Is C-3PO In Star Wars Episode VII? Anthony Daniels Talks To Me About The New Films

c3-poC-3PO and R2-D2 are my favourite characters in all of Star Wars. I love their interplay. I wish Rich and I were more like that. I would want to be C-3PO.

While I’ve never had the pleasure of chatting with R2-D2’s alter ego Kenny Baker, I have had a few chances to speak with C-3PO’s inner Anthony Daniels.

It has always been a pleasure, and always something of an entertainment. Daniels would be such a great chat show guest… and yet I don’t think I’ve ever seen him on a chat show. Pull your finger out, Norton.

Daniels and I wrapped up our conversation a few minutes ago, and I’ll bring you many more details of what we discussed later on, but for now, I thought I’d bring you Daniels’ comments on Episode VII. It is, after all, the big Star Wars topic right now – and will be for the next couple of years.

Here’s how the back and forth went. Just like this but with more laughter.

Bleeding Cool: What would it take to get you back in the C-3PO suit again?

Anthony Daniels: An urgent diet.

BC: It feels a little odd to me when we don’t have Threepio and Artoo in Star Wars. They’re the heart of the thing to me.

AD: Then you’re a very intelligent and sensitive man, you understand these things. I sort of agree. They are the icon of the show, really, but they can’t be there all of the time. People would get boring. Give somebody else a chance! Bring back Jar Jar Binks!

BC: That would go down like a lead balloon.

AD: Don’t be cruel.

BC: So… have they come to you about Episode VII yet?

AD: Well…

And there was a long pause. Until…

AD: What I always say to that is “Wait and see.” Let’s keep the suspense going. One of the people at Celebration will be Kathy Kennedy, the most loved person. She comes to Lucasfilm with an astounding history of film production and she’s also a nice person. A rare thing in a film producer, one feels. She’s hyper-intelligent, kind, clever, all of those things. And very very rich. So… I’m sure she’s a lady of discretion and taste who will listen to you. I want you to find her at Celebration and say “I was talking to Anthony the other day, and you realise Star Wars wouldn’t be the same without him.” Then see what she says. She’d probably have you arrested.

BC: So they haven’t spoken to you yet?

AD: I’d rather not comment. You will recall I’ve always had a rather discreet attitude, or a professional sense of discretion. I don’t blab things about the script. I think that would be very unprofessional, or childish. Let the films, stories and so on unroll as they should, when the audience first sees them… or, strangely, when they buy the tie-in novel some months before the film comes out.

Brilliant. Why did we only have 20 minutes? So unfair.

Daniels will be out at the Celebration convention in Messe Essen, Germany next month. One of his bookings for the weekend is a live interview, where he’ll be grilled by Warwick Davies. That’ll be a high point.

Daniels and I did also talk a little about what he’ll be up to, and I’ll bring you word on that later – as well as clarification of the various other Star Wars projects he definitely is, definitely isn’t and might yet be involved with.


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