Tuesday Morning Runaround – Give Jack Kirby Attention



CM-Life looks at local shop, Hall Of Heroes, of Central Michigan;

Owner Michael Schuler said sales have changed over the year. Due to the struggling economy, he said fans and gamers have turned to cheaper means of expressing their tastes.

“Toy sales have gone down, while game popularity has gone up,” Schuler said. “It’s the economy. It’s cheaper to buy a six pack and a pizza and play a game rather than going out and spending a bunch of money.”

With his store’s sales comprising of 40 percent comics, 50 percent games and 10 percent for gaming supplies, Shuler hoped his store could help people socialize.

“It’s unique in that I don’t think a lot of people get to interact with the Internet,” he said. “It breaks down those walls.”


Stan Lee talks to CBS’ Man Cave;

When you were a kid you probably enjoyed fairy tales, every kid does. Kids love to hear about giants and monsters and wicked witches and princes who rescue the princess and so forth. When you get a little older and you can’t read fairy tales anymore, suddenly along come superhero stories — which to me are just fairy tales for grownups. And by reading superhero stories, you’re able to recapture the fun and thrills you had when you were a kid reading fairly tales. I think it’s just that simple.


Christopher Eccleston answers my Thor question on Skype.

Also, apparently we are rockstar bloggers. No 36. Who knew?


You can now buy ComiXology Gift Cards. Maybe send one to your favourite Marvel staffer as some kind of guilt trip.


The University of Manitoba has unveiled a new indigenous graphic novel collection, ompiled by Camille Callison, containing hundreds of items from native and non-native authors, with indigenous peoples as their subject matter. at the U of M, compiled the collection. Lecturer James Sinclair, said;

“Comic books have traditionally not been very friendly to indigenous people, portraying them as stereotypes, and in rather inhuman ways. But this genre has been something that indigenous people have really adapted as their own, and made really meaningful,” said Sinclair. “It’s amazing how many indigenous artists and writers are now in the graphic novel or comic book genre.”


Chris Roberson posted a photo on his blog of a dashing young man in uniform, and it’s not Steve Rogers:

Jack Kirby in uniform


Duppy ’78, The Trailer from Com.X

Check your reality at the door…


Glen Brunswick tweets preview art for Reality Check #4


Robert Kirkman‘s Invincible and Thief Of Thieves get Mini-Mates packaged;

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Comics Alliance reports on the changing Killweather

It’s a story as old as time: Extremist right-wing radio host gets legislation passed to criminalize sex reassignment surgery, then surgeons kidnap him and forcibly do a sex-change operation on him.

OK, maybe it’s not that old of a story, but it is the premise of the new graphic novel Killweather, which is already almost halfway to its Kickstarter goal of $6,700.


Kris Johnson creates finds some inspired casting.



Tront’s Quest, by Larry O’Neil (of HBO’s Breast Men and son of Dennis O’Neil)

Guest starring Dean Haspiel as a gay Blacksmith.

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