X-Men: Days Of Future Past Adds Sunspot? Sunday Trending Topics

new-mutants-marvel-graphic-novel-4This one’s a little open to interpretation, but the forum is having fun putting it together: Bryan Singer and members of the X-Men: Days of Future Past cast have been out at a hockey game in Montreal. As you would do, if you were in Montreal. Here’s an image that Singer tweeted from the occasion.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Sunday:

Clark Gregg Teases A Little Of The Agent Coulson Mystery To Come… And A Black Widow Spin-Off? 

What follows will contain spoilers for The Avengers so, if by some weird fluke, you’re that one person who hasn’t seen the film but have still somehow ended up here, I suggest you go back to your cave for a bit. Thanks.

Electro’s Other Look And A First Glimpse At Harry Osborn – Spider-Man Set Pics And Video

Marc Webb and Dane DeHaan have each tweeted a brand new images from the upcoming sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. They do not offer much in terms of plot details, but they Webb’s image shows a very intelligent-looking Jamie Foxx in front of a board that has our hero’s face at the forefront. We know that, early in the story at least, Max Dillon, the alter ego of Electro, is something of Spider-Man fan. I guess that’s his creepy stalker board we can see on the wall.

X-Men Days Of Future Past Adds Adan Canto As An Angry, Flaming Mutant – Probably Sunspot? 

Bryan Singer and members of the X-Men: Days of Future Past cast have been out at a hockey game in Montreal. As you would do, if you were in Montreal. Here’s an image that Singer tweeted from the occasion.

Most-Read Comic Stories Sunday:

Will Print, Not Digital, Kill The Comic Store?

So, back on topic; despite my overwhelmingly positive experience with digital, I am still sticking with print. Not because I like printed comics, but because I love comic stores. I love what they offer. There I can have a friendly, social experience: browsing, chatting about comics, seeing what’s available, flicking through new series. Because of this unique, niche experience that a store can offer, I don’t think digital is going to kill the comicbook store.

Pay vs. Say And The Spandex Nostalgia Of Marvel Now And DC New 52 – Comics Realism

This past week also saw the 75th anniversary for Action Comics #1 marking the birthdays of Superman, Lois Lane and others at National Allied Publications which would become the DC Comics we know today. This milestone effectively ushered in the age of super-hero comics. Fandom and pop culture owes a debt to American Jerry Siegel and Canadian Joe Shuster for their creation of the Man of Steel.

Original Art To Amazing Spider-Man #1, #2, #3 And X-Men #1, #2, #5 – Not Stolen, Honest

There has been lots of talk about what happened to the original art of comic creators working for Marvel and DC in the sixties and seventies. Especially considering that much of it become rather valuable. Some was returned, some was destroyed, some was lost, some was given away and some… well…


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