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Here We Go: Action Comics 1 CGC 9.0 Hits $1.6 Million And Counting In Opening Hours Of Bidding

I suspect some of you are going to get tired of me posting about this one between now and August 24.  Apologies in advance, but trust me, I’ve shown great restraint in saving up my Action Comics #1-related post count until the auction opening. As Bleeding Cool told you last month, the best CGC-graded copy… Read more »

Action Comics 15, 16 And 17 To Look Through The History Of The DC New 52 Superman – What Happened And What Did Not…

The DC panel at NYCC were asked if the New 52 Superman died at the hands of Doomsday. After creators and editors alike ummed and ahhed, Grant Morrison led with an emphatic “Yes” and also stated that we would see much of the New 52 history of Superman in issues 15, 16 and 17. This… Read more »

Action Comics 1 And Detective Comics 1 Retailer Variants Headline Chicago Summit Swag Bag

Before C2E2 this year, at the same location, Diamond will be hosting one of their Retailer Summits. Where retailers gather to discuss issues, raise problems, discover new possibilites, network and… get free swag. Well, it pays for the air fare. This year, attendees will get the following. Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #1 Retailer… Read more »

The First Comic To Break The $2 Million Barrier: Nicolas Cage Action Comics 1 Sells For Record $2,161,000

It has become the most famous individual copy of any comic book in the world.  And now, the Nicolas Cage copy of Action Comics #1, graded CGC 9.0 and the best copy ever evaluated by the industry’s third-party grading service Comics Guaranty Corporation, has sold for the highest price ever paid for a comic book…. Read more »

First Look At The New Justice League 1, Action Comics 1, And Batman 1 (UPDATE)

DC is releasing a free preview book of material from the new DCU relaunch to comic shops and at San Diego Comic Con this week, and as retailers receive their shipments today glimpses of the material are going to appear like wildfire over the next few hours. Here’s a sample from Cosmic Book News (hat… Read more »

DC Relaunch: Grant Morrison And Rags Morales On Action Comics 1

DC Comics have just confirmed to the LA Times Hero Complex blog that Grant Morrison and Rags Morales as the creative team on September’s relaunch of Action Comics. But, in a move that is either audacious or desperate — or a bit of both – DC Comics is making a break, at least in numbering,… Read more »

Oh Ben Affleck — Please, Please, Please Be More Careful With That Action Comics #1

I was catching up on the day’s trailer releases just now, when I spotted something that made me do a double take, quickly followed by a reflexive cringe of horror as my years of vintage paper addiction overtook the logical center of my brain telling me it was just a movie scene. Here’s a new… Read more »

A ‘Terrorist’ Green Lantern And A ‘Super’ Luthor – DC Rebirth Preview, 3 Pages Of Action Comics, 4 Pages Of Batman And 10 Pages Of Green Lantern

Courtesy of DC’s media partner Newsarama, we have ten unlettered pages from Green Lantern: Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver, and Sam Humphries and Ed Benes…. And Action Comics #957 from Dan Jurgens and Patrick Zircher…  And four lettered pages from Batman Rebirth #1 by Tom King, Scott Snyder and Mikel Janin. With… Read more »

The Impossible Collection (DC Chapter) Includes The Metropolis-Owned Action Comics #1

@richjohnston CGC census only lists 2 9.0s 1 is Nic Cage copy, other is the one described in your article owned by Metropolis Comics — Chrispirations (@Chrispirations) March 21, 2016 After some query and conversation, Bleeding Cool has identified that the copy of Action Comics #1 owned and displayed as part of the Impossible Collection (DC… Read more »

Batman V Superman And The Impossible Collection In London On Wednesday – With The Highest Quality Action Comics #1 Known to Exist

On Wednesday, I am going to see Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. I am expecting great things. But first I have my own “versus” battles to choose. Which of the Real 3D glasses will I take with me? Which of the Compare The Market Batman V Superman meerkats will join me on my journey?… Read more »

NYCC ’15: Dark Horse Announce Aw Yeah Comics! Action Cat

Dark Horse have announced today at New York Comic Con the upcoming series from Aw Yeah Comics!,  Action Cat written by Franco, with art by Art Baltazar. Here’s the solicit information for the new series: Aw Yeah Comics! Action Cat Franco (W) Art Baltazar (A) Fresh from the creative minds at Aw Yeah Comics is… Read more »

Thor’s Comic Review Column – Superman #38, Action Comics #39, Nameless #1, The Goon: Once Upon A Hard Time #1

This Week’s Reviews: Superman #38 Action Comics #39 Nameless #1 The Goon: Once Upon A Hard Time #1 Superman #38 and Action Comics #39 ($4.99 & $3.99, DC) By D.S. Randlett (@dsrandlett) In a way, I guess that I should be thankful to DC Comics every time they try to do something new with Superman,… Read more »

Action Comics #1 In 3.0 CGC Sells For Over Three Hundred Grand, Frank Frazetta Art Sells For Close To Two Hundred Grand

