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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Would Love To Come Back To The DCEU To Play Flashpoint Batman

Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn’t last very long in Batman v Superman. As the role of Thomas Wayne, he was gone even before the opening credits rolled. However, there is a way he could come back, and in a pretty substantial role. As those of you who have read Flashpoint know, it’s a series where The Flash goes… Read more »

Frankensteining DC Comics Solicits For January 2017 – Flash To Batgirl To Lost Boys (UPDATE)

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR, THR, Comic Book, Comicosity, Comics Alliance, Multiversity… and Bleeding Cool! A look at DC Comics’ planned titles for January 2017… so far. DETECTIVE COMICS #948 Written by JAMES TYNION IV and MARGUERITE BENNETT—Art and cover by BEN OLIVER—Variant cover by RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE “BATWOMAN BEGINS” parts one and two! This special two-part interlude… Read more »

Another Speedster And Another Rogue In Flash Preview For Magenta

The preview for the next episode of The Flash gets us to something that was set up last season. The debut of Jesse Quick. Now we’ve already met her as Jesse Wells (Violett Beane), with ‘Quick’ being a nickname from her father Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) of Earth-2. On an episode called Magenta where we… Read more »

Setting Up The Flash To Move Forward

This article contains spoilers for The Flash episode 302- Paradox . . . . . I’m starting to think that the producers of The Flash may have decided to use Flashpoint in almost the same way that DC used it. Not just to create a slightly different timeline, but a chance to fix decisions they’ve made… Read more »

Red Son Superman, Flash, Arsenal and Darkseid Among New DC Figures From Mezco ONE:12 Collection

Mezco is expanding their ONE:12 line of figures by quite a bit over the next year or so. There are new figures from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a Red Son Superman, classic Superman, Flash, Professor Zoom, Captain Marvel, Black Adam plus Darkseid, Arsenal and Deathstroke. And those are just the ones from DC. More… Read more »

The Flash Director Is Hinting That Cyborg Will Appear In The Movie… With Funkos

There has been a lot of speculation about Cyborg being in The Flash, although confirmation has never officially come. It makes sense though, especially as Cyborg is a probably a pretty obscure character to those uninitated. More exposure can’t hurt. It seems we have our most official ackowledgement of the character being in the film… Read more »

Get A Look At Some Radical Alternate Takes On Justice League’s Flash And Cyborg Costumes’

Superhero costumes are a huge indicator of what a movie is aiming for with an adaptation. They often take something we know, twist it, setting a tone for what we can expect from a movie. That is why it’s always fascinating to see different takes that were tried before a final design choice is made…. Read more »

Why Do All The Speedster Villains Fight The Flash?

There is something about the comic universes that I don’t quite understand. Why are there any villains in Metropolis or Central City? Bad guys aren’t known for doing things the hard way. That’s the point, they want lots of money for next to no work. So if you are a criminal, why would you commit crimes… Read more »

Jeff Parker On Telling A Retro Story With Modern Pacing In Flash Gordon: Kings Cross

Jeff Parker continues the story of Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, The Phantom and their friends in Flash Gordon: Kings Cross #1, on sale in November from Dynamite. He’s co-writing the series with Jesse Hamm with art by Grace Allison. There will be covers by Roger Langridge, Marc Laming & Grace Allison, Jesse Hamm & Grace Allison,… Read more »

Flash Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg Calls Flashpoint A “Personal” Story

Despite the cosmic implications of the Flashpoint event title in the comics, its television version will be a more personal story of what Barry Allen will give up to be happy. According to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg — while speaking to Entertainment Weekly — he and the writers were always more interested in what the… Read more »

Candace Patton and Danielle Panabaker Reflect On The Flash’s Second Season

The Flash’s second season saw Barry struggling with the power of Zoom and a failing ability to run. But he was not the only member of Team Flash to face a difficult year. For Dr. Caitlin Snow and Iris West, the year began with grief, but both characters discovered details about family and alternate selves… Read more »

From Doctor Manhattan To Henry Allen — Billy Crudup To Play Movie Flash’s Father

It seems Dr. Manhattan has found his way into the DC Films universe. In a plot worthy of the secret architect of the New 52, Variety reports actor Billy Crudup will play Henry Allen in the feature film version of The Flash. While Warner Bros. will not yet confirm it, he will presumably join star… Read more »

Kevin Smith Behind The Scenes On The Set Of The Flash

From a recent episode of his new AMC series Geeking Out, Kevin Smith did some behind the scenes filming while he directed an episode of The Flash. In this clip he talks with Grant Gustin about how the actor is more extroverted when in costume and he talks with Candice Patton about playing the Earth… Read more »

Carlos Valdes Says Flash Season Four Will Deal With Flashpoint Repercussions

While Flash fans already know season three’s Flashpoint Timeline will only survive a handful of episodes, the consequences of its existence will be long reaching. During a conversation with The Beat, actor Carlos Valdes said that while the alternate timeline will be short-lived, Team Flash will continue to deal with the consequences of Barry’s actions…. Read more »

Jay Garrick Enchants Caitlin Snow In Flash Season 2 Deleted Scene

Entertainment Weekly has released a deleted scene from the upcoming home video release of The Flash: The Complete Second Season in which “Jay” and Caitlin meet up at Jitters for coffee — and a little bit of flirting — before Dr. Snow tells Jay that the Earth-2 Harrison Wells has arrived in town. At the… Read more »

The Flash Cast Join Together To Make The Letter Carrier

A new trailer hit the web for a short film called The Letter Carrier. One of the interesting things about this film is that it was funded by kickstarter (getting $29K over their initial goal of $50K) and written, co-directed and songs by Jesse L. Martin who plays Detective Joe West on the Flash. The… Read more »