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Warners Are Working On A Legion Of Superheroes Movie

Remember ages ago, when I said there was a Suicide Squad movie in the works. And I had a script? Well that was later made official, even if the script has been rewritten since then – they’re still keeping the codenames-as-callsigns-no-costumes aspect though… Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Also coming through the pipeline and Warners,… Read more »

The Castle Of Horror Podcast Presents: Exorcist III (Legion)

By Jason Henderson, Drew Edwards, Tony Salvaggio, and Julia Guzman   Bleeding Cool welcomes back The Castle of Horror Podcast tonight, a weekly internet radio show where professional writers in the comics, games and book industries take a look at horror movies, choosing one movie a week to discuss in depth. They say: For the… Read more »

Preview Titan's Omnibus Edition Of Alien Legion: Dead & Buried

Alien Legion: Dead & Buried, a massive 368 page graphic novel omnibus collection of the classic comics, arrives September 3rd from Titan Comics, written by Chuck Dixon, with art by Larry Stroman and Randy Emberli, colors by John Wellington, and letters by Phil Felix. Titan describe the book thus: When your planet is torn apart… Read more »

Your Green Lantern Solicits For October 2014 That Bring Back The New Gods, And The Annual That Brings Back The Legion Of Super-Heroes

Nerdist has the Green Lantern solicits for October 2014, revealing a new Green Lantern event, Godhead, and a New Gods title to kick it off. With appearance in Wonder Woman, Futures End and more, it’s probably about time… Which is not like the Infinity Gauntlet at all. Honest. As we learned during Green Lantern: Lights… Read more »

Preview Chronicles Of Legion Vol.1 From Titan - Vlad Dracula Gets Three Incarnations

Titan Comics brings us the 56 page hardcover graphic novel Chronicles of Legion Volume 1: Rise of the Vampires in early November, written by Fabien Nury, with artwork by Mathieu Lauffray, Mario Alberti, Zhang Xiaoyu, and Tirso. There are many great incarnations of vampire stories in comics, past and current, but when a comic takes… Read more »

Watch The Trailer For The First Alien Legion In Fifteen Years From Titan

Alien Legion: Uncivil War #1 lands on June 25th, a single-issue series from Titan Comics written by Chuck Dixon, with art by Larry Stroman, and Carl Potts and colors by Tom Mason. The series brings back the original creators on Alien Legion, Dixon and Potts, in all new stories for the first time in 15… Read more »

Three Pages From The Atomic Legion By Mike Richardson And Bruce Zick

On the third day of Christmas, Bleeding Cool gave to me, three unseen pages from Dark Horse Comics original graphic novel years in the making, The Atomic Legion written by Mike Richardson and illustrated by Bruce Zick. For young Robby, surviving a plane crash was just the beginning of an incredible adventure. Swept away to… Read more »

Atomic Legion, An Original Graphic Novel By Dark Horse's Mike Richardson And Disney's Bruce Zick For April

Mike Richardson is the sole owner and Publisher of Dark Horse Comics. Bruce Zick is a Disney visual development artist, and has been for over thirty years. But for the past three years (at least)he has been drawing this superheroic graphic novel, Atomic Legion, written by Richardson. Naturally, it’s being published by Dark Horse, and… Read more »

Has The Legion Of Superheroes Been Shunted Off Into Earth 2?

So this week saw the final issue of The Legion Of Superheroes. In an epilogue, it featured this panel, with Bouncing Boy talking to Triplicate Girl. Bleeding Cool reader Michael S. Lucart writes; Unless that’s a tease for something coming up in “our” universe, that means that the Legion of the past 23 issues has… Read more »

Alex Niño Returns To Comics For Legion Of Molly Doves

Legion Of Molly Doves is a new comic from publisher Bliss On Tap, previewed at San Diego Comic Con and now scheduled for November. By Brian Phillipson, Amanda Raymond and Alex Niño. Niño is a legendary Philippine comics artist, one of the first to work for DC supernatural publications such as House of Secrets, Houe… Read more »

The New Alien Legion Comics - But What About The Old One?

Titan Comics announced a new Alien Legion comic, at San Diego Comic Con. Bleeding Cool had the scoop. From Carl Potts and Larry Stroman. So what of these pages from an unpublished planned story, originally scheduled to come out from Dark Horse, written by Chuck Dixon, drawn by Larry Stroman and inked by Carl Potts?… Read more »

What Will We Do With A Cancelled Legion Of Superheroes? The New 45....

Paul Levitz posted on Facebook; The word came out yesterday. DC’s officially announced the end of the current run of the LEGION with #23…sad to see my old friends go, and hoping my tale for that issue with Kevin Maguire illustrating will be an honorable end. As a reader, I’ll miss them until their next… Read more »

DC Cancels Legion Of Superheroes, Dial H, More - Monday Trending Topics

It’ll be very interesting to see what’s in the future for the 31st Century So, Legion Of Superheroes is cancelled in August. Which means it won’t even make it to Villain’s Month in September. Here’s the solicit in question; Most-Read TV/Film Stories Monday: The Doctor Who Finale Has Escaped Into The Wild – The Name Of… Read more »

DC Brings In Kevin Maguire To Cancel Legion Of Superheroes In August - But What Is Keith Giffen's Comic On The Horizon?

So, Legion Of Superheroes is cancelled in August. Which means it won’t even make it to Villain’s Month in September. Here’s the solicit in question; LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #23 Written by PAUL LEVITZ Art and cover by KEVIN MAGUIRE On sale AUGUST 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T • FINAL ISSUE… Read more »

Is This The Justice Legion?

A few weeks ago, Bleeding Cool ran the rumour that Legion Of Superheroes may be seeking a little Justice League inspiration and modelling themselves after the team. So thanks to Matt SantoriGriffith for noting on the cover to Legion Of Superheroes #22 a certain Justice League of America style shield at the bottom, in Inter-LAC…. Read more »

Keith Giffen Leaves Legion Of Superheroes After Two Issues?

It was meant to be the reunion of Team Levitz/Giffen. Two creators, both committed to Legion stories, both working on the book separately and together in the past, both with The Great Darkness Saga on their resumes. And reunited again for new Legion Of Superheroes stories, starting this month. However, I understand that, despite the solicitations… Read more »