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He Maintains It… The Whole Show – Watching The First Four Films Of Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins’ Jimmy’s End

Nucleotide – A single genetic “letter”; a nucleotide is one of the four chemical subunits of the DNA molecule, also called a base. They are known by their abbreviations A, T, C, and G. Last night Kickstarter backers of Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins‘ Jimmy’s End films received four of the five films of this… Read more »

Alan Moore’s Show Pieces Comes To Hulu, iTunes And Amazon In May

© 2012 John Angerson.Filming of Jimmy’s End – Northampton The film Show Pieces is getting a screening at the Barbican on the 8th of May followed by a question and answer session with writer Alan Moore and director Mitch Jenkins. Already available as a box set, the film will also be available digitally to iTunes, Hula and Amazon in May as well. This is… Read more »

Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins’ Show Pieces Proves Its Mettle At The Leeds Film Festival – Plus Q And A With Moore, Jenkins, And Cast

The Leeds International Film Festival was the second stop for Show Pieces at film festivals, having debuted at the London Fright Fest. Show Pieces consists of three parts of the five piece short film series written by Alan Moore and directed by Mitch Jenkins. While Show Pieces as screened at the festival includes Act of… Read more »

Alan Moore Comes To Leeds To Show Off His Show Pieces

Thought Bubble, Britain’s biggest comics art festival, runs from the 9th to the 16th of November in Leeds But the Leeds International Film Festival runs from the 5th to the 20th of November. And where they intersect, that’s where Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins will be showing off Show Pieces, three of their short The… Read more »

Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Listen

Another week, another new Doctor Who. Truly we are a blessed nation. 1. Keep Reading That Doctor Who Annual Short Story Steven Moffat wrote Corner Of The Eye for the Doctor Who Storybook 2007 about a race called Floofs that lived alongside humans, hidden from them, controlling them, only to be seen in the… you… Read more »

Talking To Khandie Khisses About Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins’ Show Pieces

Khandie Khisses talked to Bleeding Cool about her role in Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ Show Pieces, Khandie Khisses is many things. Veteran soldier, burlesque dancer, stand up comedian, occasional contributor to Bleeding Cool – and actor in Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ Show Pieces, recently showing at London’s FrightFest. We bumped into each other… Read more »

Alan Moore To Launch New Computer Game And Energy Drink- Welcome To The Kickstarter Premiere Q&A Of Show Pieces

Today, in Leicester Square, London, we have had the FrightFest premiere at Vue Cinema of three of Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins‘ short films linked together as Show Pieces. You can pre-order your copy here if you want. But before that, Kickstarter backers of the third of those short films (including me) were given a… Read more »

His Heavy Heart, And My Hungry Head – An Instant Reaction To Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins’ Final Show Pieces Film

“Yes! We can blame you! By and large that’s what we’re here for.” My throat is raw and screaming. Three days ago I had my tonsils removed, it was an operation that I was completely unaware of. I don’t remember being given the anaesthetic, I just remember being woken, sitting up strapped to a bed, people… Read more »

This Is Glycon Ground Zero – When Alan Moore Makes Himself As Fictional As The God He Worships

Warning. I am writing this article while hopped up on a heady mix of tramadole, morphine and oxygen… The OMT drugs sandwich, recovering from a tonsillectomy. But before I left for the hospital, I picked up a copy of God Is Dead: Book of Acts “Alpha”. I read it high, so I might as well… Read more »

Alan Moore Talks About His Heavy Heart On Video – With Show Pieces Now For Sale

Alan Moore has talked about his upcoming Kickstartered film His Heavy Heart on Nowness. Nicely times to coincide with the release of the box set of Show Pieces, the first five short films written and co-starring Moore and directed by Mitch Jenkins, that begin The Show. The collection cost £35 or £50 signed (limited to 200)… Read more »

Alan Moore Is Creating An Open Access Comics App With Titles From Peter Hogan, Garth Ennis, Leah Moore, And John Reppion (UPDATE)

In a significant announcement landing this morning, (but which we hinted at yesterday from teases on social media), Alan Moore will be partnering with a team of creators and funding bodies to produce a digital comics app called Electricomics which will initially feature four original comics titles, and perhaps most surprisingly, an open-access platform for… Read more »

Casting And Images From The Set of Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ His Heavy Heart

As we followed closely here at Bleeding Cool, Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins Kickstarted the final installment of their short film series entitled His Heavy Heart and made their goal by quite a margin, and plenty of Bleeding Coolers turned out to help the film on its way. As a group, the five short film… Read more »

The Thirteenth (Mostly) Annual Rumour Awards 2014

They began in the year 2000. Welcome to one of the longest running annual awards in comic books, the Rumour Awards. Except for some reason we seemed to miss it out last year. How odd. Anyway, feel free to catch up with previous years by clicking on these links. Visual Of The Year We’ve had… Read more »

Alan Moore Talks About Solving Death, The Return Of BoJeffries Saga And *That* Guardian Article

Last weekend, The Guardian printed an interview with Alan Moore, where he was quoted as saying “I hate superheroes. I think they’re abominations. They don’t mean what they used to mean. They were originally in the hands of writers who would actively expand the imagination of their nine-to-13-year-old audience. That was completely what they were… Read more »

Things To Do In London This Week If You Like Comics. And Especially Like Jeffrey Brown. (UPDATE)

While the American comics social scene seems to be taking a breather for Thanksgiving, London has nothing to be thankful for. So, instead, we get the following to be very thankful for instead. TONIGHT: Alan Moore in conversation with Lance Parkin, at the Prince Charles Cinema, with a showing of Act Of Faith and Jimmy’s… Read more »