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NYCC’15 – Dark Knight 30th Anniversary Panel

By Joe Glass Wow, this panel is starting with a major party vibe…DC are putting on a real show, and the hall is PACKED. They have the crowd clapping and dancing and really pumping everyone up for the main event, which is not incredibly conducive to liveblogging, but it certainly makes for an energising experience…. Read more »

Jim Lee Talks The Dark Knight III

In this interview with DC All-Access and Tiffany Smith, Jim Lee talks about bringing Andy Kubert on as artist for The Dark Knight III, how Klaus Janson connects the different series and what it’s like working with Frank Miller. He also shows us some of the black and white art from the first issue and… Read more »

Another Frank Miller Cover As DC Publish Dark Knight-Related Special In February During Skip-Month

DC Comics has send out a Q&A to retailers answering a few of the questions that have been coming their way. Including a B&W initial look at the Frank Miller variant cover (not The Atom mini-comic cover) what happens when the series take a mini-break in February…   Tell me about DARK KNIGHT III: THE… Read more »

Lots Of Pages From Dark Knight III And Retailer Covers Too – Screencapped

Thanks to DC All Access video above…here are a bunch of screencaps of pages from the upcoming Dark Knight III: The Master Race by Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson. And a bunch of retailer exclusive covers, many not yet seen… Let’s start with pages…   And then covers!

Frank Miller Draws Superman And The Atom For Dark Knight III

Bleeding Cool told you that Frank Miller‘s written-and-drawn mini-comic for The Dark Knight III: The Master Race would feature The Atom. Looks like it features Superman as well, according to this cover released by DC Comics… doing his best Slaine-style Berserker Fury…   The mini-comic is co-written with Brian Azzarello, inked by Klaus Janson and coloured by… Read more »

First Panel From The Dark Knight III: The Master Race

Jim Lee and Dan DiDio have sent this out, the first panel from The Dark Knight III: The Master Race. The art is by Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson from a script by Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello. The book will be released on November 25th and you can find out more about it here.

Batman Stories That Never Were – Mike Carey And John Lucas On The Dark Knight

I wonder how many of these, finished or unfinished, are out there? Johnny Lucas writes, I almost drew batman for legends of the dark knight. Gig was cancelled when it was discovered Andy helfer had a massive backlog of stories (what i was told, anyway.). I was halfway through the first issue when the plug… Read more »

Frank Miller’s Dark Knight III Mini-Comic Will Feature… The Atom

It’s not the first time Frank Miller has written and drawn The Atom in the Dark Knight Universe. Take Dark Knight Strikes Back…  Well I understand that he will be doing so again, writing and drawing one of the mini-comics to appear in The Dark Knight III: The Master Race, in a story starring The Atom…. Read more »

Frank Miller And John Romita Jr Reunite For ‘Man Without Fear’-Style Dark Knight III Tie-In With Klaus Janson

Daredevil: Man Without Fear by Frank Miller and John Romita Jr  is a wonderful Daredevil comic book, and a large chunk of it was grabbed by the recent Netflix Daredevil series. Well, it seems the pair are reuniting for a Dark Knight III spinoff book, title as yet unknown, with Dark Knight inker Klaus Janson. But it may… Read more »

What The 1:5000 Dark Knight Sketch Covers By Jim Lee Will Look Like – And Yet More Retailer Variants

From the Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit, this is what those 1:5000 limited edition variant covers of the Dark Knight III: The Master Race will look like, each with an original sketch by Jim Lee himself… Meanwhile this is what the Batman Dark Knight Returns Gallery Edition will look like.. And yet more Dark Knight Returns retailer… Read more »

Frank Miller And Klaus Janson Create Mini-Comic Together For Dark Knight III – And Some More Covers

DC Comics has been showing off all manner of Dark Knight III related stuff at the Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit. With copies of Dark Knight III: The Master Race for retailers to peruse, and a mockup of the Complete Dark Knight volume. They also told retailers that the first “mini comic” embedded into the series,… Read more »

We Drop Into The Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit (Dave Gibbons Dark Knight III UPDATE)

