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Batman Felt 'Creator-Owned In That Moment' - Scott Snyder, Denny O'Neil, And Paul Levitz Celebrate 75 Years At The New York Comic Fest

In a panel that could have easily been called “Batman: Generations” celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Caped Crusader’s influence on the world at the New York Comic Fest in White Plains, New York on Saturday, many of New York’s great and good as well as a triple-sized panel room full of fans turned out… Read more »

Glitchwatch: Neal Adams And Dennis O'Neil's Green Arrow/Green Lantern For 80% Off On

On, it’s down from $29.99 to just $19.99. A good price for the Neal Adams/Dennis O’Neil collection of Green Arrow/Green Lantern comics. 368 pages of them. But on, the same book is down in price from £25.99 to just £4.99. Even with shipping back to the states, that’s a saving. But for Brits,… Read more »

Who Is The Question? Documentary About The DC Character With O'Neil and Rucka

Who is The Question is a new documentary posted on Youtube by Gary Lobstein and looks at the character created by Steve Ditko when he left Marvel and went over to Charlton Comics. The character debuted in June of 1967 in Blue Beetle #1 and was based heavily on the teachings of Ayn Rand, someone… Read more »

How To Write Comics And Graphic Novels by Dennis O'Neil #20

Dennis O’Neil, returns to New York University every Wednesday, for his evening class on writing comic books and graphic novels at the university’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. He’s already written a string of columns in line with his teaching on Bleeding Cool. And now he’s going to write some more… Lesson one: I… Read more »

Does Hot Topic Star Wars #1 Spoil Avengers: Age Of Ultron?

Once upon a time, Peter David, working in sales at Marvel, handed out some preview copies of an upcoming issue of Alpha Flight to a bunch of retailers – pages he had received from editor Denny O’Neil. It featured a dream sequence with a withered Guardian emerging from the ground. This was as a resultof… Read more »

The Arrow Fall Finale Pits Oliver Queen Vs Ra's Al Ghul

While The Flash gets to go up against the Reverse Flash, for the fall finale Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) gets to clash swords with Ra’s Al Ghul… literally. Matt Nable plays the Demon’s Head, Katrina Law returns as his daughter Nyssa. The show has been building up to this meeting all season so it should… Read more »

Gotham Fall Finale Lets Alfred Kick Some Butt

Last night on Gotham we got introduced to Harvey Dent (Nicholas D’Agosto) as well as the man he is certain was involved with the Waynes’ Murder, Dick Lovecraft (Al Spapienza). Dent convinces Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) to let him tell Lovecraft about the eye-witness to the murder to make him nervous. As you can see… Read more »

Preview Of The Shadow 1941: Hitler's Astrologer

Dynamite has put the graphic novel The Shadow 1941: Hitler’s Astrologer up on their DRM-Free digital website. The collected series was written by Denny O’Neil with art by Michael Kaluta. Re-Mastered and available for the first time in over two decades! On Easter Sunday of April 1941, a young woman pushes through the Manhattan crowds,… Read more »

Brian K. Vaughan, Cory Doctorow, An FBI Agent And An Ex-Israeli Soldier Join Forces at NYCC

By Paul Gullas Brian K. Vaughan stepped to the podium and gestured to his other panelists to cheers, “first of all, isn’t this the most badass panel?”. It would be a great TV show, he said. “An FBI agent, a former Israeli soldier, a book author, a bald guy, fighting crime together?”. It was Saturday… Read more »

Dean Haspiel Finally Draws Wonder Woman (And Deadman, And Ra's Al Ghul) For Sensation Comics, Plus Sketches

Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman arrives in its first 2014 issue on August 20th. It’s a “digital first anthology” that will bring in a wide range of comics talent to explore the character and her Amazonian background in a number of guises. Already announced on the book are Gail Simone and Amanda Deibert writing on… Read more »

All Of Thursdays Panels For San Diego Comic Con, All At Once

We Frankensteined what we could about the San Diego Comic Con programming yesterday. But this is the real deal, all the panels for Thursday, July 24th. And it starts? With Babylon 5. How appropriate. Take it away Kosh… 10:00am #FreeBabylon5: A Fan Campaign Jan Schroeder ( and Jon Del Arroz ( discuss a growing fan campaign that sprang… Read more »

John Byrne, The Fantastic Four And Racebending In Casting

There has, naturally, been some debate on Bleeding Cool message boards on the merits of racebending when casting roles in movies based on comic books from the sixties. With Louis Falcetti saying: I now realize that “diversity” isn’t a bad word, and choosing to look at the casting of a black actor in a traditionally… Read more »

On A Spoiled For Choice Weekend, New York Comic Fest Remains Unique - Photogallery

The New York Comic Fest took place as a one-day comic con in White Plains, New York on Saturday, vying for regional attention alongside Eternal Con in Long Island and NY Special Edition by Reed Pop in New York City. It was a rare configuration of comics fandom to have so many events happening at… Read more »

From The Fox To Fantastic Four To...The Stage? Talking With Dean Haspiel And Ian W. Hill About Their Comics/Theater Experiment

Something unusual in inception is making inroads into the way we view comics in Brooklyn, New York. For the second year running, the Comic Book Theater Festival is bringing a myriad of comics-based plays to life in a number of interpretive formats, from performance comics with visual projections, to dance, to more traditional actor-based performances… Read more »