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No More Mutants: 52 Problems by Andrew Wheeler

Andrew Wheeler writes for Bleeding Cool The DC reboot is creating the wrong kind of buzz again this week with the launch of Catwoman #1. There are spoilers ahead for those who haven’t read it, but you’ve probably heard how it ends by now. Before we get to that ending, though, it’s worth looking at… Read more »

No More Mutants by Andrew Wheeler #8 – All New, Same Difference

Andrew Wheeler writes for Bleeding Cool. Axel Alonso’s recent promotion to editor-in-chief at Marvel has given me renewed hope for the publisher’s creative future. I’ve long had the impression that Alonso is a smart guy with an eye for innovation and a knack for getting the best out of his creators. He seems to take… Read more »

No More Mutants #7 by Andrew Wheeler – A Norse Is A Norse

In my most recent column I talked about the somewhat too-fervent passion that some superhero fans bring to the subject of diversification. I mentioned comics’ black Captain America and the campaign to cast a black actor in the new Spider-Man movies, both of which were met with strong opposition, but a fresher example has since… Read more »

No More Mutants #6 by Andrew Wheeler – Black Label

Andrew Wheeler writes for Bleeding Cool; Spot the odd one out in this list: Black Goliath (1975). Black Racer (1971). Black Widow (1964). Black Lightning (1977). Power Man (1972). The answer I’m looking for is, of course, Black Widow. She’s not black at all! Like Black Canary, Black Widow predates the 70s trend for using… Read more »

No More Mutants #5 by Andrew Wheeler – Superhuman Disabilities

One of the defining characteristics of superheroes is that they are people who can do more. They can fly, or read minds, or punch through walls. Even if they have no superpowers, they still have peak abilities, and they still go out and fight crime. They do things that you and I cannot do. In… Read more »

No More Mutants #4 by Andrew Wheeler – Look To The Northstar

Welcome to the fourth instalment of No More Mutants, a series of columns looking at the representation of minorities in superhero comics. This week I’m going to cover a subject that I wasn’t planning to touch for a while, because it’s the subject I’m closest to, and therefore the easiest for me to write about…. Read more »

No More Mutants #3 by Andrew Wheeler – The Secret Asians

Quick, name an Asian character in superhero comics! Now name an Asian character who doesn’t know any martial arts! OK, as stereotypes go, that’s probably an unfair one to pin on superhero comics. It’s hard to name many characters who aren’t martial artists in some form or another – everyone gets trained by either Captain… Read more »

No More Mutants #2 by Andrew Wheeler – Smurfette The Avenger

As with a lot of comic fans my age, I have a particular fondness for the Australia-era X-Men team. It’s one of comics’ strongest teams – they were isolated by geography, isolated by the illusion of death, and operating on a proactive global mission. It was also one of the strongest line-ups – a mix… Read more »

No More Mutants by Andrew Wheeler #1 – Won’t You Take Me To Mutant Town?

The mutants are coming back to Marvel. Recent events in the X-Men comics have tugged at the edges of one of the company’s stranger editorial edicts of the past ten years – the decision to wipe out almost an entire minority because… there were too many of them. It sounds a little sinister. Faced with… Read more »

Friday Runaround – Wheelchairs, Vagina Flowers And Judge Dredd

XXXWatch: Looks like Barbara Gordon is back in the wheelchair… but only in the porn parody version for Extreme Comixxx line of DVDs. And I’m betting she won’t be in the chair for too long. Thanks, I think, to Michael Colbert for that one. WebcomicsWatch: The Oatmeal found itself with a little raised publicity during… Read more »

Lying In The Gutters – 2nd January 2012 – And All Of 2011

A special Lying In The Gutters this week, not only the top twenty posts of the week, but also the top twenty posts of the year… and a very obvious demonstration of how the long tail works in website hit counts. Top Twenty Traffic Posts Of The Week 1. Amazing Spider-Man Building Blocks Confirm A… Read more »

Tuesday Trending Topics: …50, 51, 52

It’s time to call it, I think: Comic Day is back, and not just for DC. Big interest in weekly reviews, big anticipation for what’s coming out on Comic Day every week, and readers and pros are locked into that weekly cycle like we haven’t seen in awhile. And after tomorrow, we get to find… Read more »

Lying In The Gutters – 26th September 2011

Looks like Starfire hasn’t really changed in all these years… Top Ten Traffic Posts Of The Week 1. Spoiling The Ending Of Catwoman #1 2. Liam Neeson Fighting Wolves With Gloves Make From Broken Glass Bottles 3. Behind The Scenes On Starfire And Red Hood And The Outlaws 4. No More Mutants: 52 Problems 5…. Read more »

Thursday Trending Topics: Liam Vs Wolves

It’s been a busy day on BC, lots of things happening in comics this week. Lots of controversy going on. Catwoman #1, Red Hood And The Outlaws #1.  But nothing beats Liam Neeson fighting Wolves. He’s battled everyone from Archibald Cunningham to Darth Maul, and now this. Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today: And Now For Something… Read more »

From The Son Of Bryan Talbot…

We have a bit of a thing about children at Bleeding Cool. No, not like that. But Josh Adams, son of Neal Adams, has been a regular contributor (and is threatening to be one again), Joel Ronson (currently taking a summer holiday) is the son of Jon Ronson, Andrew Wheeler of No More Mutants is… Read more »


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