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The Asgardian/Shi’ar War Is Lord Of The Rings V Star Wars – Jason Aaron Gets His Inkpot Award At San Diego Comic-Con

By Mike Sangregorio You may not recognize Jason Aaron. He trimmed his beard. It is not all gone but it certainly trends toward a Stephen Strange and away from an Alan Moore on the practicing magician facial hair spectrum. Current writer of titles such as “Doctor Strange” and “Thor” at Marvel and for Image there… Read more »

Star Wars Episode 8 Has Wrapped Shooting

Just on the heels of Star Wars Celebration last week, Star Wars Episode 8, which is still nameless, has finished shooting. On SDCC weekend no less. It was confirmed with this video by Rian Johnson‘s on the Star Wars Facebook that the incredibly anticipated sequel to The Force Awakens is now moving into post-production. You can… Read more »

Mondo Releases Star Wars, Incal, Punisher, Batman, Ant-Man, Captain America, Rocketeer And Inside Out Posters And Prints For San Diego

Mondo has revealed their variant movie posters, pins, vinyl album covers and prints they’ll be offering up at SDCC 2016. These include images from Star Wars, The Incal, The Punisher, Batman, Ant-Man, Captain America, The Rocketeer and Inside Out. Artists involved include: Mike Mitchell, Florian Bertmer, Becky Cloonan, Nicolas Delort, Jock, Ken Taylor, Rory Kurtz, Declan… Read more »

Lego, For Kids And Grown-Ups At San Diego Comic Con… Is That Star Wars Rogue One Hiding?

Lego as always is huge at San Diego Comic Con, and this year is no different. With play areas set up for kids and families to help Lego Master Builders put together giant size Batman, Batgirl, and Joker figures, and no wonder. High above the Lego booth is a banner for The Batman Movie, coming… Read more »

Amy Hennig’s Talks About Visceral’s Star Wars Game And How It Will Be Tonally Similar To Uncharted

Amy Hennig‘s Star Wars game has loomed over EA’s schedule like a specter for quite some time. It’s been a few years since the Uncharted creator left Naughty Dog to go work on a game in the franchise with Visceral, but it is, as of yet, mostly illusive. The game director was at Star Wars… Read more »

Chewie, Bossk And Rogue One Are Coming To Star Wars: Battlefront

As Star Wars Celebration has been going on in London, most of the focus has been on the big movies and cartoons from the franchise, but there has been a couple video game things coming out of the show too. The big one is undoubtedly about the extra content coming to Star Wars: Battlefront. Most… Read more »

Star Wars Rebels Trailer Expands The Universe With An Important Return [UPDATED]

As first seen at the Star Wars Celebration panel, the new Star Wars Rebels season three trailer features teases like a droid army, a masked character saying “call me Wedge” and the return of a fan favorite character who will expand the universe. And as revealed at the panel, Grand Admiral Thrawn will at long… Read more »

Rogue One Poster, Behind-The-Scenes Clip Unveiled At Star Wars Celebration Europe [UPDATED]

Director Gareth Edwards unveiled a new poster for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: The director also revealed an exciting behind-the-scenes clip: The reveals were part of the Rogue One panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe today. The supersized panel featured Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘s Gwendoline Chrisite as host, director Edwards, and other cast… Read more »

Hondo Returns In A Star Wars Rebels Season Three Clip On The Star Wars Show

This week’s Star Wars Show is gearing up for Star Wars Celebration Europe this weekend. But it didn’t stop Star Wars Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni from stopping by with a clip from the upcoming third season. The clip (which starts at 3:40 of the video) features Ezra with short hair and the return of… Read more »

Disney Shows Guests What Star Wars Themed Land Will Look Like

Disney is hard at work on their Star Wars-themed lands coming Disneyland and Disney World. After the ground breaking ceremony in April, we’ve been waiting for what the place will look like. A new image has been unveiled on a fence near Big Thunder Trail, which will be an entry point to the new land…. Read more »

Luke And Leia Come To The Wheel In A Clip From The Next Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

When Luke and Leia have troubles with their Y-wing, its up to the Freemakers to help them out. It will be a costly job, which Leia begrudgingly agrees to pay. But things become interesting when Rowan and Luke search for an ion converter and the Imperial presence on the Wheel reveals the Rebels’ true identities…. Read more »

The Last Remaining Print Of Turkish Star Wars Emerges From Projectionist’s Collection

We need to talk about The Man Who Saves the World. Better known as Turkish Star Wars — as it was titled at dubious video booths at comic-cons around the US — the film was the brainchild of Turkish actor/writer Cüneyt Arkın, who worked during a time when American films were hard to come by… Read more »

When Is A Star Wars Comic Not A Star Wars Comic? When It’s A Cinestory

This was a story that Bleeding Cool ran last week, looking at Joe Books’ solicitations for September 2016. We received word from Joe Books that Disney wasn’t happy. That the Star Wars Rebels book wasn’t a comic, but a “cinestory”. And could we change the title? A cinestory, is when you take the actual screencaps… Read more »

Joe Books Adapts Star Wars Rebels As A Cinestory Comic, Joins Frozen, Nightmare Before Christmas And Disney Princess

Canadian publisher Joe Books has a roaring trade in adapting Disney and Pixar movies as comic books – and now Dreamworks as well. The Disney Princess and Frozen titles in particular get a lot of attention. Well, now it’s time for Star Wars. As Marvel Comics stops their Star Wars Rebels title, so Joe Books… Read more »

Star Wars Rebels Season Two Comes To Blu-ray On August 30th

Disney and Lucasfilm announced today that the second season of Star Wars Rebels will come to DVD and Blu-ray on August 30th. Rebels continues to focus on the crew of the smuggler ship Ghost as they become increasingly involved in the activities of the emerging Rebel Alliance. For young Ezra, it also means coming to… Read more »

No New Star Wars Games Announced But There Is One Shot Of Amy Hennig’s Game In Montage

I hope you weren’t expecting much in the way of Star Wars news out of this year’s EA E3 press conference. We just got a sizzle real for the future of EA’ Star Wars projects under the publisher’s banner. There was a big moment of note though. We got a brief look at one shot… Read more »

The Kyber Saber Explained In New Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Trailer

In a new trailer for LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, the legend of the Kyber Saber is revealed. It’s a powerful weapon the Emperor would love to get his desiccated hands on. Unfortunately, the situation goes over the head of the Rowan Freemaker. LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures debuts on Disney XD on… Read more »

A Fan Made Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Might Be Making Its Way To Steam

We live in a world where game design is getting ever accessible, which is great. We’ve seen the indie scene grow so very fast and powerful, and it is great to watch happen. However, as developers who are fans of properties decide to mess around with licences, we are seeing the rules of copyright bend… Read more »