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Flash And Spider-Man Artist, Alberto Dose Passes Away

Argentinian comic artist Alberto Dose has passed away. Dose first came to prominence working with Carlos Trillo on the heroic fantasy comic Polución Nocturna in 1980. More recently he worked for DC with a run with Geoff Johns on The Flash and then with Marvel on Spider-Man’s Tangled Web. A pulp crime-style artist, he then worked for IDW on titles… Read more »

Director Seth Grahame-Smith Quits The Flash

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies author Seth Grahame-Smith was set to make his feature film directorial debut with The Flash. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, this is no longer the case, citing “creative differences” between studio and filmmaker. The installment of Warner Bros. shared movie universe will eventually star Ezra Miller as the big… Read more »

CW Releases Synopses For Kevin Smith’s Flash Episode And More

As we get closer to the end of the season, the synopses for the different series can become somewhat spoiler… or just down right confusing. The CW has released the synopses for the Kevin Smith directed episode of The Flash, the return of the Calculator on Arrow and the Legends of Tomorrow episode entitled Destiny…. Read more »

Van Jensen Talks Flash #50 And What It Really Means To Be A Hero

Van Jensen sat down with DC All-Access to talk about the over-sized Flash #50. We are in for a huge fight within Iron Heights prison, bringing back a lot of villains. He may also find a few allies. And we get a reveal pertaining to the shadowy figure that the Trickster has been working with…. Read more »

For Someone So Fast The Flash Can Be Very Slow

If you haven’t watched last night Flash… and don’t want spoilers. Run away quickly. . . . . You still here? . . Okay, Last night’s episode of the Flash continues the streak of Barry Allen being way too overconfident and constantly underestimating the abilities and just don’t right nastiness of his villains. He uses… Read more »

Harrison Wells Wants Joe West’s Help In New Clip From The Flash

The Flash returns tonight and we have a clip below with Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) trying to get Joe West (Jesse L Martin) to convince Barry Allen not to open the portals back to Earth-2. But Joe knows that he won’t be able to change Barry’s mind, so he tries to get Wells to go… Read more »

Bring A Flashlight And Pre-Order Drew Rausch’s My Blacks Don’t Match TP

Awesome creator Drew Rausch urges us to bring a flashlight as his webcomic My Blacks Don’t Match becomes available in trade-paperback form. Written by Jocelyn Gajeway, with art by Drew Rausch, this web comic has been enjoyed by fans for 100 pages. The webcomic, which releases new pages every Wednesday is one of the more… Read more »

Flash Fans Are Reading In Between The Lines And Finding Power Girl

After the successful inter-network crossover between The Flash and Supergirl, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg was asked if there could be an Earth-1 Supergirl appearing on The Flash. When asked about a Kara Danvers in the CW universe, Kreisberg said: Any Kara that exists on Earth 1 would also have to have been an alien. It… Read more »

Making King Shark Fight And Trajectory Run – The Flash Visual Effects

In the last few episodes of The Flash, we took a trip to Earth-2, a full-episode of King Shark, a new speedster introduced in Trajectory and finally Time Wraiths… so you can figure the special effects team have been working overtime. Armen Kevorkian, the visual effects supervisor, is back to talk about the effects that… Read more »

Barry Meets Kara And Friends In Preview Clips From Supergirl/Flash Crossover

CBS has released a bevy of clips from this coming Monday’s Supergirl/Flash crossover episode. In succession, Barry meets Kara, James and Winn, and then encounters Cat Grant and her need to name the new hero in town. Maybe someday, she and Cisco will trade notes. And speaking of meetings, Siobhan and Live Wire meet and… Read more »

Trajectory Invades S.T.A.R. Labs; Cisco Vibes Something Significant In A Clip From Tonight’s Flash

The Flash returns tonight form a brief hiatus with new speedster Trajectory threatening Central City. In the following clip she takes the S.T.A.R. Labs crew hostage in the hopes of obtaining some of the Velocity-9 drug. During the altercation, Cisco vibes something quite significant. The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.

Flash, Legends And iZombie Cast Asked: Batman Or Superman?

The CW went to the casts of The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and iZombie and asked them who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman. Turns out the Legends cast has some personal bias as Dominic Purcell is good friends with Henry Cavill and of course Brandon Routh once played the Man of… Read more »

Will The Flash Crossover With The View Askewniverse?

Director Kevin Smith is currently over on the set of The Flash directing an episode. He posted a pick of himself at the Central City police station. Greetings from #CentralCity, home of @CW_TheFlash! Giant Bas-Relief Mural by @tbharron (and sculpted by his Dad). — KevinSmith (@ThatKevinSmith) March 10, 2016 He posted a pic of… Read more »

Barry Visits Cat Grant’s Office In Supergirl/Flash Crossover Photos

Earlier today, the first teaser promo for the upcoming Supergirl/Flash crossover episode appeared online. And now, several promo photos (via TVLine) have also surfaced revealing Barry Allen will visit CatCo HQ and likely get a dressing down from Cat Grant. Truly, the real reason for any character from another universe to visit Supergirl. In his… Read more »

Supergirl’s Crossover Episode With The Flash Gets A First Teaser

Entertainment Weekly posted the first brief look at the upcoming crossover between Supergirl and The Flash in an episode they just had to call “Worlds Finest.” The episode sees Flash star Grant Gustin crossing the dimensional barriers to Supergirl’s as-yet unnumbered Earth. The pair will face off against Live Wire and Silver Banshee. As executive… Read more »

Robbie Amell On Why He Was Killed Off On The Flash And The Real Explanation Behind The X-Files Finale

Diana McCallum writes for Bleeding Cool Robbie Amell is no stranger to science fiction, appearing as Firestorm on The Flash and Agent Miller in the latest revival of The X-Files. We spoke with him about whether we’ve seen the last of Firestorm and why he was killed off The Flash. He also explains what was… Read more »