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Who Will Be Drawing The Dark Knight III Retailer Exclusive Covers?

Bleeding Cool previously told you that DC Comics was to launch their very first retailer exclusive variants, for the launch of the upcoming Dark Knight III: The Master Race series, looking to repeat Marvel’s Star Wars launch model. But which artists would be available for retailers for said exclusive covers? Jim Lee? Greg Capullo? Andy… Read more »

Original Art From Dark Knight To Shuster Superman To Frazetta At Heritage Auctions – And A Way To Fund Kubert School Scholarships

A new auction at Heritage Auctions begins tomorrow. With some really amazing pieces for sale, as well as some truly mind-blowing original comic book artwork. Here are just a few of the higlights… A page from Dark Knight Triumphant by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson. A 1940s sketch of Superman by Joe Shuster. A page of Watchmen… Read more »

The Very First Retailer Exclusive Covers From DC Comics For Dark Knight III

It began with IDW and the launch of their Godzilla series. Since then a number of publishers have made retailer exclusive variants of their covers available, in which a retailer will order many more copies of a comic than they would generally order. Sometimes hundreds, sometimes thousands. And they will get a cover of their… Read more »

Threequel Time! Call Of Duty Black Ops III And Dark Knight III Cover Next Week’s Previews

Dark Horse’s Call Of Duty: Black Ops III licensed comic takes the back of next week’s Diamond Previews catalogue, as Dark Knight III takes its front. With All-New Avengers taking the front of Marvel’s Previews catalogue, and Warren Ellis‘s James Bond on the front of the consumer order form… Other official “Gems” include Joe Golem: Occult… Read more »

Frankensteining DC’s November 2015 Solicitations – Justice League To Dark Knight (UPDATE)

Thanks to Comicosity, Newsarama, Comic Vine, 13th Dimension, ComicBook, Comics Alliance, CBR, Multiversity and DC… piecing together DC Comics’ solicitations for November 2015, piece by piece by piece. BATMAN BEYOND #6 Written by DAN JURGENS Art and cover by BERNARD CHANG LOONEY TUNES Variant cover by CRAIG ROUSSEAU On sale NOVEMBER 4 • 32 pg,… Read more »

Jim Lee Draws 1:5000 Original Sketch Covers For Frank Miller’s Dark Knight III: The Master Race

DC Comics have handed their media partner Comics Alliance the November solicitation for Dark Knight III: The Master Race by Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson, a project Bleeding Cool first told you about last year. Each issue will have a 32 page main story from that creative team, plus a 16… Read more »

SDCC ’15: Frank Miller Will Be Drawing Interior Pages And Covers For Dark Knight: The Master Race

At San Diego Comic Con, Dan DiDio and Jim Lee lead a meet-the-co-publishers panel to kick off Sunday morning Talking about Dark Knight: The Master Race, Dan DiDio stated that Frank Miller would be contributing interior art and covers as well as writing for the series. DiDio also addressed the contentious title, stating that it was… Read more »

SDCC ’15: DC Comics Will Issue A European-Style Slipcase For Dark Knight: The Master Race

At a retailer meeting yesterday, Jim Sokolowski, better known as Ski, announced a slipcase to be created for the Frank Miller series Dark Knight: The Master Race, which will keep each issue snug and warm… It’s European style, apparently. No, I don’t either. But he did also take the opportunity to say that reported “mini… Read more »

SDCC ’15: Andy Kubert And Klaus Janson To Draw The Dark Knight: The Master Race

Since Bleeding Cool first broke the news that DC Comics was planning a Dark Knight threequel with Frank Miller, a lot of creator names were mentioned in association with the new series. Well, as well as Brian Azzarello being confirmed previously, two more from our first list are now also official, courtesy of CBR, Klaus… Read more »

The Bleed 2.21: Reading The Dark Knight Returns With Thomas Alsop’s Palle Schmidt And Chris Miskiewicz

By Joseph Kyle Schmidt and Samuel Morse The Bleed is a weekly podcast by Bleeding Cool contributors Joe Schmidt and Sam Morse. The podcast consists of the latest news in comics, creator interviews, and a weekly book club discussion. On this week’s episode we welcome the creators of Boom! Studio’s Thomas Alsop, Chris Miskiewicz and Palle Schmidt! The occult hit’s first four issues… Read more »

The Dark Knight Returns And Batman Beyond Skins Are Arkham Knight Pre-Order Bonuses

The Arkham series is well known for having several DLC skins for Batman to adorn while fighting crime across Gotham. From Red Son, to Yellow Lantern, to Year One, the number of suits you can get over the last three games is kind of ridiculous. Arkham Knight doesn’t look like it is going to be… Read more »

The Original Title For Dark Knight 3 Was Nixed By Warners?

