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Things To Do In The Bronx This May If You Like Comics And Have Kids

On Saturday, May 10th the Bronx Community College will host the 8th annual Kids Comic Con from 10 am to 6 pm. The event will include special guests from both the comic industry and children’s entertainment, drawing workshops, interactive presentations …


Panel 2 Panel Presents: Tod Emko And Ethan Young Of A Piggy’s Tale!

By Panel to Panel Bleeding Cool welcomes back the Panel 2 Panel podcast team, joined by Tod Emko and Ethan Young of the all-ages animal-rescue superhero comic (that’s right), A Piggy’s Tale. They say: This week Tod Emko returns to …

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25 Professional Grade Photos of Wondercon

Michele Brittany is one of our West Coast correspondents and thankfully lent her services to Bleeding Cool at Wondercon, covering the ComiXology panels and more. But setting her estimable writing skills aside, she’s also a semi-pro photographer with a lot …


Armor Hunters Branch Out Into New Bloodshot And Harbinger #1s

Spinning out of Valiant’s big summer event Armor Hunters comes the start of two new three-part miniseries Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #1 and Armor Hunters: Harbinger #1. Both series can be read individually or as part of the full-event. Retailers will …


Dynamite’s Full Solicitations – The 38 Books Of July

Dynamite Entertainment has a virtual cornucopia of creativity for the month of July with 38 different titles ranging from robot fighters to heroic cats and what is a summer month without a good wedding? Plus they kick off their new …

Awesome Con ’14 Con-umentary: A Cosplay Compilation Video

By Ian Mageto Comics and Cosplay, hosted by Bleeding Cool’s Senior Cosplay Correspondent and Bleeding Cosplay columnist Ian Mageto, visited the capitol city of Washington D.C. for Awesome Con and found cosplay abounding. Watch all of the inventive cosplayers who …


A Pop Up Comic Store Saves Brick And Mortar Shopping In The UK

By Oliver MacNamee In a world where we are hearing more and more of the bricks and mortar comic shops closing down, whether that is through ever-decreasing readership, over-priced product by the Big Two or because of the drive to …


Exclusive – Max Brooks Announces Extinction Parade: War

Coming on the heels of the announcement that Legendary Pictures has optioned Extinction Parade for television, the New York Times Bestselling Author Max Brooks unleashes the next chapter of his Zombies vs. Vampires comic book series in July, Extinction Parade: War. …

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Awesome Con In DC Grows 250% – Will It Be The Next Big Thing?

By Hashim Hathaway While everyone had their eye on the spectacle that is Wondercon, last Friday also brought a new and improved Awesome Con to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center right in the heart of Washington DC. For three …


Wondercon: ‘How Kelly Sue DeConnick And Gail Simone Kick Bootie, Plus Three Impressive Male Artists’

By Joshua Stone The panel was called “Strong Women and the Creators Who Empower Them”. Sometimes the title of a panel does not convey to the attendee what they will be getting themselves into by attending. In this case, while …


Gendercrunching February 2014 – Plus Eisner Nomination Tallies

By Tim Hanley DC continued their hot streak, topping Marvel’s overall percentage of female creators for the third month in a row. We also take a look at the Eisner nominations, past and present, and their growing trend of female …


Typing on the Dead #126 – Was The All Out Finale Really So All Out?

By Jared Cornelius Welcome back to Typing on The Dead, Bleeding Cool’s Walking Dead recap column.  In this week’s installment the war between the Hilltop and the Saviors if finally over for better or worse.  Get ready for a fight …


Top Cow 2013 Talent Hunt Winners

Top Cow has graciously allowed us to announce the winners of their 2013 talent hunt. The winners will work on upcoming issues of the Top Cow series Artifacts. Four unpublished writers and four unpublished artists were chosen. Along with the …


Oddy Normal By Otis Frampton Comes To Image Comics This Autumn

Image Comics is publishing cartoonist Otis Frampton‘s all-ages ongoing fantasy series, Oddly Normal in the autumn. But see if yoiu can get a peek at Otis’ table in Artists Alley, table G15… Meet Oddly Normal, a ten-year-old girl with pointed ears …


Image Watch: C.O.W.L. – Talking With Kyle Higgins And Alec Siegel Plus Big Art Reveal

