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The Suicide Squad Takes Over The Next DC Legion Of Collectors Box

While we all wait in anticipation for how crazy Jared Leto’s Joker will be, Funko is cooking up some Suicide Squad fun in their next DC Legion of Collectors Box… When I was at Toy Fair this past February, I caught a glimpse of the Funko POP! collection. While they had a tiny May 2016 release date, it’s unclear whether or not… Read more »

World Of Warcraft: Legion Gets A Release Date

As the avid World of Warcraft player here at BC, you guys can expect to see fewer stories form me for a little while after August 30th of this year. Not because I’m leaving (I know this may disappoint some of our posters), but because the next World of Warcraft expansion is being released that… Read more »

Fox’s Legion X-Men TV Show To Be Heavy On The Prosthetics

Fox are making a TV show based on the X-Men character, Legion, starring another Brit-playing-an-an-American-comics-character Dan Stevens I’m hearing a great deal of positive buzz from people who have recently finished working on the show, which had the working title “clubhouse “. Look for that name on any filming signs plastered to lamp posts in your area. You… Read more »

Legion M Looks To Create The World’s First Fan-Owned Entertainment Company

As technology allows anyone greater access to the means of production and distribution systems, the opportunities to get in on the ground floor of a new exciting project seem limitless. Legion M, an endeavor looking to organize fans into the first fan-owned company, launched today on the premise of “opening the gates to Hollywood.” Founders… Read more »

Unboxing The Legion Of Collectors First Box

The Legion of Collectors is the new Funko / DC comics bi-monthly random box. Like the Marvel’s Collectors Corps, the Legion of Collectors box focuses on the specific publisher allowing fans to narrow down what they get somewhat. I recieved my first shipment, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice themed box, yesterday and here… Read more »

Katie Aselton Join FX’s Legion

Casual‘s Katie Aselton is the latest name to join FX‘s Legion. The Noah Hawley produced and scripted pilot centers on Charles Xavier’s son David Haller. Introduced as a troubled young man bouncing in and out of mental hospitals most of his life, David’s latest bad stretch leads to an encounter with someone who tells him… Read more »

Rebirth: The Return Of JSA, Legion, Birds Of Prey And Superman’s Secret Identity From DC Comics?

At the end of Geoff Johns‘ Rebirth video, indicating the direction of the new DCU, we get a list of images from previous books, that we may expect to see reflected in the DC Rebirth. How much of this is literal? If it all were all on the money… We have a new Birds Of… Read more »

Dan Stevens, Aubrey Plaza and Jean Smart Join FX’s Legion

Deadline reports that Downton Abbey‘s Dan Stevens will star in the pilot of FX‘s Legion. The pilot, based on the son of X-Men ringleader Charles Xavier, will also feature Parks and Recreation‘s Aubrey Plaza and television veteran Jean Smart. Stevens will play David Haller, the presumed schizophrenic young man who learns during his most recent hospital stay that his visions may be real…. Read more »

FX’s Legion To Exist In A Parallel Universe From X-Men Films

While FX‘s upcoming television series Legion is based on the troubled son of Professor Charles Xavier, his story will not be told as part of 20th Century Fox’s X-Men film universe, according to Entertainment Weekly. Speaking with reporter at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, FX chief John Landgraf clarified that the series will… Read more »

A DC Entertainment Show To “Hint” At The Legion Of Superheroes

Long live the Legion! According to TVLine, DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns told reporters during his appearance at the Television Critics’ Association winter press tour that the venerable 31st Century superhero club may be making a return visit to television. But he neglected to reveal which of the many shows based on DC Comics characters… Read more »

Fargo’s Rachel Keller Cast In FX Legion Pilot

According to The Wrap, Fargo vet Rachel Keller has been cast as the female lead in FX’s pilot for Legion, based on the X-Men character. If the project goes to series, it will reframe Professor X’s schizophrenic son David Haller as a troubled young man who “has struggled with mental illness since he was a… Read more »

Long Live The Lego Legion In Lego Justice League: Cosmic Clash Trailer

In the trailer for the upcoming LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Justice League: Cosmic Clash, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are lost in time after attempt to stop Brainiac, but the Legion of Superheroes arrives to help the Justice League defeat the obsessive civilization collector. Featuring the return voices of Troy Baker, Nolan… Read more »

Welcome The London Legion Of Superheroes…

We’ve made comment on Bleeding Cool how the portrayal of London has changed in Wonder Woman, from the considered, nuanced and vaguely creepy version from Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang, to the It’s-A-Jolly-Holiday Dick Van Dyke version from Meredith and David Finch. Well, today’s first issue of Harley’s Little Black Book co-starring Wonder Woman sees Jimmy… Read more »

World Of Warcraft – Legion To Let Rogues Embrace Their Outlaw Side

And after a week’s worth of articles we come down to the last of the character classes, but certainly not the least. The stealthy and dangerous Rogue who hides in shadow, drenches his blades in poison yet still works for the good guys. A Rogue was the first DPS class I had ever rolled and… Read more »

World of Warcraft – Legion Re-Emphasizes Shapeshifting For Druids

As our tour of the proposed changes to character classes that will come with World of Warcraft: Legion comes near an end, we turn to the class I’ve personally played the least – Druids. I’ve started one up a few different times, gotten to where they could shift into different forms and then just went… Read more »

Producer Simon Kinberg Hopes X-Men’s Legion TV Series Will Be The “Breaking Bad Of Superhero Stories”

While talking with Collider, X-Men producer Simon Kinberg offered a quick update on both X-Men television projects, Hellfire and Legion. Both are still in development, but he expects to shoot pilots for both in the new year. He also offered a looking into the tone of Legion, saying “what I’m seeing on Legion with [developer… Read more »

World Of Warcraft – Legion To Refine Monks Unique Game Play

On our trip through the proposed changes to the World of Warcraft classes for their upcoming expansion Legion, we not stop on the enigmatic Monks. This class is the most recently introduced and specifically tied to the Mist of Pandaria expansion. These are not the Gregorian chanting type monks but rather the butt-kicking, martial arts… Read more »

World Of Warcraft – Warriors Feel The Rage Going Into Legion

When I first signed up to play World of Warcraft almost nine years ago, I wanted to make a toon that would be hard to kill and powerful. So I made a warrior and somehow ended up being a tank. This permeated through all of my characters after, playing every class like they are in… Read more »

World Of Warcraft – Legion Brings Maelstrom To The Shamans

Today I continue my look at the proposed changes for character classes in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Legion. And this time we are going to look at William Shatner’s personal choice to play… the Shaman. The first two big changes off the bat aren’t necessarily spec specific. There is an overhaul in using… Read more »

World Of Warcraft – Legion Changes To Death Knights, The First Hero Class

A lot of the talk about the new World of Warcraft upcoming expansion Legion has been about the introduction of the second Hero Class, Demon Hunters. But let’s not forget the original Hero Class that introduced us to starting at level 55 and talking through a Vox… the Death Knight. So let’s take a look… Read more »

World Of Warcraft – Legion To Remind Warlocks They Have Demons

What is more pure World of Warcraft than the dark hearted Warlocks? Casting destructive spells, controlling demons and inflicting excruciating amounts of pain. It’s one of the most fun classes to play (and my personal main so I may be biased). Warlocks are the flip side of the Paladins, living in the shadows and avoiding… Read more »

World Of Warcraft – Legion Will Bring Paladins Closer To The Battle

As we continue our look at the class changes coming up with the new World of Warcraft expansion Legion, we move on to the noble and righteous Paladins. When I first started playing WoW, Burning Crusade had just come out and you could customize your spec as much as you wanted. We ran with something… Read more »