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Play In Batman 1989 Costume And Batmobile In New Arkham Knight DLC

Arkham Knight‘s skin choices are pretty lackluster at the moment. I’ve not been impressed with any of the addition batsuits in the game and the Batman Beyond one is most certainly a disappointment. This new round of DLC is pretty awesome though. It’s been revealed the newest DLC pack features the Batman 1989 suit and… Read more »

Late Night Fun – Batman 1972 By Francesco Francavilla

Over on his blog Francesco Francavilla is having some fun. The cover artist for After Life With Archie, Fantomax and The Shadow is giving us a proposal for a concept all his own. He’s doing up Batman 1972 in classic exploitation style art. He calls it the grooviest story of the year and ask us to reblog… Read more »

Batman 17 Review And Reaction – Wednesday Trending Topics

Batman 17 tops the BC charts for the second straight day: Did Bruce Wayne make the cruelest betrayal of all in Batman 17? There are spoilers for Batman #17, the conclusion to Death Of The Family, in this review. Most-Read Comic Stories Today – Batman 17 Did Bruce Wayne Make The Cruelest Betrayal Of All? (Batman… Read more »

Batman 17 – Tuesday Trending Topics

Lots of stories on Batman 17 today and lots of interest in them. And I bet there will be even more interest in this release beginning in just a few hours: I’d like to start this review by telling you what’s under the silver serving dishes is… Most-Read Comic Stories Today – Batman 17 Batman #17… Read more »

First Look At The New Justice League 1, Action Comics 1, And Batman 1 (UPDATE)

DC is releasing a free preview book of material from the new DCU relaunch to comic shops and at San Diego Comic Con this week, and as retailers receive their shipments today glimpses of the material are going to appear like wildfire over the next few hours. Here’s a sample from Cosmic Book News (hat… Read more »

Scoop: Batman #1 To Be Given Away For Free For Batman Day (Though Retailers Will Have To Pay 26 Cents A Copy)

September 17th 2016 is Batman Day, for which DC Comics is preparing a special Batman #1 reprint, to be given away by participating retailers, and announced at San Diego Comic Con. Though as with Free Comic Book Day, the retailers will still have to pay. In this case, 26 cents an issue. This reprint of has… Read more »

Mini-Mates, Batman Adventures And Deadpool Exclusives From Diamond Select For San Diego Comic Con 2016 SDCC

All from the Diamond Select Toys booth, Booth 2607, at San Diego Comic Con in a few short weeks… SDCC 2016 SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES CLARK KENT RESIN BUST This looks like a job for Superman! Channel your inner superhero with this exclusive resin bust of a bespectacled Clark Kent striking his most famous pose, ripping… Read more »

Will Hastings Sell Two Weeks Of Comics Tomorrow? Including Han Solo #1 And Batman #1 Exclusives

Last week, the entertainment chain Hastings did not get their direct market comic books  including their retailer exclusive cover variants of Han Solo #1 and Batman #1 from Diamond Comic Distributors. Entering Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and owing the Diamond group over $1.6 million. An anonymous Hastings employee gets in touch to tell us, I work at… Read more »

DC Comics’ Solicits For September 2016 – Doom Patrol, Batman Beyond, Teen Titans, Cyborg, Supergirl, Gotham Academy, Raven, Everafter And Frostbite

DC Comics solicitations for September 2016 include launches for Doom Patrol, Batman Beyond, Teen Titans, Cyborg, Supergirl, Gotham Academy, Raven, Everafter And Frostbite… DOOM PATROL #1 Written by GERARD WAY Art and cover by NICK DERINGTON Variant cover by BRIAN BOLLAND Variant cover by SANFORD GREENE Variant cover by JAIME HERNANDEZ Variant cover by BRIAN… Read more »

What Will Happen To Those Hastings Batman And Han Solo #1 Variants?

Last week, the large entertainment chain Hastings didn’t get their weekly comics. Entering Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and owing the comic book distribution company Diamond over $1.6 million is likely to be the reason for this. And Diamond is unlikely to want to throw good money after bad. But what Hastings also didn’t get last week… Read more »

Talking Comics: Superman, Batman, GL, GA #1’s, Han Solo #1, Vote Loki #1 & More!

Thanks for pressing play! It’s another huge week for DC Comics as we get to finally launch into some of the main twice monthly titles that will be coming from the new DC Rebirth event, but before we get to that, we do get a select Rebirth title this week with Titans Rebirth #1, dropping… Read more »

DC Comics To Make Retailer Exclusive Covers For All-Star Batman #1 And Harley Quinn #1

This is a Rafael Grampa exclusive cover for Batman #1. I don’t know who for, but it is rather lonely. DC Comics are extending their retailer exclusive cover programme for August, with Harley Quinn #1 and All-Star Batman #1 joining July’s Justice League #1 and August’s Suicide Squad #1 in the programme. The usual deal will see retailers… Read more »

Batman: The Killing Joke To Have Its World Premiere At San Diego Comic Con 2016

Ahead of its 26th July general release on Blu Ray/DVD/digital download, DC Comics will be debuting its animated adaptation of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke on the Friday night , July 22nd, of San Diego Comic Con. It will be followed by a panel discussion between the cast, Kevin Conroy (Batman),  Mark Hamill… Read more »

Exclusive First Look At Jae Lee’s Batman #1 Retailer Exclusive Cover

Dynamic Forces has given us an exclusive first look at their Retailer Exclusive cover for Batman #1 by Tom King and David Finch that ships June 15th. This cover, offered in both color and black & white is done by Jae Lee (with colors by June Chung). The new storyline, I Am Gotham, begins here… Read more »

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition Comes To Digital June 28th; Disc July 19th

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment announced today that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will make its digital debut on June 28th. The film sees Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman together in live action to face the threats of Lex Luthor and Doomsday while Batman and Superman confront their own inner demons and each other. The… Read more »

Duke Thomas Is Not A Robin In Batman Rebirth #1. So What Is He? New Costume Reveal….

Hey, if there's a costume reveal in BATMAN REBIRTH#1, would someone mind sending me a screencap? — Declan Shalvey (@declanshalvey) June 1, 2016 We have seen Duke Thomas as a kid in Batman Zero Year. We have seen him grow up as a confident of Bruce Wayne. We have seen him lead the gang of… Read more »

A ‘Terrorist’ Green Lantern And A ‘Super’ Luthor – DC Rebirth Preview, 3 Pages Of Action Comics, 4 Pages Of Batman And 10 Pages Of Green Lantern

Courtesy of DC’s media partner Newsarama, we have ten unlettered pages from Green Lantern: Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver, and Sam Humphries and Ed Benes…. And Action Comics #957 from Dan Jurgens and Patrick Zircher…  And four lettered pages from Batman Rebirth #1 by Tom King, Scott Snyder and Mikel Janin. With… Read more »