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That Flash/I Vampire Crossover That Never Was, And The Flash/Dial H Crossover That Is

Here’s the audio taken from the Amazing Arizona Comic Con from the DC panel, discussing the Flash/I Vampire crossover that never was, with Flash writer Brian Buccellato, I Vampire writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and the interrupting poking annoying Scott Lobdell… In which we learn that he planned to have all of the Rogues vampirised and… Read more »

Hawkman Cancelled, No I Vampire Crossover With The Flash And A Frozen Scott Snyder

From the Amazing Arizona Comic Con, comes the  DC Comics panel, with Scott Lobdell, Kyle Higgins, Brian Buccellatto and Josh Fialkov. During which we learned that Savage Hawkman is cancelled. And that I Vampire was going to have a Flash crossover before it was cancelled. Audio on the way, hopefully we’ll get more details. ALso,… Read more »

Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen Of Today's Comics - Superman, No Place Like Home, All Star Western, Wolverine And The X-Men, Teen Titans, Sixth Gun, Rasl, Justice League Dark, Flash, Dark Knight, Mondo, Prophet, Mighty Thor, Aquaman, I Vampire And Fantastic Four

Let me give them a plug at the top for a change. Today’s comics, as ever, come courtesy of Orbital Comics of London. And here are sixteen thoughts about sixteen comics published today. There may be some spoilers but I’ll attempt to avoid the big ones. Remember that issue of Uncanny X-Men from wayback where… Read more »

Fourteen-And-A-Half Thoughts About Fourteen-And-A-Half DC Comic Books Today – Voodoo, Shade, Black Hawks, Green Lantern: New Guardians, All Star Western, I Vampire, The Flash, Firestorm, Hawkman, Aquaman, Teen Titans, The Dark Knight, Superman And The Ray

Morning folks! The DC Relaunch keeps on relaunching. This is technically the last week of November’s relaunch titles, next week looks rather barren – more on that later. So let’s have a look at the last of the issue 3s, an issue 2 and a preview to boot. Voodoo #3 gives us the obvious crossover… Read more »

Wednesday Comics Reviews – Aquaman, Justice League Dark, Voodoo, Firestorm, Dark Knight, New Guardians, Blackhawks, Superman, I Vampire, Hawkman, Flash, Teen Titans, All Star Western

Voodoo #1 by Ron Marz and Sam Basri Bleeding Cool reviewed Voodoo #1 here, yesterday. Teen Titans #1 by Scott Lobdell, Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund. It’s a total reboot as Red Robin plays Ozymandias, monitoring the world, and in a race to recruit teenage superheroes to his cause against that of the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. crew,… Read more »

Legenderry: Vampirella #3 - Writer's Commentary By David Avallone

Writer David Avallone provides a commentary for Legenderry: Vampirella #3 that he did with artist David Cabrera. Some background thoughts on Chapter Three… We’re at the mid-point of my five-issue Vampirella epic, set in Bill Willingham’s world of Legenderry. First, the cover. It is a fine tradition of comic books that the scene depicted does not… Read more »

American Vampire #6 & #7 Go Viral

“Please don’t turn our heroes into villains” said no one ever, or at least not recently. This seems to be the current age of treachery, transformation, and even a hero’s own fear of becoming something they don’t want to be. And who is becoming more known for that exploration than Scott Snyder? That’s not all… Read more »

Exclusive Extended Previews Of Shaft, Legenderry: Vampirella And BSG: Six

We have three exclusive extended previews from Dynamite Entertainment for comics shipping this week. First up is Battlestar Galactica: Six #3 by J T Krul and Rod Rodolfo, then it’s Legenderry Vampirella #3 by Dave Avallone and David Cabrera and finally Shaft #5 by David F Walker and Bilquis Evely. Battlestar Galactica: Six #3 J.T…. Read more »

"Vampirella Is The Last Daugther Of Lilith..." - Nancy A Collins Talks Vampirella's Parents

Doug Murray, co-writer of Jungle Girl: Season 3 #1, talks with writer Nancy Collins about Vampirella #11, both on sale this week. Cover art by Mike Mayhew and Jenny Frison. DOUG MURRAY: The world has, in recent years, been inundated by vampire stories.  What makes Vampirella different from the other vamps that are so prevalent… Read more »

Bloodborne Review: The Vampire And The Gaslight

I stand over the lifeless body of a foul beast, it’s grizzly mandibles lay motionless. The cobbled street runs red with putrid blood of the lusus naturae. The gutters congealing with the thick red paste… That is overly dramatic imagery, but it’s exactly the note Bloodborne invokes time and time again. This operatic, Gothic tone is… Read more »

Nei Ruffino Draws Vampirella, Red Sonja and Dejah Thoris For Midtown Comics

Colorist turned cover artist Nei Ruffino has been is a bit of a favorite her at Bleeding Cool, and now with this new Midtown Comics Exclusive cover for Dynamite’s Swords of Sorrow #1 we get to see not only the finished work, but we also get to see her pencils in the black and white… Read more »

Nancy A Collins Talks About Swords Of Sorrow: Vampirella & Jennifer Blood

Dynamite’s new summer event Swords of Sorrow hasn’t even kicked off yet and we have writer Nancy A Collins talking about the second issue of her Swords of Sorrow: Vampirella / Jennifer Blood miniseries. Byron Brewer asked Collins what readers need to know to jump in on the series. Cover by Billy Tan. BYRON BREWER: OK,… Read more »

American Vampire #9 Increases In Price As Vertigo Switches To $3.99

Vertigo Comics, as part of DC,  is one of the last holdouts for the $2.99 price point. As even Image Comics have started to move towards $3.50, Archie Comics has jumped to $3.99 and Marvel are basically down to Ms. Marvel. And there are increasing signs that $4.99 will be upon us soon. Well, it… Read more »

Free On Bleeding Cool - Vampirella's Original Origin Story

Dynamite Entertainment has been adding the original Vampirella Magazine issues to what the offer on their DRM-Free Digital website. To help promote that they have sent us two stories from the magazine, one is Vampirella’s origin story Vampirella of Draculon by Forrest J Ackerman and Tom Sutton and Goddess From The Sea by Don Glut… Read more »

Max Brooks Signing Zombies And Vampires In London's West End Today

Max Brooks, the author of World War Z, is signing his new graphic novel The Extinction Parade: War in Waterstones, Piccadilly Circus from 5.30pm this evening. It’s published in the UK by Titan Books, courtesy of Bleeding Cool’s own publisher, Avatar Press, and appears here in advance. In fact, I’m going to pop down myself, working as… Read more »

Exclusive Early Look At Pages From Legenderry: Vampirella #2

We have an exclusive first look at some of the interior pages for Legenderry: Vampirella #2 by artist David Cabrera. The series is a spinoff of last years hit Dynamite series Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure created by Bill Willingham. This miniseries is being written by David Avallone. For more information on Legenderry: Vampirella, click here.

Exclusive Extended Previews of King: Flash Gordon, Legenderry: Vampirella And More

We’ve got exclusive extended previews of three 2s and a 4 shipping this week from Dynamite Entertainment. That’s the second issues of King: Flash Gordon, Legenderry: Vampirella and Pathfinder: Origins and the fourth issue of Shaft. KING: Flash Gordon #2 Ben Acker, Ben Blacker (w) Lee Ferguson (a) Chip Zdarsky (c) DEADLY CAPTURE! Things are… Read more »