Dear Dinosaur, Love Ryan


The ComplEAT Dear Dinosaur Collection (Kickstarter). Created by Ryan L. Schrodt. Kickstarter ends June 17th at 11:22pm CDT. Rewards ship in August/September 2014 Dear Dinosaur is an advice column written by a dinosaur that hates humans. The ComplEAT Dear Dinosaur collects the entire hit webcomic series, plus a slew of extras.

Ryan L. Schrodt writes,

Launched in January 2012, Dear Dinosaur was a hit webcomic from the mind of creator Ryan L. Schrodt (me).  This surreal comedic series followed the exploits of Dear Dinosaur, an advice columnist that hates the humans he has sworn to help (and he also happens to be a dinosaur)!  After over two years, Schrodt (still me) has concluded the series and now is your chance to own all five volumes of the series in one trade paperback! You can own the entire adventures of Dear Dinosaur and his bizarre cast of supporting characters including his wife Krunch (an American Gladiator), the destructive giant Robosaurus, and his long suffering editor Ryan (based on creator Ryan Schrodt, continuing to be me) The Kickstarter campaign ends June 17th and can be found here.

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The 150 page trade paperback ComplEAT Dear Dinosaur not only includes all five volumes of the series in one convenient place, but also a slew of extras, including pin-ups from some of the best independent artists that the midwest has to offer!  This is the only place you’ll find these, as well as many other exciting extras. Pin-up artists include Steve Bryant (Athena Voltaire), Serena Guerra (Mice Templar), Jeff Manley (Punching the Clock), Tobias Neal (The Sword), and more!

To celebrate being featured on Bleeding Cool, we have introduced a new incentive—the $22 RUMORSAURUS level! In addition to a signed print copy of The ComplEAT Dear Dinosaur, you will get a hand-drawn bookmark featuring Dear Dinosaur telling you an outlandish and humorous rumor! You can even pick the subject of the rumor! Other incentives include signed comics, original Dear Dinosaur art, and guest appearances in Schrodt’s upcoming webcomic Left2Right!

This Kickstarter campaign will serve essentially as a preorder system for The ComplEAT Dear Dinosaur trade paperback. Because we are utilizing Kickstarter as a preorder platform, the number of rewards is being kept to a minimum, as is our goal. We are only requesting enough funds to cover the cost of rewards, plus a small amount to print an inventory to be sold at conventions and in-store appearances. All profits from the sale of this inventory will be used to keep the book in print. After this initial investment, the sale of the book will make it self-sustaining.

Creator Ryan L. Schrodt made his professional comic book writing career with a short story in Mark Millar’s CLiNT Magazine in 2011. Since then he has contributed comics to anthologies from Red Stylo Media, Grayhaven Comics, and more. In 2013, he co-wrote the final issue of Youngblood for Image Comics with company founder Rob Liefeld. Upcoming works include The King of Cool from Japan Comic Aid/Dead Universe Publishing, the original graphic novels The Largest Heart and Stray, as well as more that he cannot talk about just yet. You can follow him on Twitter @RyanSchrodt and check out his website at

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