Monday Runaround – Steve Ditko’s Webs To Grant Morrison’s Zeds


Via George Peter Gatsis, a Steve Ditko fifties comics cover with a familiar left panel pattern…


Australia discovers graphic novels in education as Art Spiegelman’s The Complete Maus enters the English literature curriculum of Griffith University.

In setting The Complete Maus, the VCAA has broken into new territory in providing students with the opportunity to study an outstanding text at the most senior level, and to take on the challenge of embracing both contemporary and more traditional forms of literacy.


A direct post from writer Mark Waid, this article talks films but only in regards to how the authors of the books are compensated for their ideas. Waid speaks from his personal experience as the writer of Superman: Birthright after the release of the new Man of Steel movie.

Would it be nice if the policy were different? Sure, but “nice” is a human behavior, and I say this without one hint of snark or cynicism, simply as fact: corporations are not designed to act based on society’s expectations of ethics or morality.

article_037b47de9d23bf2e_1372029830_9j-4aaqskWORLD’S OLDEST COMIC BOOK IS SCOTTISH

Research has recently revealed the oldest known comic book to be a publication released in Scotland nearly 200 years ago. The discovery of the 1825 “The Glasgow Looking Glass” came just in time for Glasgow University’s International Graphic Novel and International Bande Dessinee Society Joint Conference 2013 and is expected to be the popular topic of the event. A few images taken directly from the book can be found within the article.


The next phase in DC Comics’s mission to fight the hunger crisis in Africa may just include Jim Lee painting a mural in your town. Only one lucky buyer will be able to claim the $25,000 prize and see Lee come to their town to create a unique work of art on any wall or canvas that’s 10×10 feet in size.

If that’s slightly out of your price range there’s still plenty more goodies to grab including autographs and superhero room makeovers. The full list can be found on group’s donation page here.



Previously, Comic Book Resources took a survey of their readers to observe the way fans read comics over time. The results are quite interesting and neatly organized in an awesome infograph.


Beanotown Review Poster Small-Press


According to the Financial Mail, South Africa is another new foreign market in which mainstream American comics have found financial success in, but the country still struggles to produce and maintain its own industry of local publishers and artists. The article speaks specifically to South African but can easily be used as an important observation on the difficulties faced by smaller comic book markets.

“There are maybe 100 people making comics in the country, so there is an interest. However, I think [South Africa] is like most other countries in that we buy American comics made by the big publishers, DC and Marvel,” he says. Sales of DC and Marvel, established global powerhouses of comic-book publishing, remain the main revenue generator for most dealers like Outer Limits, which has been open for over two decades.”


In other news, if you’re not already following Gail Simone on twitter, you’re missing out. Especially if you think Deadpool is not a rip off of Deasthstroke.


Pádraig Ó Méalóid is away. Laura Sneddon looks into the Zenith rights issues for The Beat.

John: And because it’s 2000AD you won’t get any reprint money.

Steve: Not a sausage. By the way, Grant, they want you to do an introduction.

Grant: That’s okay. I think Titan offer covers and introductions to the creative people so that they get SOMETHING from the reprints.”

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