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Swipe File: Korea Telecom And The Flash

Here is a street sign for South Korean telecom corporation, KT Olleh….  And here is an image of The Flash from Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe: The Flash Some are curious about the similarities…. @redbirdofgotham 같은 강한 이미지 표현 때문에 비슷하다고 느껴지실 수 있으나, 같은 이미지 활용이 아닌 점을 알려드립니다. 앞으로도 5G, GiGA LTE에 많은 관심 부탁드리며, 문의하신… Read more »

The Flash’s Rick Cosnett Gets Role On Quantico

Rick Cosnett, whose character Eddie Thawne sacrificed himself at the end of The Flash season one, has found a new home. The actor has landed a recurring role on the ABC thriller Quantico. According to, Cosnett will play Elias Harper, an openly gay former defense attorney who gets recruited as an analyst because of his brilliant mind…. Read more »

Adam Copeland To Play Atom-Smasher On The Flash

Our friends over at have learned that The Flash has cast former wrestler Adam “Edge” Copeland to play Al Rothstein / Atom-Smasher in the upcoming second season. And though he’s a good guy in the comics, he appears to be a threat in the season premier. One of the most powerful enemies we encounter… Read more »

Michael Ironside Joins The Flash As Lewis Snart

We may be getting that Captain Cold / Golden Glider centered episode early in the new season of the Flash. The episode teased by Andrew Kreisberg during the Flash panel at Comic-con is likely to be #203 as is reporting that veteran actor Michael Ironside will be guest starring in the episode as Lewis… Read more »

SDCC’15: JMS To Write Flash Earth One Graphic Novels For DC Comics

Joining Superman Earth One (which he also writes), Batman Earth One, Titans Earth One and the upcoming Wonder Woman Earth One comes the fifth in the line of original DC Comics superhero graphic novels, Flash Earth One. And it’s to be written by Joe Michael Straczynski. He announced this at his panel at San Diego Comic Con… Read more »

SDCC ’15: Zoom To Be The Big Bad For The Flash Season 2

At the panel tonight, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg let it be known that Zoom is going to be the big bad for Season 2… and he is faster than the Reverse-Flash. Wally West will also be making his way to Central City but no casting was mentioned. Plus we’ll be seeing characters from Earth-2 as it’s… Read more »

SDCC ’15: Jay Garrick Will Appear In Flash TV Show, Says Geoff Johns

Breaking out of the DC Page To Screen panel at San Diego Comic Con, comes the news that the appearance of Jay Garrick’s hemet in the Flash TV show is not just an isolated easter egg. Geoff Johns, who knows of such things, confirmed that the original Flash from the nineteen forties, Jay Garrick, will… Read more »

Those Lovely Flash, Gotham, Arrow And Teen Titans Go Hotel Keycards For SDCC

Those of us lucky to go to San Diego Comic Con will hopefully be staying in a hotel close to the show. I’ll be in the Hilton Bayfront – the last time I was there my window was part of a big Scott Pilgrim display. Everything gets bought, sponsored and covered with images at San… Read more »

The Flash, Arrow And iZombie Get Premiere Dates

The CW has announced their fall premiere dates and we’ll be getting some of our favorite shows back in one big bunch. The Flash and iZombie new seasons will kick off on October 6th with Arrow and Supernatural following up on October 7th. DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow won’t begin until after the new year. TUESDAY,… Read more »

Details On The Arrow Season 3 and The Flash Season 1 Blu-Ray / DVD Sets

Warner Bros Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment has released the cover images, extra features and on-sale dates for the Blu-Ray / DVD sets for Arrow Season 3 and The Flash Season 1. Both feature 23 episodes plus special features and will be released on September 22nd, in time for the new seasons to begin. And Arrow… Read more »

The Firestorm Scene That Got Cut From The Flash Finale

Fans of the comics who watched the first season of the Flash may have wondered when Firestorm would get the rest of his powers. Specifically the matter manipulation ability. Well, it turns out that the character played by Robbie Amell and technically Victor Graber, already filmed a scene using that ability for the finale but… Read more »

No Rest For The Wicked – Arrow And Flash Writers Back To Work

We may only be a few weeks past the season finales of the CW’s hit series Arrow and The Flash, but the writers have already returned to work. Arrow welcomes new co-showrunner Wendy Mericle as we wait to see what Oliver Queen does now that he is no longer the Arrow and new series bad… Read more »

Arrow And The Flash All Summer Long

The CW has kind of made it’s niche with comic book related series having three DC properties getting renewed and a fourth one on the way. To help keep the momentum going, the network is running both The Flash season one (which we knew) and Arrow season three in their entirety through the summer hiatus… Read more »

Denver Comic Con ’15: Van Jensen Chats About The Flash Annual #4

Ashleigh Jay is an all-ages writer for Bleeding Cool. She has been reporting from Denver Comic Con and is 12 years old. Given the huge amount of programming for young people at Denver Comic Con, one of their missions, we were very happy to have Ashleigh on board to check out some of these events…. Read more »

DCC ’15: Flashpanel Today – A Women In Comics Roundtable With Trina Robbins, Amanda Conner, Crystal Skillman And More!

If you’ve been at Denver Comic Con or hanging out on social media, you may know that there was a Women in Comics Panel at the convention a couple of days ago that failed to produce any female panelists. As I’m sure you’d agree, this represents a lot of what can go wrong when people… Read more »