Lying In The Gutters – Empowered Puff Girls Or Power Perve Girls?

71463_882125578121_1248422839_nFeaturing Kelly Eden, Ari Honey and Zilla308 there…

It’s been that kind of week. This was the week when I organised a troop of Facebook employees in Bleeding Cool’s cause. When I saw my eldest go away for a week to a farm in deepest darkest Gloucestershire with her school (she’s still there). This was the week in which I made David Cameron snarl.

Why, what have you been doing?

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Powerpuff Girls Cover Causes A Modicum Of Uproar
  2. Some Spoiler-Filled Batman Vs Superman Plotline Rumors
  3. Nightwing, Suicide Squad, Superman Unchained, JLA, Stormwatch,
  4. Fantastic Four Reboot Casting Call Reveals A Potentially Very Different Origin Tale
  5. Hank Pym Rewrites The Physical Rules Of The Marvel Universe
  6. Carl? Carl? Carl? (Walking Dead #120 Spoilers)
  7. Are We Living In The Comics Future That Mark Millar Predicted?
  8. Deathlok Headed For Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD
  9. Sean Connery Is Magneto
  10. While There’s A Premiere For Justice League War, Another Justice League Animated DVD Sneaks Out Through Target
  11. Will We Get A Black Wally West From DC Comics?
  12. Thirty-Nine Thoughts About Thirty-Nine Comics
  13. Cartoon Network Pulls Controversial Powerpuff Girls Cover
  14. Superior Spider-Man Spoilers Spur Advance Reorders
  15. Four Reasons Why Batman Vs. Superman’s Delayed Release Is A Good Thing
  16. Stephen Amell Sets The Record Straight On That Justice League Story
  17. I’d Never Seen This Concept Art For McG And JJ Abrams’ Superman Codename Flyby Before
  18. Even The First Peter Capaldi Toy Doesn’t Reveal The New Costume
  19. Mike Roshuk Turns Disney Princesses Into War Goddesses
  20. One Million Moms, As Long As They’re Not Lesbian Moms

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. A Ghostbusters Swipe File At 88MPH
  2. What Is Up With MailOrderComics.Com?
  3. Colourist-Owned Comics? Letterer-Owned Comics? Is This The New Creator-Owned War Waiting To Happen?
  4. Tess Fowler’s Shows Us Her Powerpuff Girls Cover Alternative
  5. Titan To Translate And Publish Pierre Boisserie And Malo Kerfriden’s The Rage
  6. Nicholas Brendon, Christos Gage, James Marsters All Writing Buffy In 2014
  7. All The World Really Is A Stage In The Show – On Set With Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ His Heavy Heart
  8. Are There Just Too Many Comic Conventions Now?
  9. Image Comics Wins Publisher Of The Year At Diamond Awards
  10. Cosplayers – A New Dash Shaw Comic From Fantagraphics With A Touch Of Adventure Time


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