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Will Dark Knight III: The Master Race Go Up To Twelve Issues?

At the Diamond Retailer Appreciation Breakfast event this morning, DC Comics’ Jim “Ski” Sokolowski talked up the Dark Knight IIIL: The Master Race series from Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello and Andy Kubert, acknowledging the delays and the new extra ninth issue. He also said that he could quite easily see it going up to twelve… Read more »

DC Comics Adds A #9 To Dark Knight III – But Cancels Solicits for #7

Let’s play a game of find the lady. Or hunt the dark knight. DC Comics announces with its media partner IGN the news that the eight issue mini-series Dark Knight III: The Master Race by Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello will now be nine issues, the creators requesting another chapter “to tell their story right.”… Read more »

Win A DC Collectibles Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight Figure Set

DC Collectibles has a contest going right now to win a four-pack of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight figures. The set includes Batman, Jim Gordon, the Joker and Two-Face. Now the image they posted with the package shows the figures in black & white, but the original pack is in color. The set comes… Read more »

Frank Miller And Klaus Janson To Draw The Dark Knight III #6 Mini-Comic Together

Yes, DC Comics is still publishing Dark Knight III: The Master Race. Honest. And the sixth issue, will also come with a mini-comic tipped in, drawn by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, reuniting the art team that drew the original Dark Knight series.  Both Miller and Janson have contributed heavily to this new series, but this… Read more »

Turning Dark Knight 1 And 2 Into Dark Knight III, Today

Today’s Dark Knight III: The Master Race #5 seems very familiar indeed. The comic has often featured thematic flashbacks and recreations of previous Dark Knight scenes but today it goes overboard. Not just with Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson recreating scenes of a Batmobile… From Frank Miller and Klaus Janson’s original… both on the outside. And… Read more »

Where Was Bill Sienkiewicz In Dark Knight: The Last Crusade?

DC Comics solicited Dark Knight: The Last Crusade, a $7.99 prestige format comic written by Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello as having art by John Romita Jr and Bill Sienkiewicz. For many retailers, Sienkiewicz’s name gave them the confidence to order big. On release, however, the comic was drawn by John Romita Jr and Peter… Read more »

Dark Knight And Rebirth Sees DC Comics Dominate Advance Reorders

Greetings from the coal face of the direct comics market. Where retailers try to increase their orders of certain comics ahead of going on sale. Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are coming in and how retailers are reacting to unanticipated desire!Traditionally… Read more »

Frank Miller To Draw The Dark Knight III #5 Mini-Comic

Frank Miller‘s role on the Dark Knight III: The Master Race has been a contentious one. He himself has declared that he’s not writing it, it’s all Brian Azzarello, but that Miller looks forward to writing Dark Knight Four. This has been countered by sources close to production who insist that it has been an intense collaboration… Read more »

“I Was Essentially The Guy Between Frank Miller And DC” – MJ Steele On ShintoTech, Klaus Janson And The Dark Knight

Alex Wilson writes, MJ Steele is an up and coming artist in the industry, currently working with Klaus Janson on Dark Knight III along with publishing his own comics and one shots. I had a chance to talk with him about his experiences an independent creator, working with Jenson and Frank Miller, and his new… Read more »

DC Comics Cancels A Few Straggling June Solicitations, Starman Vol 3, Delays Dark Knight III Further

As part of the DC surprise June solicitations, there were listing on the order form for Batman/Superman #33, Batman/Superman Annual #3 and Superman/Wonder Woman #30. But they weren’t present on the DC Previews out yesterday. DC have also cancelled Dark Knight III: The Master Race #6 for now, which was meant to come out on… Read more »

5 Big Mysteries Of DC Rebirth, Revealed – Line Of Fire, Heroes Return, Revelations, The Dark Knight, Multiversal Mayhem

Revealed in this week’s DC Previews, five mysteries being set up in DC Rebirth. Anyone want to make some impromptu guesses? LINE OF FIRE There will be the mysterious death of a character. HEROES RETURN You’ll see three characters reintroduced to the DC Universe…with the promise of more. REVELATIONS A secret that dives into the… Read more »

Stores Can Sell DC Universe: Rebirth #1 From Midnight Tuesday – If They Order As Many As Dark Knight III #1

When DC Universe: Rebirth #1 is launched on May 25th, retailers will be allowed to start selling it on midnight May 24th. And that’s not all. To qualify, retailers must match their orders of DC Universe Rebirth will the biggest release by DC Comics of the last year, Dark Knight III The Master Race #1…. Read more »

The Joker: Dark Knight Premium Format Figure From Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles has sent over some information about their new The Joker: Dark Knight Premium Format Figure. Sulpted to look like the late Heath Ledger, whose portrayal of The Joker in the Dark Knight won him an Academy Award. This piece runs $499.99 and features a tailored fabric purple suit, his trade mark playing card and… Read more »

Marvel Had One-And-A-Half Times DC’s Marketshare In February, But Dark Knight Outsold Star Wars

The beginning of the year saw Marvel Comics grab a 44.38% dollar share and a 48.17% unit share of sales in North American comic book stores through Diamond Comic Distributors. While DC Entertainment had only a 22.16% dollar share and a 24.02% unit share. That was quite the disparity. Things are slightly better for DC and slightly worse for… Read more »

Frank Miller To Replace Jim Lee On Dark Knight III #4 Mini-Comic?

Frank Miller has drawn some of Dark Knight III: The Master Race. A cover or two with Batman, Atom and Dark Knight.. The Atom mini-comic in issue 1, inked by Klaus Janson. The Green Lantern mini-comic in issue 3, finishes over John Romita Jr‘s breakdowns. The mini-comic insert for Dark Knight III: The Master Race… Read more »

31 Thoughts About 30 Of Today’s Comics – Dark Knight To Nowhere Men To Fight Club To Dirk Gently

That’s right, Sunstone, and it’s a new Wednesday! Tonnes of new comic books out today, here is a very very brief look at a few of them. Cheer up Bloodshot Reborn #11, I’m sure it won’t be that bad. Go have a nice relaxing bath, it’ll all seem better by the morning. Aquaman #49 sees Arthur… Read more »