Bringing The Season To A Close – The Week In TV Ratings

Hannibal-TV-Show-e1361191699262Jamie Wotton Writes For Bleeding Cool

Okay guys, bear with me. I just lost this weeks article as I was trying to upload it. Stupid iPad.

Through gritted teeth, I’m going to try to recreate my usual cheer, as embodied in the draft that I just finished, by writing in the blinding sunlight.

Okay, here we go…

It’s over. The TV season is over. Conclusively, absolutely, the TV season is over. It’s over in all ways except those in which the networks actually listen to. The last week is full of proper season finales, some Summer Burnoff Premiers, and some of the rest too.

The rest includes Revolution, which is mid-way through its 44th season right about now, I believe. The episode on Monday scored a 1.9.

From the creators of How I Met Your Mother, FOX presents The Goodwin Games – just premiering to a 0.6 in the demo. The way FOX treated this – picking it up, cancelling it before it even aired and then burning it off during the summer – you wouldn’t have thought it comes from the minds who created an eight season, multimillion dollar series for the Network. The series produced six episodes, and I would imagine they will all air.

Just as one series is premiering, another comedy is leaving for good. The series finale of the long-standing, little-cared about 3-cam series from The Eye, Rules of Engagement finally packed it in. Also on CBS, the season finale of Hawaii 5-0 comes to an end at 2.0.

On Tuesday, the season finale of Grimm aired, scoring a 1.7. A bunch of repeats and The Bachelor’s Funniest Moments also aired, but you don’t care about those, do you?

Okay, jeez, the reality show sudser special scored a 1.2 on ABC.

Chicago Fire had its season finale on Wednesday, and to my genuine surprise, it scored a lower number than normal, at 1.7.

Over on ABC, the music-based soap Nashville got solid returns – its best all year, clocking in at a 1.9.

Also on ABC, the finale of Modern Family was more of a limper, as the hit series earned a 3.7, a far cry from its 5-point premiere.

On NBC, the netlet premiered/burned-off another cable-esque drama, to match with Hannibal. The dramedy Save Me scored an expected 0.7 on Thursday. Hannibal in the 10PM hour fell back to a 1.0 rating. Which…. listen here, internet. I’m so confused about Hannibal. It’s a series that should not be in danger. If you watched the show, saw its writing, production design, pacing, acting – you would think it was a cable show, and without even checking the ratings, you would think you are in secure hands. How many shows this strong, that look like this, are you actually fearing for? None. They are the Homelands, the Dexters, The Americans, the Game Of Thrones of the world. Even if the ratings aren’t there, the good buzz keeps them going. I sincerely, sincerely hope it finds another home. Because… Holy frak.

Smash aired its season finale on Sunday, in a move from its regular Saturday timeslot, receiving a 0.5 in fast overnight ratings.

And that was the end of the season. The real end of the season.


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