Lying In The Gutters – 27th May 2013 – And I’m Coming Home

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Another spectacular photobomb there from John Layman, on the adult film actress Siri, who cosplayed as Power Girl at Phoenix Comic Con.

As this goes live, I’m in the air. Or being detained by security. Not sure. I land in the UK on Tuesday morning. Apologies for the reduction in service today… every.hing you read from this point on has been lined up in advance/

Top Twenty Traffic Stories Of The Week

  1. Is This The Dirtiest Joke Ever Told In A Batman Comic?
  2. It’s On. Marvel Vs. Fox
  3. Sony Will “Never Ever Ever” Let Go Of Spider-Man Movie Rights
  4. Guardians Of The Galaxy Plot And Villain Details
  5. JJ Abrams’ Star Wars Teaser Trailer – Afterwards They Will Explode
  6. A New Booster Gold Comic On The Way
  7. Get Your Chris Claremont On In This Week’s Uncanny X-Men
  8. Joss Whedon Explains What He Gets From Using Quicksilver
  9. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes At Marvel – From Dexter Soy To Deadpool
  10. No, Philadelphia, You Can’t Play Superheroes Anymore
  11. Pete Woods Leaves The Justice League’s Vibe After Issue Six
  12. When John Layman Photobombed Power Girl At Phoenix Comicon
  13. A Few X-Men #1 Variant Covers On A Friday Morning
  14. When Superman Called Orion A Jerk Over Wonder Woman And That Kiss
  15. First Machete Kills Trailer Has Leaked
  16. Hannibal Absent From NBC’s Fall Schedule
  17. When The Flash Called John Constantine, Don Constantine
  18. DC’s Green Lantern #20 Tribute To Geoff Johns
  19. Dredd Movie Sequel Might Still Be On The Cards Say Rebellion
  20. When The Scarlet Witch Married Captain America

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. When Captain Britain Became A Muslim Woman
  2. Human Centipede 3 Casting Notice May Have Revealed Its Big Idea
  3. Jonathan Hickman’s God Is Dead For Avatar
  4. Two TV Spots For Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim
  5. The Rage And The Ridicule Of Red Sonja #1
  6. Not Live Blog: Edgar Wright And The World’s End Panel At MCM London Comic-Con
  7. Tattoo Time: Ben Templesmith And Xochitl Gonzalez
  8. New Trailer For Walking With Dinosaurs Spins It Differently For American Audiences
  9. Saga Sweeps The Board At The Bleeding Cool Fan Awards
  10. The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel And Jamie Foxx Are Headed To Comic-Con



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