping Arrow 3.14: 'The Return'

By Rich Epstein You didn’t really think we could go an entire season without seeing the Island of Lian Yu, did you? This week, Arrow continued their tradition of one flashback heavy episode per season. The episode starts off with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Thea Queen (Willa Holland) on the island, training with bamboo… Read more »

Synopsis For Third Episode Of Gotham Released And It Talks Of A Vigilante

The series premier of Gotham is only days away now and Gothamsite has gotten the synopsis for the third episode. Seems Batman was not the first vigilante to hit the streets of the city… a man is trying to remove the corruption by taking it to new heights. Detectives Gordon and Bullock track down a… Read more »

Not A Grimm Vigilante Or Stranger From Another World - Chris Roberson Talks Doc Savage #6

Chris Robeson continues his run on the Man of Bronze with Doc Savage #6 out this week. Battlestar Galactica writer Dan Abnett talked with Chris about what drew him to the project, what his plans are for Doc and what it’s like having covers by Alex Ross. DAN ABNETT: Chris, Doc Savage is probably the… Read more »

Beyond 90's Vigilante Nostalgia In X: Volume One's 'Big Bad'

By Jared Cornelius It’d been a long time since I’d heard of the Dark Horse Comics character X.  I was aware the character existed, I remember whispers of him in the 90’s as a dark brooding vigilante when such things were as common as air, but I never had the urge to find out more about him.  I… Read more »

Chris Roberson Talks With Jim Zub About The Shadow And His Batman-Influencing Role As The Original Dark Vigilante

Chris Roberson was raised in the 70s, but was constantly exposed to the pulp heroes of the previous generations. Jim Zub talked with him about The Shadow and taking the character out of his familiar urban setting. JIM ZUB: Given the long history of the character it may seem odd, but how would you sum… Read more »

Super Tuesday: What We've Learned About The Young, Vigilante Superman So Far This Week

There’s been quite a media blitz over Superman early in this Comic Con week, including interviews with Jim Lee and Dan DiDio regarding the new take on the character among other things. Overall, it paints a very different picture from the Superman we’ve come to know, and Lee, DiDio, and Grant Morrison go on to… Read more »

DC Comics: Relaunch: Vigilante #1?

It’s now become incredibly tempting to look at every possibly planned DC project and declare it a ptential new #1 for the DC Relaunch. Because, to be fair, that’s happening a lot. Billy Tucci’s planned Cassandra Cain project… that Jock Detective Comics cover… It’s all grist for the mill. As is this page posted by… Read more »

Official: Secret Wars Gets Its Own Newspaper

We told you this was coming last week. And now it’s all official. The New York Bulletin Secret Wars Newspaper, shipping free to comic stores as a promotional item. Your number one source for late-breaking news from the brink of destruction, the NEW YORK BULLETIN SECRET WARS NEWSPAPER is coming to comic shops one week… Read more »

Sci-Action Thriller Transference Moves Your Mind: The Complete Black Mask Solicits For June

Black Mask Studios’ June Solicits have landed, and with them the new “sci-action thriller” Transference arrives, written by Michael Moreci, with art by Ron Salas. We Can Never Go Home returns with its tales of strangely powered teens on the run, joined by Space Riders, Young Terrorists, The Disciples, Mayday, and Godkiller. It’s shaping up… Read more »

Five Other Characters That Should Get Dynamite's Altered States Treatment

With their recent launch of their Altered States books, Dynamite has created a new vehicle for “Elseworlds” type stories with their library of classic and iconic characters. They started off with Vampirella on another planet, Red Sonja in modern day that then gets turn into the Hyborian world, Doc Savage turned into a primitive savage… Read more »

'Seems Like It's Your Turn' - Recapping Arrow 3.16: 'The Offer'

By Rich Epstein                                               After a little vacation, Arrow picks up right where it left off. Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) has made Oliver Queen (Steven Amell) an offer he can’t refuse…take his place, and become the next Ra’s. Boy, Nyssa (Katrina Law) is not going to be happy about this. For now, Ra’s gives Oliver… Read more »