Pretty Pictures – From A Biro Judge Dredd To A Neil Gaiman Krazy Kat


Nick Bradshaw’s Marvel Heroes


Josh Summuna collates his own personal heroes.


Dimitri Armand takes on an alienated Ripley.


Derek Charm revisits Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers in a much friendlier fashion.


Wolverine Hunting from ChasingArtwork. More from them tomorrow, I fancy.


An old drawing of Damian by Dustin Nguyen, originally for a trading card game, discovered.


A ballpoint pen Judge Dredd by Jim Rugg.


David Yardin’s Wonder Woman, “Pencil, Sakura watercolour. Details added with Pentel brush pen and light blue & white Poscas.”


A $20 commission of Oracle by Joshua Covey. I think someone may have got a real bargain with this one.


Neil Gaiman holding up the Chris Riddell cover for the UK version of Fortunately, The Milk, out later this year.


Kit Seaton gives you “one Buster Keaton, George Herriman, and Neil Himself in the style of Krazy Kat.”


Ty Romsa gives us a Poison Ivy, describing the process as “Traditional Drawing, then Painter and Photoshop”

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Steve Oliff’s One-Of-A-Kind Akira Colour Guides From $40 Each

Wrath Of The Villains – First Teaser For The Return Of Gotham


Luc Besson Shares On-Set Photos From Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets

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Ghost In The Shell To Add Michael Pitt

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The Time Masters Offer Rip Hunter A Way Out In Legends Of Tomorrow Preview


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