UPDATE: DC Comics just showed off this Dark Knight III variant cover by Dave Gibbons… The original piece runs below: We’re not sure, from this photo, if DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio totally wants to be at the Baltimore Retailer Summit… Marvel’s David Gabriel was pushing the success of attracting new customers for retailers with Star Wars… Read more »

More DVD/Graphic Novel Sets From DC Comics – Starting With The Dark Knight Returns

Earlier this year, Bleeding Cool broke the news that DC Comics was going to be issuing DVD/graphic novel combos. Batman: Year One, Batman Black And White + Batman: Gotham Knight, The Death Of Superman + Superman: Doomsday, JLA Earth 2 + Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths, Justice League + Justice League: War and Wonder Woman, they seem to have done rather… Read more »

29 Cover Stories For Fight Club 2, Dark Knight, Spider-Man, NYCC And Baltimore

The cover to Fight Club 2 #9 by David Mack, as seen in this Scott Allie interview by Hannah Means-Shannon. Ken Haeser‘s Grumpy Cat #2 variant cover for Dynamic Forces.  A Greg Land variant for Amazing Spider-Man #1 for Dynamic Forces. We have more Dark Knight III retailer exclusive variants…  Books-A-Million – Rafael Albuquerque  Borderlands Comics… Read more »

Page From Dark Knight III: The Master Race Used As Official Art For NYCC

The publisher may have left New York for Burbank. They haven’t even had a booth at NYCC for a couple of years. But they are marking their territory this year, with the front of the NYCC programme guide. As given to their media partner Entertainment Weekly by DC’s PR department, this cover is a page from… Read more »

Win A Signed Jae Lee Exclusive Cover Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1

I’m told that Dynamic Forces is going to be giving away one of the signed, limited edition Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 with cover by Jae Lee… Lee being the one to sign it. The issue is written by Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello with art by Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson. They… Read more »

You Can Already Order The Jae Lee Dark Knight III Cover From Dynamic Forces (UPDATE)

Here’s the Dark Knight III: Master Race  Dynamic Forces exclusive cover by Jae Lee, which mirrors the original lightning bolt cover of the first series… current orderable for $10. It’s joined by the Rebel Base Comics & Toys cover by Sean Murphy. And all these to come. Orders are also being taken for Midtown Comics – Greg Capullo… Read more »

Midtown’s Retailer Variant For Dark Knight III: The Master Race – Bleeding Cool Tries It On For Size

This is the Dave Johnson custom retailer shared cover for Dark Knight III: The Master Race … And this is how it looks when Midtown Comics try it on. I’m jealous. I want a go too…  Eeeeeeexcellent…. Midtown are selling the Frank Miller variant cover for $118. And the Jim Lee for $552! Sold out as… Read more »

Who Will Be Drawing The Dark Knight III Retailer Exclusive Covers?

Bleeding Cool previously told you that DC Comics was to launch their very first retailer exclusive variants, for the launch of the upcoming Dark Knight III: The Master Race series, looking to repeat Marvel’s Star Wars launch model. But which artists would be available for retailers for said exclusive covers? Jim Lee? Greg Capullo? Andy… Read more »

Original Art From Dark Knight To Shuster Superman To Frazetta At Heritage Auctions – And A Way To Fund Kubert School Scholarships

A new auction at Heritage Auctions begins tomorrow. With some really amazing pieces for sale, as well as some truly mind-blowing original comic book artwork. Here are just a few of the higlights… A page from Dark Knight Triumphant by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson. A 1940s sketch of Superman by Joe Shuster. A page of Watchmen… Read more »

The Very First Retailer Exclusive Covers From DC Comics For Dark Knight III

It began with IDW and the launch of their Godzilla series. Since then a number of publishers have made retailer exclusive variants of their covers available, in which a retailer will order many more copies of a comic than they would generally order. Sometimes hundreds, sometimes thousands. And they will get a cover of their… Read more »

Threequel Time! Call Of Duty Black Ops III And Dark Knight III Cover Next Week’s Previews

Dark Horse’s Call Of Duty: Black Ops III licensed comic takes the back of next week’s Diamond Previews catalogue, as Dark Knight III takes its front. With All-New Avengers taking the front of Marvel’s Previews catalogue, and Warren Ellis‘s James Bond on the front of the consumer order form… Other official “Gems” include Joe Golem: Occult… Read more »