Frank Darabont Suing AMC For Owed Walking Dead Profits


Oh, this Frank DarabontThe Walking Dead saga is far from over, it seems. THR reports now it’s gone beyond hurt feelings and lawsuits have been filed.

Today, Darabont and his lawyer Dale Kinsella have slapped AMC, the network that airs the zombie series, with a suit that alleges the ousted showrunner is owed tens of millions of dollars in profits from the hit show, now in its fourth season and showing no signs of slowing down.

The suit alleges, as far as I am able to understand it from THR’s explanation, that AMC never spelled out Darabont’s “profit participation” in the series until it became evident it was a hit, then used “an unconscionably low license fee formula” to ensure that each episode was guaranteed to have a deficit instead of a profit, so Darabont would never be paid his percentage. It’s able to do this because it both produces and distributes the show, in house, something that’s not an issue on AMC’s other shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

The suit also alleges that the reason Darabont was fired was also due to AMC’s desire to save money as he was let go at the onset of a deadline wherein they were contractually obligated to not only rehire him as showrunner for season 3, but also pay him an increased income in order to do so.

It all seems very convoluted and will probably take a long time to sort out, but it’s certainly becoming more clear why Darabont can’t even watch the show anymore, isn’t it?