Human Centipede 3 Casting Notice May Have Revealed Its Big Idea

tom sixThe third and final Human Centipede picture has started production in the US this month. Director Tom Six has promised an appearance by a major movie star, but we still don’t know who it will be. Not Tom Cruise, I’m sure. Probably not Reese Witherspoon. After that… we don’t know much at all.

But a new casting call, intercepted by Shock Til You Drop, may have given away the film’s big idea.

HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3, a horror film, is looking for gentlemen of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities to play PRISON INMATES starting THURSDAY – MAY 16 in LOS ANGELES. These prisoners will work up to 13 DAYS between MAY 16 and JUNE 6. We will be shooting at a number of actual PRISONS in the LA area. Applicants can be expected to engage in regular prisoner activities like RIOTING, SCREAMING, and FIGHTING. However, this is a HUMAN CENTIPEDE movie.

THERE WILL BE SOME SCENES TOWARDS THE END OF THE SHOOT REQUIRING PRISONERS TO BE PART OF THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE. Actors will be fully clothed, but will be asked to pose on their hands and knees rear end to mouth. Please do not apply if uncomfortable with this process. Show is NON UNION. Rate is 64.00/8 + Mileage on some far away prison shoot days.

Six has promised 500 people in his final centipede sequence, end to end. I guess a prison is a very logical location in order to facilitate this. It also takes us back to the original spark that lit up the idea for him in the first place.

Six told me about that inspiration back in 2010:

It started very simply. Once I was sitting with a friend watching television, and there was a child molester on, and I said as a sick joke, “You should stitch his mouth to the ass of a very fat truck driver, that would be a good punishment for him.” Everybody was like, “Oh that idea is so horrible,” and it kept coming into my head, and I thought that it was a great basic idea for a horror film.

We all know the stories of what happens to child molesters in prison, where the real rules are made by the inmates not the guards.

I see where Six is going here. I hope he can make something out of it.

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