At C2E2, DC Comics used writer Brian Azzarello to confirm the Bleeding Cool scoop from last year, a threequel to The Dark Knight Returns, DK3: The Master Race. Which, as a few people commented, sounds a little fascistic, even for The Dark Knight. I understand that the original name for the project from Frank Miller was… Read more »

DC Comics Confirms Frank Miller’s Dark Knight 3 With Brian Azzarello At C2E2 – The Master Race (UPDATE)

It was a story that Bleeding Cool broke last year. That Frank MiIler would be returning to the Dark Knight world for Dark Knight 3, with the likes of Brian Azzarello and Scott Snyder. Well, at the big DC Comics panel at C2E2 today one of those writers, Brian Azzarello gave the audience three figures… Read more »

Brian Azzarello, John Romita Jr, Dave Gibbons And Klaus Janson Also Named On Dark Knight Three Project

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool broke the news that DC Comics are planning a Dark Knight Returns threequel, with Frank Miller and Scott Snyder named as co-writers, with other artists including Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Sean Murphy and Andy Kubert mentioned as artistic collaborators. And details of this story have been confirmed directly by others as a… Read more »

As Dark Knight Three News Spreads Across The Internet, Scott Snyder Flees For Brazil

So, that was a story, yesterday. Broken by Bleeding Cool, then picked up and confirmed by a number of other reporting organisations. That Frank Miller and Scott Snyder have been planning a threequel to The Dark Knight Returns, while DC Comics beancounters rub their hands ever so excitedly. So what did Scott Snyder have to… Read more »

Frank Miller And Scott Snyder Planning To Write Dark Knight 3 Together

They were as thick as thieves at San Diego Comic Con. Frank Miller and Scott Snyder. The greatest Batman author from the past and the greatest from the present. We’ve had Before Watchmen and Sandman Overture recently from DC Comics, but there’s one seminal work of the eighties that’s been missing from the sequelitis that has… Read more »

Legends Of The Dark Knight – The Inspirational Impact Of Batman

There is a new documentary that focuses on Batman. But not the origin or the history but rather Batman as an inspiration to achieve more in your life. To strive past obstacles and become something great. Legends of the Dark Knight tells the inspiration impact of Batman and how he has affected so many lives… Read more »

Swipe File: New Avengers #21 And Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

From today’s New Avengers #21 with the Superman analogue from an incursing Earth, meeting his fate from Doctor Strange going all magicky apeshit… And when Superman was hit by nuclear force in The Dark Knight Returns. In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree. They may be… Read more »

SDCC 2014: Batman: The Eternal Dark Knight Panel

Featuring Scott Snyder, Peter Tomasi, Greg Pak, Pat Gleason, Marc Andreyko and Brian Buccellato. Hey Pete Sailer here at DC’s “Eternal Dark Knight Panel.” DC’s really going out celebrating Batman’s 75th birthday and this panel is sure to impress. John Cunningham introduces the creators and Batman group editor Mark Doyle. Cunningamn brings the cover of Batman… Read more »

A Comic Show – The Dark Knight Grayson!

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom, I’m Aaron for A Comic Show with a stack of new comics now! DC’s new wave of books starts here, Spidey 2099 and Deadpool have their day, and Walking Dead isn’t nearly as gory as Spread! DC’s Grayson #1 was a solid execution… Read more »

DC Comics And Graphitti Create Original Art ‘Gallery Editions’ For Dark Knight, Ronin, Sandman, Killing Joke And More

It began with Scott Dunbier. Fired by DC Comics, he went to IDW with an idea he’d never got off the ground over there. Recerating original art boards as close to the original as possible, in look and feel, by shooting colour copies of the boards and then printing them on similar material to Bristol… Read more »