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Alex De Campi's Valentine From Image Comics In August

She’s been cited by David Steinberger of ComiXology, Mark Waid and Reilly Brown of being a digital pioneer in the new kind of digital comics now gaining popularity from the likes of Marvel and Thrillbent. And now, the ultimate accolade for a such a digital groundbreaker… print. De Campi has announced that her digital  comic… Read more »


Hannah Means-Shannon Editor-in-chief at Bleeding Cool, Means-Shannon started out as Senior NY correspondent, and fell in deep after drinking the Bleeding Koolaide.  She was once a lowly English professor, but now writes Live From The Comic Shop reviews, and wrangles a host of Bleeding Cool columnists and contributors. Meanwhile, she concocts books about Alan Moore… Read more »

Bleeding Cool Day Of Rest (2 UPDATES)

Today I will be wandering Manhattan, seeing a couple of friends, popping in a few shops then flying out tonight. I’ll basically be offline. Alex de Campi has an Uncanny ValleyGirl lined up in hour and Adi Tantimedh has a Look! It Moves! to follow. Expect regular Cool service to get back up to speed… Read more »

Let's Stop Calling Them Infinite Comics. Let's Call Them Decampi Comics Instead.

I was talking to a comics publisher on the train from San Diego to Los Angeles. Seriously, coming back from con everyone should do that. Free wifi, coastal scene, no traffic and full of comics people, you can keep the Con going on longer. Also, I was on the Flyaway bus to LAX with Gareb… Read more »

Lying In The Gutters - 1st February 2010

DC Vertigo follow through on Bleeding Cool reports about promoting Brian Wood, with pieces on the blog and placed on IGN and CBR. Who’s next, place your bets, Comics Alliance or Newsarama? MTV or Techland? This week, Bleeding Cool was happy to bring you: Jim Lee Italian comic convention designs, Swipe files between WildCATS and… Read more »

Twinterview: Alex De Campi

She writes weekly for Bleeding Cool about the challenges of the digital comics industry, detailing her own attempts to create and innovate and list all the options open to her. it’s become quite the textbook. But she’s also an old friend from the pre-kids days when I’d spend every Thursday in the pub with people… Read more »