Casting Roundup: Grant Gustin Is The Flash (On The CW) And Some Other News

theflash Arrow finds its Flash, Jack Black gets Goosebumps and Ramin Bahrani assembles the best cast ever in today’s roundup.

• The big fanboy news of the day, for some reason, is about a show on the CW. Of course, that show is Arrow and it’s about one of the most iconic of DC comic book characters, and today another DC superhero has been cast. Glee star Grant Gustin landed the role of Barry Allen, aka the super speedster known as The Flash, after battling it out with two other dreamy young dudes. He’ll appear on three episodes of Arrow this upcoming season, and then – if all goes well – transition to his own series. Gustin’s fans are quite vocal and oh boy, I can already hear the backlash when he is not the Flash of the eventual Justice League movie. [TV Guide]

• Lionsgate made official today what we’ve all known for months – Julianne Moore will be joining the cast of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, playing President Alma Coin, an ally and antagonist for Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss. Filming is evidently about to start very soon, with the two installments set for release on November 21, 2014 and then November 20th, 2015. [Lionsgate]

Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson have begun filming on what sounds like a very Serious Drama for Adults, Learning to Drive. Isabel Coixet is directing and Clarkson plays a Manhattanite taking driving lessons from Kingsley’s Sikh character, living in Queens under political asylum. [Deadline]

Jack Black as R. L. Stine? A Goosebumps movie is on its way to the big screen, and Black is the first actor officially cast in the potential childhood-ruining new adaptation, playing a Stine-esque author whose own horrific tales begin coming true. What’s scarier is that Rob Letterman, who gave us such gems as Gullivers’ Travels (another collaboration with Black) and Shark Tale, is directing. [The Wrap]

Ramin Bahrani is really making a case for his next film, 99 Homes, which already has Andrew Garfield set to star. Now the At Any Price director has added Michael Shannon to the cast, to do what he does best, playing a manipulative, villainous real estate broker who steals Garfield’s house and then forces him to embezzle money for him. Ok, ok, don’t twist my arm too hard.[THR]

• The “what were you thinking?” question of the day goes to Noah Baumbach, who’s cast reality TV star Ryan Serhant in his next feature, While We’re Young, which up until this point had a nice little cast in Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried. Granted, Serhant was an actor before becoming a real estate broker on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listings: New York, but it’s hard not to view this one as anything but stunt casting. [The Wrap]

Francois Ozon, fresh off Cannes hit Young and Beautiful, has set up his next film, entitled I Am A Woman, and French actor Romain Duris is the first cast member on board, but many more will surely join him as filming begins this month. No other plot details are available. []

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