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Speak Your Mind, Even If Your Voice Shakes – Joe Peacock And Kate Kotler

Joe Peacock writes; As you can imagine, the past few days have been an eye-opening experience. If for some reason you missed it, I wrote this article, which cause much discussion and dissension. I issued this response, and in the course of the past 3 days, I’ve been on 4 podcasts/live streams to answer questions… Read more »

C2E2: Cosplay – Alex Wilson, Taylor Ramsey And Kate Kotler Hit The Floor

Alex Wilson begins our C2E2 cosplay journey with a TikiStormtrooper… Taylor Ramsey writes; This year’s C2E2 had a really eclectic batch of costumes ranging from outstanding to outstandingly awful. Zombies are big again and Time Lords too, with some really creative costumes. While there were many that should really just get an A for effort,… Read more »

Keep Your Pants On by Kate Kotler and Elliott Serrano: Getting Back in the Dating Game

Elliott Serrano and Kate Kotler write for Bleeding Cool; This week Elliott and Kate give advice to a geeky divorcee seeking to get back in the dating game. Has dating changed significantly since our advice seeker has last sought out romantic company? Let’s find out… Dear KYPO: Do you have any dating tips about getting… Read more »

Keep Your Pants On by Kate Kotler and Elliot Serrano #9: Stuck In The Middle Of No-Geek-Land

Kate Kotler and Elliott Serrano write for Bleeding Cool; This week Kate and Elliott give suggestions on where to meet like-minded geeky people to a fellow geek who says he spends everyday in “No-Geek-Land.” Dear KYPO, I’ve been a huge fan of the column so far and I can’t wait to see where you go… Read more »

The Harvey Awards: Kate Kotler At Baltimore Comic Con

Kate Kotler writes for Bleeding Cool; With the drama* of the previous year behind them, a room full of impressively talented comic professionals gathered at the Baltimore Comic Con last night to present the 2011 Harvey Awards. For those not familiar, the Harveys (named after comics legend Harvey Kurtzman, founder of MAD Magazine) are the… Read more »

Keep Your Pants On: I’ve Got Low Friends in High Places by Elliott Serrano and Kate Kotler

Elliott Serrano and Kate Kotler write for Bleeding Cool; DISCLAIMER: Neither Elliott nor Kate are licensed therapists or counselors. They are just a couple of geeks who’ve had a lot of life-experience in – and strong opinions of – the geek dating scene. Any advice given here should be taken in the spirit it was… Read more »

Keep Your Pants On: Avoiding The Friend Zone And What’s The Trouble With His Little Fireman? by Elliott Serrano and Kate Kotler

Elliott Serrano and Kate Kotler write for Bleeding Cool; This week we’re giving advice to someone looking to help their geeky friend avoid falling into the “friend zone” with potential girlfriends and a geek whose love life with his romantic partner is fizzling after buying a house together. Dear KYPO, I have a friend who… Read more »

Happy Fifth Birthday, Bleeding Cool, From Those Who Made It

Today is the fifth anniversary of Bleeding Cool. Some of the folk who write and work on the site wanted to share their experiences in that time… When I first became aware of Bleeding Cool through friends, it was always about the cutting edge in breaking news, not just in comics, but in pop culture,… Read more »

“This Was A Good Day” – C2E2

Alex Wilson wrote from C2E2; When I was walking out of McCormick Place around 4:00 pm to catch a cab after the last day of C2E2 I heard a girl as I was passing say “This was a good day,” and I’m inclined to agree. This year’s C2E2 was a spectacular convention. I love seeing… Read more »

C2E2 Panels In Audio – Carol Tilley, Mark Waid, John Layman & Rob Guillory And More

Thanks to Jamie Colville, the comic industry star of recording panel audio at comic conventions and making it available to all. Especially panels that wouldn’t get the video streaming attention. Here’s a great selection. [audio:] Integrating Comics:Moderating the panel was Josh Elders who is involved with Reading with On the panel was Carol Tilley… Read more »

Christmas Presents For Comics People

So what did your favourite comic book people get for Christmas today? And then post on Twitter? Here’s a look… ONE PUNY GOD. On the first day of Christmas, Kieron Gillen got a felt oversized Loki helmet. TWO BLU RAYS: Scott Snyder had the compelete Complete Batman and Superman animated series. They always used to… Read more »

Geek Girl On The Street Reports: Gail Simone’s Tea Is Only Con-Hot*

Kate Kotler writes for Bleeding Cool; That One Time I Missed Something On The Innerwebs Hello, Bleeding Cool, how ya been? So guess what!?! The whole “Tony Harris has a meltdown about non-geeky girls cosplaying” thing completely passed me by this week. It was my birthday this week, I was too busy eating cake, drinking… Read more »

BC Mag #1: Twenty Years Later: Dark Horse Re-Imagines And Re-Enters Super Hero Comics

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Kate Kotler. This past January, Dark Horse announced the first reappearance of Ghost – a CGW character which hadn’t been seen since 1998 – in issue 13 of Dark Horse Presents. To many industry insiders, this seemed reason to speculate that Richardson and Dark Horse might be getting ready to take a shot at… Read more »

Geek Girl on the Street Reports: The Nortler* and Tim Seeley Talk About Revival #4

Kate Kotler writes for Bleeding Cool; Revival #4 (Seeley/Norton, Image Comics) hit retailers worldwide on Wednesday, October 24. The latest of the zombie-alien-demon-romance-religious zealot comic set in Tim Seeley‘s hometown of Wausau, Wisconsin has continued to unravel in a mysterious fashion that has left fans on the edge of their seats anxiously waiting for the… Read more »