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Amazon Fishing Across The Atlantic… Paul Levitz’ Legion Of Super-Heroes (UPDATE)

Amazon is listing Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 1. It’s a 300 page hardcover for $39.99 scheduled for June 2017. This book would pick up where the Legion Archives Vol. 13 left off. They’re saying the issues reprinted are Superboy and Legion of Superheroes #234-245. But smart money says that it will also… Read more »

Legion TV Show Will Likely Mention Charles Xavier Connection But It Is Unclear If It’s In The Film Universe

The Legion Panel at NYCC has just come and gone, and there is one or two rather interesting bit of information coming out of it. As you may or may not know, Legion (or David Charles Haller) is canonically the son of Charles Xavier. This has lead to a lot of speculation surrounding the TV… Read more »

“The Number One Request That We Get Is Firefly” – Jeff Annison On Reviving The Classics With Legion M Studios

Peter G writes, Jeff Annison is the co-founder, along with Paul Scanlan, of Legion M Studios, the world’s first fan-owned production company. It did this when the SEC changed its rules to allow non-accredited investors to make investments in small businesses. It is the second company to raise $1 million this way. They are looking… Read more »

Blizzard’s New App Makes World Of Warcraft: Legion More Manageable

Blizzard introduced something new… well, many new things, but one thing in particular during their last expansion World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. This was Garrisons. It was an area that you had as your home base, you could upgrade it, skill up your professions, etc. It also included followers… these were NPCs that you… Read more »

World Of Warcraft: Legion Sold 3.3 Million Copies On Day One

World of Warcraft is well over a decade old now. That is pretty crazy, especially considering that the game is still susisting on a subscription service which is a paymodel that is certainly on the wain. The game still has a massive pull though, as evidenced by latest expansion Legion‘s sales numbers. It’s been announced… Read more »

World Of Warcraft: Legion – 3 Things Blizzard Got Right

Yesterday was the release of World of Warcraft: Legion and I was on to play bright and early… okay, dark and early as it was only 4 a.m. I wanted to get started before I needed to do my articles for the site. I consider myself a casually intense player. I don’t play constantly, but… Read more »

World Of Warcraft: Legion Level Cap Hit In Under 6 Hours

World Of Warcraft: Legion is just barely out with the sixth expansion pack for the game barely 24 hours old. That hasn’t stopped Twitch streamer Fragnance from hitting the 110 level cap in no time. During a stream and leveling a Demon Hunter class (which starts at level 98), the player quite unbelievably hit the level cap… Read more »

Bryan Singer Says Legion Will “Relate To Future X-Men Movies”

Bryan Singer‘s X-Men movie universe is about to make its way to television with FX‘s Legion. And according to Singer, who is an executive producer on the series, it will have deep ties to the movie universe. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Singer told an audience at the Edinburgh Television Festival that Legion and a currently… Read more »

DC Legion Of Collectors Teases Upcoming Women Of DC Theme

Funko’s DC Entertainment themed mystery box for September features the Women of DC. The next release from DC’s Legion of Collectors has an image of Wonder Woman on the front and the teaser includes Pop versions of Wonder Woman, Batgirl and the Invisible Jet… but what is in the box remains a mystery.

Blizzard Releases Extended Preview For Legion Expansion

Blizzard has released today an extended preview of the features for their upcoming expansion, World of Warcraft: Legion. If you already play WoW, you know that a good number of changes have already been implemented with the most recent past including new talent trees for most classes and the wardrobe feature for those who think… Read more »

Reverse-Flash Matt Letscher On Legion Of Doom Lunch Dates

While talking to TVLine about about his commitments to The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow in the upcoming fall television season, Reverse-Flash Matt Letscher discussed some of his expectations of the latter show’s version of the Legion of Doom. The Legion will be formed by the Reverse-Flash, Malcolm Merlyn, Leonard Snart and Damien Darkh —… Read more »

Which Other X-Men Will Appear In Legion? Reading Between The Lines Of The Trailer From Marvel And Fox At San Diego Comic-Con

By Joe Glass After the panel long vaudeville act between Joe Quesada and Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb, attendees were finally treated to what that ‘thing’ they kept going on about was. After Loeb took over and started, fairly solemnly, discussing how everyone thinks they don’t talk about X-Men, and mentioning how X-Men movies are with… Read more »

Marvel Shows A Teaser Of New Fox TV Show, Legion, At San Diego Comic-Con (UPDATE)

Well, this is more evidence that, at least, Marvel TV and Fox TV are talking to each other. Just shown at the Cup O Joe panel at San Diego Comic Con was a teaser trailer for Legion, the new Fox TV mutant show. And Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb telling us that  Fox TV and… Read more »

Get To Know The Origins Of Gul’Dan In This Gorgeous World Of Warcraft: Legion Video

Gul’dan is basically the best character in Warcraft lore, right? We can agree on this? The villain, who is largely responsible for bringing in a demonic presence to the Orcs, is really quite great when you get into him. He is set to have a key role in the upcoming sixth expansion for World of… Read more »

World Of Warcraft Is Getting An Audio Drama Series Leading Up To The Legion Expansion

Hunt for the Truth, the Halo based audio drama was really excellent. I adored every minute of it, and I think the potential for more series to get in on the format is massive. That is why I’m super excited to see World of Warcraft jump on that train. During a panel at SDCC today,… Read more »

Legion Of Collectors – Suicide Squad Unboxing

I’ve done up a quick unboxing for the latest Legion of Collectors box featuring the Suicide Squad. Somehow going into it I can’t figure out who is on the box until I open it… but I catch on pretty quick. I’m just not used to the pigtail look for Harley Quinn or the tattoos. If… Read more »

Paul Scanlan On Legion M – The First Fan-Owned Entertainment Company

James Sabata writes. Following their successes with MobiTV and the New York Rock Exchange, Paul Scanlan and Jeff Annison took the opportunity to start Legion M, the world’s first fan-owned entertainment company. With their sights set on “opening the gates to Hollywood,” Scanlan and Annison built an entertainment company where we the fans can invest and… Read more »

Talking TV, VR and Outreach With Legion M Founders Paul Scanlan And Jeff Annison

Legion M, the world’s first he world’s first fan owned entertainment company, recently announced a partnership with Alamo Drafthouse to provide another voice on their advisory board and create a distribution channel for their content. And when Bleeding Cool caught up with founders Paul Scanlan and Jeff Annison last week, the future of content was… Read more »

X-Men Spinoff Legion Gets Series Order From FX

Legion, the series based on the exploits of Professor Xavier’s son, has received a series commitment from FX. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the debut season will run eight episodes and focus Dan Stevens’ David Haller, a trouble young man who learns his visions may not be a symptom of schizophrenia, but part of a… Read more »