Five New Comics From Monkeybrain, Including The Return of Heartbreakers

At this evening’s Monkeybrain Comics panel at San Diego Comic Con, they will announce five new series. I’m especially pleased to see the return of Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan‘s Heartbreakers, a series I really enjoyed a decade ago


Avery_Fatbottom_01-1 Avery_Fatbottom_01-2 Avery_Fatbottom_01-3 Avery_Fatbottom_01-4 Avery_Fatbottom_01-5

CAPTAIN ULTIMATE #1, by  Benjamin Baily, Joey Esposito, and Boykoesh, $.99, ages 9+

Captain_Ultimate_01-1 Captain_Ultimate_01-2 Captain_Ultimate_01-3 Captain_Ultimate_01-4 Captain_Ultimate_01-5

DETECTOBOT #0, by Peter Timony and Bobby Timony, FREE, ages 12+

Detectobot_00-1 Detectobot_00-2 Detectobot_00-3 Detectobot_00-4 Detectobot_00-5

DROPOUT #1, by Phil Hester and Tyler Walpole, $.99, ages 12+

Dropout_01-1 Dropout_01-2 Dropout_01-3 Dropout_01-4 Dropout_01-5

HEARTBREAKERS #1, by Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan, $.99, ages 15+

Heartbreakers_Episode_01-1 Heartbreakers_Episode_01-2 Heartbreakers_Episode_01-3 Heartbreakers_Episode_01-4 Heartbreakers_Episode_01-5

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