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Grace Randolph At The X-Men Days Of Future Past Premiere

We’ve missed Grace Randolph on Bleeding Cool. But our Editor-In-Chief Hannah Means-Shannon bumped into her at the X-Men: Days Of Future Past world premiere in New York last night. You can see Hannah’s photos gallery here. But this is what Grace was getting up to.

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic - Damian Wayne & Superior Spider-Man - Death And Returns In DC Comics And Marvel!

Grace Randolph writes; I talk about two huge changes in DC Comics and Marvel that the publishers have bungled. Damian Wayne is truly unique Robin, yet his death and potential return have greatly damaged the character. And while some comic book readers want to see Peter Parker return, Doc Ock as Superior Spider-Man has been… Read more »

Grace Randolph's Between The Pages - Preparing For A Winter Soldier

Grace Randolph writes; Marvel Studios continues with Phase 2 with Captain America 2, featuring the return of SHIELD, Black Widow and Nick Fury, plus introduces The Winter Soldier, Falcon, Crossbones, Batroc the Leaper and Robert Redford’s Alexander Pierce. I give you a primer on how to experience Captain America and company how they began, on… Read more »

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic - The Return Of Stephanie Brown At NYCC

Grace Randolph writes; My review of the NYCC 2013 highlights from Marvel and DC Comics! Stephanie Brown joins the New 52 as Spoiler in weekly title Batman Eternal! Nightwing and Superboy will DIE! Guardians of the Galaxy will crossover with the X-Men, while Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers will join them! Loki grows up to… Read more »

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic - Are The Movies Destroying The Comics?

Grace Randolph writes; With all the Marvel and DC movies coming soon, one has to wonder if they are helping or hurting the comic book industry today. Marvel and DC movies capture everyone’s attention, yet why is the comic book industry a disaster? I ask if the purchase of Marvel by Disney, and the increased… Read more »

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic! - Villains Month Vs Infinity

Grace Randolph writes; Battle of the Atom, DC Villains Month and Marvel’s Infinity review! Which are worth your money? X-Men Battle of the Atom, DC Villains Month with Forever Evil and Marvel’s Infinity are all major comic book events going on right now. I review each. Which are worth a spot in your stack, and… Read more »

Grace Randolph On Batwoman And Harley Quinn - DC's Sex Scandals Reviewed

Grace Randolph writes; DC Comics finds itself once again in a scandal with its female characters! I share my thoughts on Batwoman being denied the right to marry Maggie Sawyer in what would be comics first high profile lesbian wedding, as well as the contest for the new Harley Quinn solo titles that asks artists… Read more »

Grace Randolph's Between The Pages - Chris Claremont And Frank Miller's Wolverine

Grace Randolph writes; Rila Fukushima is Yukio in The Wolverine 2013. 20th Century Fox and Hugh Jackman hope the second time is the charm as they try to get Wolverine back on track, focusing on his legendary history in Japan! Alan Kistler and I talk about the history of Yukio and what she means to… Read more »

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic - Forever Evil With Lex Luthor, Catwoman And Nightwing...

Grace Randolph writes; DC Villains Month kicks off September 2013 with Forever Evil #1 from Geoff Johns and David Finch. I talk about how Forever Evil will focus on Lex Luthor, Catwoman and Nightwing, plus how this special DC Villains month will be chock full of villains to celebrate the anniversary of the New 52…. Read more »

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic: What To Do When You've Been Age Of Ultronned

Grace Randolph writes; Age of Ultron is over, and it’s time for my review. Plus thoughts on the changes Age of Ultron brings to the Marvel 616. Angela jumps from Spawn to Guardians of the Galaxy. Hank Pym gets a new role in the Marvel Universe, just in time for his upcoming Ant Man movie?… Read more »

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic: Unchaining Superman

Grace Randolph writes; My review of Superman Unchained #1, the new comic book from DC Comics by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. Superman Unchained #1 has been released for Superman’s 75th Anniversary and the Man of Steel movie starring Henry Cavill. How does the comic compare with the movie? And how about other Superman comics… Read more »

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic: Catwoman's One Life

Grace Randolph writes; Catwoman dies in Justice League of America #4? X-Men #1 debuts a team of all X-Men women, from Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel? Scott Snyder debuts new Vertigo comic The Wake? Host Grace Randolph delivers another episode of Opinion Nation, giving her review of the latest Marvel Comics and DC Comics. The… Read more »

Grace Randolph's Between The Pages - Heading Back To Lois Lane

Grace Randolph writes; Amy Adams is Lois Lane in Man of Steel 2013. Warner Brothers brings the Man of Steel back to the silver screen with Christopher Nolan producing and Zack Snyder directing. With guest Samantha Cross, I talk about the history of Lois Lane aka Superman’s Girlfriend in comics, movies, television and animation. Will… Read more »