What is Project: Overwatch?

Martin Dunn writes for Bleeding Cool: 


The question has been floating from my side of the twitter machine for over a year.

If you happen to follow anyone involved with Con Artist Entertainment, you may have seen us include that hashtag in our tweets. As insane as it sounds, not even I fully understood what Project: Overwatch really was until we launched this kickstarter.  We reached our goal of $2000 within the first five days of the project going live. This means that we have another 25 days to raise additional funds! The support we’ve received for this book has been awesome, and has totally surpassed our expectations as creators and as fans of crowdfunding.

Check out the kickstarter here!


If you’ve heard my name before, or the name Con Artist Entertainment, it’s most likely in association with my comic Joshua Black.  You may even remember reading about that project on this site, as it’s Kickstarter created quite a stir.  In the time that I’ve been working on Joshua Black, I’ve also been playing around with several other concepts and creations. One of them being Project: Overwatch, which I am working on with Artist Javier Lugo.

Javier and I started off by looking at the way “superhero comics” seemed caught in an endless cycle of regurgitated concepts and ideas. We realized we had a story to tell, but we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We spent the last year designing, redesigning, writing, rewriting, and restructuring this series. It has been the biggest challenge for me thus far since diving head first into creator owned comics. The outcome, however, has become a drastically different book than what we started off with.

On top of all our hard work, we couldn’t have come this far without such an awesome team. Ashley Olien, the Editor-in-Chief of Con Artist Entertainment has been instrumental in helping us develop some of the great concepts, dialog ideas and isn’t afraid to tell us what seems convoluted or off-beat. Cory Cox, our colorist, has been blowing us away with some awesome work and his excitement over the book rivals our own. Finally, there is Magnus, our Letterer, who always has great input and has done a lot of work to help promote our Kickstarter.

So What EXACTLY is Project:Overwatch?

Everything you’ve ever wanted in a comic!

  • Political Espionage
  • Government Conspiracies
  • Extraterrestrial cover-ups
  • Power-Driven antagonists
  • Angst riddled Anti Heroes
  • Sex
  • Violence
  • Action
  • Superheroes
  • Super-Powered Civil Wars
  • Robots
  • World-Wide Propaganda
  • Cthulhu

The concepts are pretty straight forward, an adult orientated, politically-driven, superhero drama. In this story, a group of teen apprentices must fight to keep their superhero mentors from overthrowing the government.

Our goal is simply to give life-long comic fans something different and original, while at the same time, providing fans who are new to the medium a more friendly, and less intimidating introduction to the world of comics. The initial success of this project has shown us we have some great supporters, but even better, was seeing names we didn’t recognize jump in and help out.


Now that we’ve reached our initial Kickstarter goal, we are preparing for our next 25 days of funding which will be where we start to introduce some awesome new stretch goals. This is where we would love your help.

If you guys manage to help us raise another $500, over the weekend, I will not only shave my head, but I will shave Javier’s as well.  Shhh… don’t tell him!  It’s going to be a surprise!  And by surprise I mean I may have to sneak into his house in the middle of the night to get it done! Don’t worry, I will take pictures of the entire fiasco for your amusement.  We will also give everyone who donated $25 or more an exclusive print by Joe Martino (Creator of The Mighty Titan).

As a side note, we are also very excited to have the Project:Overwatch cover art being drawn by Jimbo Salgado, whose credits include: Batman, Team 7, Judge Dredd, Transformers, and Grimm Fairy Tales.

Well with all of that, I want to thank Bleeding Cool and it’s readers for checking us out.

So Long, and thanks for all the Fish!

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