Alan Moore To Launch New Computer Game And Energy Drink- Welcome To The Kickstarter Premiere Q&A Of Show Pieces

Today, in Leicester Square, London, we have had the FrightFest premiere at Vue Cinema of three of Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins‘ short films linked together as Show Pieces.

You can pre-order your copy here if you want.

But before that, Kickstarter backers of the third of those short films (including me) were given a pre-premiere showing just round the corner at Prince Charles Cinema, followed by a Q&A.

It was an intimate occasion, there were only a few handfuls of us lucky folk able to make it to the 1pm showing. But what a great time was had by all. And I recorded the audio of the Q&A on my phone (make out what you can of it below) for those unable to join us. And I found myself watching the three films again, but this time sat in the row right behind Alan Moore, Mitch Jenkins, Melinda Gebbie, Khandie Khisses and more. I certainly made sure I turned my phone off for the viewing. It’s one thing having a phone start ringing in a cinema, it’s another thing when the author could spin round and stare at you…


…with those eyes.

I always like to see  things I missed the first time with anything Alan writes. Today that meant noting the existence of the “Faith No More” CD at the beginning of An Act Of Faith, the clown face on the the back of the costume shop card and, with His Heavy Heart, the realisation that Faith must have gone through a similar experience that Jimmy had, more so than we had seen in Upon Reflection.

And just as The Northampton Clown incident happened after they had made Jimmy’s End, it’s hard not to see the opening scene of An Act of Faith with a seventies authority figures being exposed by the tabloids for child abuse, in the light of the Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris headlines, since I first saw that short film.

You can hear all that and more being discussed in the Q&A below, but I did want to highlight a couple of announcements made during the discussion, also about things escaping from the screen into real life – intentionally this time.

First, that Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins are planning a computer game, Escapism, that will appear in The Show feature film (Which Alan has finished writing now) as a series of lurid tabloid headlines condemning it. But, just as with Electricomics that also appear in the movie, the game will exist in the real world. It will be the first computer game written by Alan Moore.

And if that weren’t enough of a headspinner, an energy drink that features in the film, called Fuel Rods, will also exist in real life too, as a drinks company are planning to release it. With cans thinner and taller than normal, and coloured dayglo green.

If only DC had had the foresight to release Nostalgia perfume or Meltdown sweets. Here’s that audio.

YouTube Preview Image

As the Q&A ended, Alan posed for photos in the foyer…


Okay, that was a blurrier one. I met up with Khandie Khisses who demanded a selfie…


And I went to the tube, I watched Alan & co criss-cross Leicester Square, waylaid by a few, very special tourists who recognised the man and had to shake his hand, making his movement from one cinema to another a little slower than he might have planned….


And yes, there are a few other stories worth writing about from that Q&A aren’t there? I had better get to it.

Can anyone hand me a Fuel Rod?


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