Courtesy of Heritage Auctions, an unrestored copy of Action Comics #1 published by DC Comics in 1938, featuring the first appearance of Superman, and graded by CGC in 3.0 condition just sold for $310,700. Part of a $7.17 million auction, it was part of The Prospect Mountain Collection up for sale, which in total topped $1 million…. Read more »

Champagne Supernova: That Coward Joe Cleveland From Action Comics #1

Comic book creator Keith Champagne writes for Bleeding Cool, See that middle-aged fellow in the lower left hand corner there? The one holding his head and running away in fear? From the time I first saw the cover to Action Comics #1, I was always interested in that guy. Who was he? Was he just… Read more »

Action Comics #1 CGC 9.0 Sells For Record $3,207,852.00

We have a new record: A copy of Action Comics #1, graded CGC 9.0 with white pages and the best graded copy ever evaluated by grading service Comics Guaranty Corporation, has sold for the highest price ever paid for a comic book.  The auction for the 1938 comic, featuring the first appearance of Superman by… Read more »

Action Comics #1 CGC 9.0 Hits Record $2.19 Million With Two Days To Go In Auction

There continues to be a great deal of debate over where this comic auction will end up when it closes on Sunday night, but one thing’s for sure — it will be a new all time record price. The Action Comics #1 CGC 9.0 now up for auction on ebay has just hit $2,193,919.38, a… Read more »

Steve Geppi Outbid On Action Comics #1 9.0 At $1.6 Million On eBay

There was a time when Steve Geppi looked like he might be made bankrupt. But that was before The Walking Dead became the monster hit it did. When the comics distributor he owned, Diamond Comic Distributors and Diamond Book Distributors found itself the exclusive print distributor for both the comic shops and bookstores – and… Read more »

The First $3,000,000 Comic? Action Comics #1 CGC 9.0 White Pages To Go Up For Auction On Ebay [UPDATE]

DC Comics has proclaimed July 23 Batman Day, but it looks like Superman is about to steal just a little bit of that spotlight, at least as far as vintage comic book collectors are concerned.  Because 76 years after publication, Action Comics #1 can still make news.  That comic, featuring the first appearance of Superman… Read more »

52 Thoughts About 51 Comics – Original Sin, Hulk Vs Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon, Dicks, Harley Quinn, Ms Marvel, She-Hulk, Adventure Time, X-Men Anniversary, Batwoman, Robin Rises, Teen Titans, Batman Eternal, Futures End, Red Hood, X-Men, BPRD, Brain Boy, Eye Of Newt, Rat Queens, Squidder, Crossed, Secret Avengers, Stray Bullets, Legenderry, Ghost, X-Files, Shadow, My Little Pony, Devilers, Last Broadcast, Ash, Littlest Pet Shop, Translucid, The Last Fall, Judge Dredd, Aphrodite IX/Cyberforce, Wildfire, Doberman, TMNT, Life With Archie, Next Testament, Sons Of Anarchy, Black Market, Doodle Jump, Captain Action Cat, Lady Zorro, The Wicked + The Divine, Dark Age And God Is Dead

Tony Stark, trying to woo Bruce Banner in Original Sin #3.2. You can see the love in his eyes can’t you? How could Bruce Banner resist… Just don’t make him tipsy. You wouldn’t like it when he’s tipsy. Also, best last line of any comic book this week… How to make a raccoon do what you… Read more »

47 Thoughts About 47 Comics – Moon Knight, Uber, Nailbiter, Extinction Parade, The Shadow, Black Kiss, Satellite Sam,The Woods, Doctor Spektor, Deadpool Vs X-Force, Caliban, Rocket Raccoon, Starlord, Fantastic Four 100th, Futures End, Batman Eternal, Action Comics, Green Lantern, Justice League 3000, Batman/Superman, Batwing, Thief Of Thieves, Won Ton Soup, Witchblade, Angel & Faith, Miracleman, Archer Coe, The Victories, Elephantmen, Twilight Zone, White Suits, Suicide Risk, The Woods, Splinter Cell, Southern Bastards, Star Mage, Garfield, Dexter’s Lab, Big Trouble In Little China, Black Bat, Morning Glories, Robocop, Six Million Dollar Man, Vampirella, Indestructible And Lazarus

This is the Week Of Howard Chaykin… a look through the days comics. Issue by issue, Moon Knight seems to be increasing in popularity, as a new readership is introduced to a Warren Ellis-ian point of view of the world though a Declan Shalvey lens. And this issue plays out like a sideways scrolling arcade… Read more »

What Happened When Nicolas Cage Discovered His Action Comics #1 Had Been Stolen

The Toronto Star has looked at the case of Nicolas Cage and the stolen Action Comics #1… and talked to the detective in charge of the case. First, Cage’s home, He collected everything from rare cars to dinosaur fossils. “It looked like an adult kid’s playground, “ Hrycyk says, noting that it included a big robot,… Read more »