DC Comics Challenges Carmen Perez Over Justice League Trademark For Human Rights


Carmen Perez is an activist living in Santa Cruz dedicated to the pursuit of advocating for young men and women, and providing comprehensive leadership training and opportunities for individuals in and out of the criminal justice system.


Founder of the youth leadership group R.E.A.L. (Reforming Education, Advocating for Leadership) and co-founder of The Girls Task Force, dedicated to improving gender-specific services to better support all girls in our communities, she created the “Youth Summit” concept where young people came together to discuss solutions on serious topics such as drug and alcohol reform, detention alternatives, gangs, and violence. Recommendations from that group discussion have been adopted by community and state-wide policy makers throughout California.


Working at Barrios Unidos in Santa Cruz providing non-violence training and re-entry services for the incarcerated, she worked with Harry Belafonte in forming The Gathering for Justice, organising marginalized communities in non-violent settings across the country, appointed National Organizer, then Executive Director. She also worked for the Santa Cruz County Probation Department as a bilingual Probation Officer with an all-female intensive caseload.

Recipient of United Way’s Community Hero Award, Santa Cruz County Women’s Commission Trailblazer’s Award in Criminal Justice, a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for Outstanding and Invaluable Service to the Community, the Zaragoza Award from the Committee for the Mexican Culture at D.V.I. Prison in Tracy, and presented of a TED Talk inside Ironwood State Prison hosted by Richard Branson, she was accepted into the Women’s Media Center Progressive Women’s Voices Class of 2014.

She is also trying to register the trademark for “Justice League”  for providing educational demonstrations in the field of civil and human rights. Justice League NYC is a vision of the Gathering For Justice movement.

As you might expect, DC Comics are opposing that registration….


She’s not alone though. One attorney, Mark Mueller, and founder of entertainment company Voodoo Cowboy, is trying to register the trademark “Truth And The Justice League” for his medical malpractice practice for “legal services”.

And yes, DC Comics is opposing this as well….


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