The Other Dead, Featuring Obama, Held By Customs Before 9/11, To Spray For Moths

imageThe Other Dead, a new zombie comic featuring zombie animals (there’s a spate of that right now) has seen its first issue seized by Customs. And the writer, Joseph Ortega, is pushing the line that it could be a conspiracy due to its release date of 9/11 and that it features a gun toting President Obama. Also, Syria.

The story broke on The Blaze last night. The mad internet comments have been… Entertaining.

We know this is fiction. This drawn Obama looks like he know how to handle a gun. The real Obama would likely be aiming the barrel at himself or look like he wants to drop the thing

Please, Lord, direct him and Eric Holder to come to my house first to attempt to seize my moths!

I think it’s great! If Obama kills all the Zombies, there won’t be anyone left to run the gubment

B.F.D. Who is going to collect crap like this, Charles, Encinom? You boys might have to wait a couple of days, think you can make it? I thought Muslims didn’t like it when you draw pictures of the messiah.

I’ve seen Obama pitch, bowl, shoot hoops, and “swang” a golf club. The thought of him firing a weapon with any accuracy is laughable. Bad thing is there’d be nothing but collateral damage.

and when obama loses the vote in congress to attack Assad, he can claim its because the white house is spraying for moths!!!

I think they went with Moths, so not to imply that Flies are drawn to Crap.

You know the sayings: “Like WHite on Rice” or “Flies on Crap”

I think Buffy the vampire slayer is more believable as a heroic fantasy than obama as a gun wielding tough guy zombie killer. Everyone knows that obama would never put his own skin in danger or dirty his hands with hard work. Someone else would have to do the dirty work and he would take credit for it. Just like he did with Osama

If Barry were to hop into John Kerry’s swiftboat and motor up the Tigris, personally spearing racist Semites, then he might be a tough-guy. I personally think he has proven himself to be a cleverage of the female anatomy.

No, Barry’s not a tough guy. He may look like he’d be a good spear chucker but I doubt he can chuck a spear any better than he can chuck a baseball. He is kind of girlie that way. Of course he throws leftie. Maybe he’d do better if he tried being a rightie.

What a pity. It would have been so apropos for the warmongering peace prize winner to have this cover come out on the eve of his war with Syria and on the anniversary of 9/11 and Benghazi!

Warmongering, peace. Now what does that sound like? Islam?

You wouldn’t want that to be revealed now, would you?

Looks like to me. BHO has destroyed the Great Seal of the US and daring anyone to stop him from harming the country more than he already has!!!

That cover is crap. I could never see obumer in such a “heroic” light. He probably couldn’t even lift those guns much less know how to use them. He’s a wussy bully using the government agencies to intimidate people. He also wears mom jeans and rides a girly bike. All this stuff with Syria is just him trying to boost his over blown ego.

9/11 was an inside job, the maybe moths landed on the part of the 9/11 commission report that explained how terrorist with box cutters overpowered air marshals with guns and then made flight trajectories that are according to a consensus of pilots impossible only to destroy buildings rated for aircraft strikes including building 7 that wasn’t even hard damaged yet collapsed at free fall speed, hmm… perhaps I just need to join the 9/12 project so I can worship 9/11 and pump cheap gas guilt free and stop asking these silly questions.

And finally, because you know they really wanted to go there;

No, Barry’s not a tough guy. He may look like he’d be a good spear chucker but I doubt he can chuck a spear any better than he can chuck a baseball. He is kind of girlie that way. Of course he throws leftie. Maybe he’d do better if he tried being a rightie.

The comic will be out before the end of the month, along with other IDW comics also delayed without Obama’s face on them. And then Obama will come around to your house to take them away anyway.

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