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Marvel’s Not-So Secret Solicitations For June 2015 – And Ant-Man: Larger Than Life!

Here are Marvel’s solicitations for July, with all the Secret Wars series we’d been hearing about, with others teased and not realised, and one artist talking about working on Age Of Apocalypse, will there be more new series to come in July? Probably, yes… we have Civil War and House Of M to come for a… Read more »

An Extra Life On… War Horse

Paul W Franklin writes for Bleeding Cool about the life of an Extra. Recently I’ve been pootling around the East coast of Australia, in a rather carefree beach-going manner, reading a bit of Bukowski and Kerouac. “Good for you”, you’re probably not thinking. The point is: there are several points. Firstly I’ve been too preoccupied… Read more »

An Extra Life On… Robin Hood, Part Two

Paul W Franklin, an extra, writes for Bleeding Cool, in a new weekly column about the life of an Extra. Or possibly not… I should make something clear now, before I delve any further into the whole-other-world of Extras, and that is this: They aren’t called Extras. Strictly speaking, they are Supporting Artistes. Yes, with… Read more »

An Extra Life On… Robin Hood

Paul Franklin, an extra, writes for Bleeding Cool, in a new weekly column. When I tell people I’m an Extra in TV and films, without fail they immediately and unabashedly ask ‘Does that pay well?’. Which doesn’t tend to happen when you say “I’m an accountant” or “I’m a carpet cleaner”, or any normal job,… Read more »

Inhumans Vs X-Men Leads Marvel Comics Solicits For November 2016

Frankensteining no longer needed! Here are Marvel Comics’ full solicitations for November 2016, and they begin with the launch of a certain Inhumans Vs X-Men, Avengers, Avengers 1., Occupy Avengers, Unworthy Thor, Invincible Iron Man, Thanos, World Of Wakanda, Ultimates 2, Renew Your Vows, Venom, Ghost Rider and Foolkiller. IVX #0 CHARLES SOULE (W) •… Read more »

IDW’s March 2016 Solicitations – Transformers, Star Trek, GI Joe, Ghostbusters, X-Files, TMNT, My Little Pony, GI Joe, Mars Attacks, Godzilla And So Much More

IDW’s Solicitations for March 2016… including the “What if” style Deviations five week series, Back to The Future going ongoing, new Mars Attacks: Oblivion and so much more… Ghostbusters Deviations One-Shot—GEM OF THE MONTH Kelly Thompson (w) • Nelson Daniel (a & c) In a world, where on that fateful day in New York, the… Read more »

Complete Marvel Comics Solicitations For November 2015 – Including Spider-Gwen #0

No need to wait folks… here they all are… Marvel’s solicitations for November 2015. Lots of new no 1s, the Star Wars crossover Vader Down, and we have a Spider-Gwen #0 reprinting that Edge Of Spider-Verse #2 – what a great idea that was! Jose Molina and Simone Bianchi are launching Amazing Spider-Man #1.1   INVINCIBLE… Read more »

Thor’s Comic Review Column – Fantastic Four #645, Thomas Alsop Vol. 1, Multiversity #2, Convergence #4, Convergence: Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Shazam, Infinity Inc., World’s Finest, Detective Comics

This Week’s Reviews: Fantastic Four #645 Thomas Alsop Vol. 1 Convergence #4 Convergence: Booster Gold #1 Convergence: Blue Beetle #1 Convergence: Shazam! #1 Convergence: Infinity Inc. #1 Convergence: World’s Finest Convergence: Detective Comics #1 The Multiversity #2 Fantastic Four #645 (Marvel, $5.99) By Jeb D. We didn’t know it at the time, of course, but… Read more »

Female Thor Reveals Secret Identity, Iron Fist Ends, Spider-Man 2099 Continues And Here Comes Night Nurse – Marvel Comics’ May 2015 Solicitations

The current Thor is still very much a mystery – although there have been plenty of clues and some rather close betting. Well, all will be revealed in May. You may also recall that in Bleeding Cool’s first report about the then-impending cancellation of Fantastic Four that we said that characters would still appear in… Read more »

Frankensteining Marvel Comics’ Solicitations For April 2015 – (Final UPDATE)

Marvel Comics are pushing out their full solicitations a day earlier than usual – and DC of course put their out two months ahead of usual… Thanks to CBR, Geek Gusher, Newsarama and Comic Book for Cosmic, Spider-Man, Star Wars and Avengers books… developing… UNCANNY INHUMANS #0 CHARLES SOULE (w) • STEVE MCNIVEN (a/C) Variant Cover… Read more »

Marvel Cancels X-Force, Nightcrawler, Invaders And Ghost Rider – March Solicitations 2015

Marvel are never that obvious about their cancellations. While DC always have FINAL ISSUE, with Marvel this month we have FATAL FINISH LINE ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER #12  FELIPE SMITH (w) FELIPE SMITH (A/C) FATAL FINISH LINE! • What is the shocking fate of ROBBIE’S brother, GABE? • Will Robbie finally be pushed over the edge… Read more »

Star Trek Into Darkness, My Little Pony, Doctor Who, GI Joe, Transformers, True Blood And Steve Ditko – Time For IDW’s April 2013 Solicitations

  Is the Star Trek: Countdown To Darkness trade coming out before the final issue? That’s what the IDW solicitations suggest… but there’s plenty more for for April. Dig in… STAR TREK ONGOING #20 (W) Mike Johnson (A) Claudia Balboni (CA) Tim Bradstreet The all-new origin stories of the Enterprise crew conclude with this special… Read more »

Marvel’s July 2012 Solicitations – Who’s Kitty Pryde Seeing Now?

UPDATE: Apologies for a few credits errors, should be all fixed now. I’m blaming the database! Shouldn’t happen again… Here’s a look at Marvel’s solicitations for their comics shipping in July 2012. Kaare Andrews on AVX:Vs writing and drawing Thor fighting a mysterious silhouette, Kitty Pryde dating a pixellated out person, the new Captain Marvel… Read more »