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Zoom Is Coming – New Flash Trailer Teases Rest Of The Season

The CW has just released a new trailer for the rest of The Flash season 2. This shows us many snippets including Earth-2 Barry Allen trying to inspire Barry of Earth-1, Jay Garrick using his speed again, Zoom coming through the wall of Harrison Well’s old secret room and a woman red leather, wearing a… Read more »

How The Flash Ran Across Helicopter Blades

Special Effects supervisor Armen Kevorkian is back talking about some of the visual effects we’ve seen in The Flash. He shows us how they made Weather Wizard fly, Barry Allen jump across helicopter blades and make Tar Pit look really cool. This is also an easy way to show the differences between the visuals of… Read more »

Whatever Happened To Superman Meeting His Pre-Flashpoint Version? Superman #50 Gets Changes

We mentioned that Batman #50 was getting an extra epilogue, and a price bump. While Superman #50, still at $4.99, was solicited from Gene Luen Yang and Howard Porter, they’ve had Patrick Zircher and Ardian Syaf added to the creative team which now also includes a page by classic Man of Steel artist Jon Bogdanove. And the solicitation (with… Read more »

Six Important Moments From The Flash – Welcome To Earth-2

This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of The Flash – Welcome to Earth-2. . . . . . . Last night we took out first extended trip over to Earth-2 and found a lot of fun things. We also found some deadly things. And a ton of Easter eggs. The first part of… Read more »

Tonight’s Flash Has Earth-2 And A Ton Of Easter Eggs

Tonight on the Flash, Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon get to see what Earth-2 is like as the accompany Harrison Wells through the portal in an attempt to rescue Jessie. Executive producers Todd Helbing and Aaron Helbing talk about making the visit a two-part story and how they have cram packed the episodes with Easter… Read more »

The Flash Races To Supergirl In Crossover Event

Some said it would never happen. Others were unsure if such a thing would be legal. But it seems whatever roadblocks may or may not have existed, Grant Gustin, star of The CW’s The Flash will appear as the character in the March 28th Episode of CBS’s Supergirl. According to TVLine, further details have not… Read more »

Six Important Moments From The Flash – Fast Lane

This article contains spoilers for the Flash episode Fast Lane. . . . . . Last nights episode of the Flash, called Fast Lane, was all about relationships and making decisions. It addressed both the West family and Team Flash as well as introduced another comic villain into the television universe. Here are the important… Read more »

Harrison Wells Is At It Again In Latest Flash Clip

We have a clip from tonight’s new episode of The Flash, Fast Lane. Barry Allan races over to confront new villain Tar Pit, but it seems that Harrison Wells of Earth 2 has put something in The Flash suit that is siphoning off Barry’s speed. Seems like Harry is on the same betrayal course as… Read more »

Six Important Moments From The Flash – The Reverse-Flash Returns

This article will contain spoilers for last night’s The Flash. . . . . . Last night’s new episode of The Flash was called the Return of the Reverse-Flash and was billed as something everyone was waiting for. I wasn’t. We already have Zoom, a very similar villain and the Earth-2 Harrison Wells so it… Read more »

Allison Paige To Play Trajectory On The Flash

While Violett Beane was cast as Jessie Quick — or at least a version of her — back in August, it seems a new female speedster will beat her to Central City as TVLine reports actress Allison Paige will play Trajectory in the sixteenth episode of the second season. The character originally lived and died… Read more »

Six Important Moments From The Flash – Potential Energy

This article will contain spoilers from the latest episode of The Flash. . . . . . . The Flash returns after its midseason break with an episode entitled Potential Energy. The episode features another comic villain brought to the screen, relationship angst, family angst and trying to like the guy who looks exactly like… Read more »

Team Flash Sees Everything In Extended Mid-Season Trailer

In a newly released extended trailer for the mid-season return of the Flash, we see more of Earth-2, more of Zoom and more of … well, everything. As Wally West says, it’s “pretty messed up.” Meanwhile, star Grant Gustin told IGN he now knows the identity of Zoom. “There are so many twists and turns… Read more »

Director Matt Osterman And The Flash’s Tom Cavanagh Discuss 400 Days

In the Syfy Films new feature, 400 Days, Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Dane Cook and Ben Feldman star as volunteers in an astronaut training project to determine the effects of long-term space flight. Buried underground in a simulated spaceship, the crew must carry on routine tasks, but are warned anything could happen during their 400… Read more »

Battlestar Galactica’s Aaron Douglas To Become The Turtle On The Flash

According to Entertainment Weekly, Battlestar Galactica vet Aaron Douglas will appear as The Turtle when the series returns next week. Douglas appeared as Chief Galen Tyrol though the entirety of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, rising from a supporting player to a major element in the show’s evolving mythology. Since the show’s conclusion he has appeared… Read more »

Flash Executive Producer Andrew Keisberg Teases A Grodd Future

When Grodd fell through the wormhole onto Earth-2 and glimpsed Gorilla City, fans went crackers with thoughts of Grodd further evolving into his comic book counter part. Some even hoped it would only be a matter of time before Solovar would appear himself. But while taking questions at the Television Critics’ Association winter press tour,… Read more »

Kevin Smith To Direct An Episode Of The Flash

During the CW presentation at the TCA Winter Press Tour, president Mark Predowitz announced that Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma) will be directing an episode of The Flash. Though no specific episode was given, it will be in the second season and air in May. That would make it one of the last three episodes of… Read more »

Robbie Amell Returns To The Flash As Earth-2 Ronnie Raymond

Hot on the heals of a setpic revealing The Flash‘s frequent quest star Robbie Amell in what is described as the costume of the Earth-2 Firestorm, Entertainment Weekly reveals the nature of Amell’s return. It turns out he will be playing a villainous Ronny Raymond known as Deathstorm. #TheFlash shoots a scene for an upcoming episode… Read more »