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Thirteen Thoughts About Thirteen Comics – Buffy, East Of West, Killjoys, Peter Panzerfaust, Spawn, Demon Knights, Superior Spider-Man Team Up, Batgirl, Wolverine & The X-Men, World’s Finest, Constantine, Fantastic Four And Justice League Of America

Another week, another lot of lovely comics to look through. So what’s been taking my eye? In Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Nine today, Willow gets a mystical lesson in the facts of life. I’m not sure exactly what the expression is though. Happiness? Confusion? Or, jusdging from the wisps of smoke, baked off her… Read more »

In Demon Knights, Horsewoman Does A Batgirl – And In Batgirl, Batman Does A Guy Gardner (SPOILERS)

Spoilers folks. Be warned. From today’s Demon Knights #22, Horsewoman undergoes an existential crisis, with her own horse having a go at her name. Which, you know, is a bit much. When Demon Knights was first announced as part of the New 52, her creator, Paul Cornell talked about the character having stories to be… Read more »

DC Cancels Dial H And Demon Knights Too…

Sorry folks, Dial H and Demon Knights are joining Legion Of Superheroes in the cancellation collection in August… I’ve really enjoyed both series, through occasional downs but lots of ups. Both were in my New 52 top ten, certainly. With the New 52 reducing in the last few months, and another three dropping, it looks… Read more »

Merlin And The Doctor (Demon Knights Spoilers)

Demon Knights #15 is Paul Cornell‘s last issue on the series. And brings to an end all sorts of plots, character stories and themes. With a big battle, it’s rather lovely. It also ties into the future that we’ve seen while reflecting the past. And then Merlin does something… rather familiar… The moment has been… Read more »

Is Paul Cornell Leaving Demon Knights Too?

There’s been a rumour going round the British comics industry circles of late that Paul Cornell is leaving Demon Knights and setting up new projects at Marvel to replace it. His Vertigo book, Saucer Country, would be unaffected. That is literally all I know, or have heard. There’s not an official word I can get,… Read more »

Superboy #0 And Demon Knights #0 Retcon Their First Issues

Retcon. Retroactive continuity. How we have missed thee. It’s often the case that new writers taking over a book reinterpret certain events we have seen in the title’s past. From dismissing them as fiction, to delivering new meanings, to inserting moments that totally make what was originally intended, its exact opposite. Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing… Read more »

Eleven Thoughts About Eleven Of Today’s Comics – JiM, Demon Knights, Crossed Badlands, Batwoman, Peter Panzerfaust, Queen Crab, Batgirl, Saga, Saucer Country, Fantastic Four and Avengers

Journey Into Mystery, while being one of Marvel’s most entertaining comics full stop, has spectacular recap pages. Rather than present a series of panels to show what went on in previous issues, we get the plot narrated by a variety of characters. In today’s issue? Cadaver Thor. Look I know there’s no chance of a… Read more »

Twelve Thoughts About Twelve Comics – PunisherMAX, Deadpool, Batwoman, Superboy, Secret Avengers, Conan, Thief Of Thieves, Wolverine And The X-Men, Battle Scars, Demon Knights, Batgirl And Adventure Time

And with that, it ends. The Punisher, the MAX version of him at least, is dead. And the world moves on. Even as Nick Fury fights against it. This is a comic about endings. Solid, stone, unbreachable endings. But damn if Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon give us a new beginning at the end… and… Read more »

Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen DC Comics – The Ray, Legion Lost, Suicide Squad, Grifter, Batgirl, Mister Terrific, Batman And Robin, Frankenstein, The Shade, Deathstroke, My Greatest Adventure, Resurrection Man, Green Lantern, Demon Knights, Batgirl and Batwoman

This week brings five of my current favourite New 52 books. Guess which ones they are? I talked about the new Batgirl earlier and how smart it is, so there’s only one more thing I want to say about this issue. Want to commit a crime in Gotham? There’s an app for that. Batwoman is… Read more »

Grace Randolph’s Think About The Ink – Stacktastic! Damian Wayne, Demon Knights, Star Wars And Christmas Comics

Welcome one and all to Grace Randolph’s first episode of Think About The Ink for We’ve got a new look for Bleeding Cool, it’s only approipriate we should have a new face too. In Stacktastic, Grace gives you the low down on what comics are coming out this week that you should consider picking… Read more »

Fourteen Thoughts About Fourteen DC Comics – Batwoman, Batman And Robin, Batgirl, Huntress, Penguin, Legion Lost, Green Lantern, Demon Knights, Superboy, Suicide Squad, Resurrection Man, Mister Terrific, Grifter and Frankenstein

Twleve issue threes and two issue twos, the DC relaunch is starting to bed in. Which is probably why so many books try to do a little something different this week. Resurrection Man is into its third issue and already it’s adding a kink to the premise – this time our hero does not return… Read more »

Blowing Up The Baby In Demon Knights #1

There has naturally been rather a lot of commentary on the portrayal of Starfire in Red Hood And The Outlaws and Catwoman in her own title, pointing out the manner of intense sexualisation of characters that had, to some degree or other, been handled in a different fashion in the past. Bleeding Cool’s articles on… Read more »

Wednesday Comics Reviews: Batman and Robin, Batwoman, Deathstroke, Demon Knights, Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Green Lantern, Grifter, Legion Lost, Mister Terrific, Red Lanterns, Resurrection Man, Suicide Squad and Superboy

Another week, another thirteen titles, courtesy of Orbital Comics of London. Check out their own podcast on the new DC titles as well, see if we match up. Superboy #1 by Scott Lobdell and RB Silva is a real surprise. Like many, my biggest experience of Scott Lobdell’s work was on X-Men. I was a… Read more »

Joe Quesada And Jimmy Palmiotti On Marvel Knights From 1998

Before Bleeding Cool Magazine, there was TRIPWIRE. In 2012, TRIPWIRE celebrates its 20th anniversary and so it is getting people to pledge on a must-but limited edition hardcover through crowd funding site Unbound. Here’s the latest dip into the magazine’s archive, a classic feature looking at Marvel’s Marvel Knights line, which includes quotes from now-famous… Read more »

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes – Knights, Grifters And Academics

You publish fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty comics a month. Sometimes schedules slip down the cracks. Sometimes solicitations aren;t as complete as you might have liked. Sometimes there are ch-ch-ch-changes. Here are the latest credits shuffles. Demon Knights #11, out in July, has dropped Diogenes Neves and Oclair Albert as artists in favour of Robson Rocha. Grifter… Read more »