The Weekend At Wondercon: Lying In The Gutters Extra Edition

BlnXWxwCQAAVyBq.jpg largeYanick Paquette sketch art from Wondercon…

Announcements, reports, cosplay, there is still much coming in to Bleeding Cool to run, but here’s a rundown of Bleeding Cool coverage over the Wondercon weekend. So here’s a special Lying In The Gutters Extra Edition ahead of the usual edition later today, to bring you up to speed.

The announcements

  1. ‘Catfights! Swords! Whips! Last-Minute Rescues! SEXYTIEMS’ – Bleeding Cool Talks To Alex De Campi About Lady Zorro
  2. X-Files The Prequel From IDW Comics – An Origin Story In The 1940s With Bing And Millie, Instead Of Mulder And Scully
  3. Wondercon: Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Bitch Planet – Out In November, Folks! (UPDATE)
  4. Wondercon: Dark Horse To Publish The Art of The Venture Bros
  5. Gabriel Hardman Does Zero For Dynamite 10th Anniversary
  6. IDW Announces John Buscema Silver Surfer, Walt Simonson Manhunter Artist’s Editions, Stephen King & Simonson Lawnmower Man Portfolio
  7. Wondercon: Wally West, A Permanent Part Of The Flash Going Forward
  8. Superman Unchained Is “Ultimate Superman” – It’s Lois Lane’s Time To Shine
  9. Wondercon: Six Thousand Green Lanterns Left To Show
  10. Justice Inc Pulls Together The Shadow, Doc Savage And The Avenger
  11. Wondercon: Harbinger To Be Cancelled By Valiant In July – And Then Start Again In August As Harbinger Omegas (UPDATE)
  12. In July, IDW Presents A Star Trek ‘Six Doctors’ Story Of Another Kind
  13. Could You Have Your Comics Delivered Wednesday By Amazon Drone? ComiXology Talks At WonderCon – Or Rather Doesn’t
  14. Wondercon: IDW Signs Their First Exclusive Creator – Locke & Key’s Gabriel Rodriguez
  15. Wondercon: Captain Marvel Crossing Over With The Guardians Of The Galaxy?
  16. Dynamite Unleashes Creators Starting With Joshua Hale Fialkov
  17. The Army Of Darkness Wedding Snaps From Ash And Sheila’s July Wedding
  18. Transformers Primacy From IDW In August 2014 , GI Joe: A Real American Hero Will Continue… And So Will Normal GI Joe!
  19. Dynamite To Publish Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Comic

The panels

  1. Getting DC All Access At Wondercon – From Jim Lee To Shelly Bond (UPDATE)
  2. Wondercon Full Report: What Was Said (Or Not) At ComiXology’s Ask Me Anything Panel
  3. All New Marvel Now! At Wondercon – Ultimate FF Will Feature Doctor Doom, Lots About Original Sin And More (UPDATE)
  4. Yanick Paquette At Wondercon: The Lowly Entomologist Makes Good In Comics, Collects ‘Crazy Writers’
  5. ‘I Like Taking Characters Down A Notch’ – Katie Cook at Wondercon
  6. ‘When You Come Into The Industry, Bring Your Principles With You’ – Gail Simone At Wondercon
  7. ‘Batman’s Greatest Villain Is His Humanity’ – Kevin Smith, Jim Lee, Bruce Timm, Kevin Conroy Talk Batty At Wondercon

The cosplay

  1. Wondercon So Far In Photos
  2. Baby Predator Wins All Known Cosplay At Wondercon
  3. Baby Predator Vs. Baby Boba Fett At WonderCon

And just all the other cool stuff at the show.

  1. Swag! Wondercon Edition
  2. Wondercon Swipe File: The Skeletor Of Spades
  3. How Do You Know When You’ve Made It As A Comic Book Artist? This Is How.
  4. The Best Easter Candy At Wondercon?
  5. So… How Was The Wondercon Parking For You Then?
  6. More Swag! Wondercon Edition

Plenty more to come… so what did we miss?

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