By David Dissanayake This May sees the release of Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel, and Rod Reis’ new Image series, C.O.W.L.  This is one of the new Image titles that I’ve been excited about since it was first announced earlier this …

Forever Evil #7 Jumps From $3.99 To $4.99

If you’ve waited until May to pick it up, then I suppose you’ll get over paying that extra dollar. But, yes, the long awaited Forever Evil #7 has jumped from the solicited price of $3.99 to $4.99. And the digital …

Is This The Biggest Ever Composite Cover In Comics? Exclusive To Six Stores For Valiant’s Armor Hunters

There have been composite covers before. But Valiant Entertainment are claiming this is the biggest. Even if Valiant aren’t letting us see it all yet. And it will only be available from six stores.   Although not actually six, because …


The Guardian Combines Literary Authors With Comic Artists, From Audrey Niffenegger To Dave Gibbons

This Saturday, the Guardian newspaper is to fill its Weekend magazine with comics. New comics. Though written by authors more associated with literary work and drawn by artists known for their comics. Creating pairings such as these… Gillian Flynn and …


Late Night Fun – A Life Sized Reminder Of 1977

When I was seven years old I took my allowance with me to visit my mom at her work, K-Mart. I remember wandering around trying to decide what I should spend my money on but by the time we had …


Marti Freeman Teases Potential Sherlock One-Off Special

So Sherlock fans won’t be seeing season 4 for a good long while but…


First Look At The Cast Of The New Jem And The Holograms

The internet flipped its collective lid today.

amanda seyfried

Joe Wright’s Pan Rounds Out Cast With Amanda Seyfried And More

Filming begins next Monday.

Ray Fisher Is Cyborg In The Batman-Superman Film

This film is going to come very, very close to forming the Justice League on screen. Maybe it will actually go the whole way. Who knows? Who really, actually knows?

Stephanie Hans Draws Deathlok For Next Week’s Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nothing Personal…

Stephanie Hans is the latest of Marvel’s artists to be tapped by Marvel to draw images to illustrate upcoming episodes of Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. And this week is for next week’s episode, Nothing Personal Maria Hill (guest-star Cobie Smulders) …


Friday The 13th To Become A TV Show

Jason Voorhees is not just getting a new movie, the 13th in the lucrative Friday the 13th series, but he’s also set to terrorize the small screen now as well. Deadline reports plans are now in motion to bring his …


Sacha Baron Cohen Spy Comedy Grimsby Adds Mark Strong

Close enough, maybe even an upgrade from Johnny Depp, I’d say.


First Trailer For Horror Flick Jessabelle

This doesn’t have any creepy potentially murderous dolls in it, but it does seem to have just about everything else.


Third Hobbit Film Is Officially Called The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

Kind of a mouthful, but I guess it sounds a bit more exciting than its first name.

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Win Tickets To The London Fan Screening Of Pompeii

The screening will be introduced by the film’s stars Kit Harington and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and takes place Monday 28 April in London’s West End.


Ron Howard To Direct Murder Mystery The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair

I’ll definitely be tracking down this book to see what the fuss is all about.

Photo: The Cast Of Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, All Together With Their Director

That’s Elvis Mitchell on the floor, not one of the cast. He’s either one of Tarantino’s best friends or he knows where the bodies are buried – he’s always in Tarantino’s business somewhere along the line.

Trailer For The Kick-Ass 2 Video Game

It may not have been the most successful movie in the world, but there’s certainly enough interest in Kick Ass 2 to launch a modest video game, I’m sure.


Felicity Jones Cast In A Monster Calls, Liam Neeson Wanted For The Monster

He’ll be an asset to the film and I hope he agrees to it.


Ethan Meteor Hunter: Being A Rat Has Its Upside And Downside

By Etienne Dubuc Gaming on the go is always a pleasure, so it’s nice to see titles get a port on Vita, 3DS or even smartphones. Seaven, a French indie studio, just did that with its first title, Ethan Meteor …


Sony Working On Live Action Barbie Comedy

This thing is going to launch a hundred “wish list” casting stories in the trade papers, I just know it.


Beware The Batman Returning To Cartoon Network In Worst Timeslot Ever

If you’ve been waiting for the animated DC series to return to finish off its run, there’s good news and bad news.