Lying In The Gutters – 22nd April 2012


From Today’s The Gutters by Tony Lee and Andy Smith

As this runs, I’m probably sitting down with the good lady wife to watch The Book Of Mormon. Tickets bought in November, which is what you have to do these days. That’s unless our train or tube has been blown to smithereens in furious vengeance from on high, of course. Still, this is what you’ve been reading on Bleeding Cool this week.

Brendon was pleased this week, because it looked as if he was going to have film stories at the top of the chart. That’s before Power Girl changed her clothes, that is. Honestly…

Top Twenty Traffic Stories Of The Week

  1. WTF? Back In The Boob Window – Power Girl Gets Dressed
  2. Clark Gregg Teases A Little Of The Agent Coulson Mystery
  3. New Man Of Steel Trailer
  4. And Finally… A Panel From Catwoman #19
  5. The Real WTF Moment In Today’s Wonder Woman #19
  6. Is This The Justice Legion?
  7. WTF? Sword Of Sorcery #7 Gatefold Goes Deep
  8. Brian Bendis Says No Miracleman At The End Of Age Of Ultron
  9. What Exactly Did Robert Venditti Say About Plans To Kill John Stewart?
  10. Electro-fied In Blue – First Look At The Amazing Spider-Man’s Ever-Loving Villain
  11. The Correct Order In Which To Read Your Age Of Ultron Comics Today
  12. Joss Whedon Had His Idea For The Second Avengers Film Before The First
  13. Should You Be Blacklisted, Mr. Card?
  14. First Review: Jupiter’s Legacy #1 by Mark Millar, Frank Quitely and Peter Doherty
  15. Heroes Could Be Coming Back, But Not To The TV Networks.
  16. Sherlock Series 3 Gets A Surprise – And Very, Very Spoilery Guest Star
  17. Marvel’s FCBD 2013 Infinity Gets Pirated
  18. Kryptonian Countdown Clock And Man Of Steel Image Gallery
  19. Tony Stark Was A Furry
  20. Justice League #19 And Jupiter’s Legacy #1 – Separated At Birth?

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. Will Print, Not Digital, Kill The Comic Store?
  2. Bleeding Cool Movie Podcast – Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Olympus Has Fallen… And More
  3. Alan Moore’s New Comic, Providence – “It’s Actually A Bit Like Watchmen”
  4. Vivid And Lush New Trailer For Neil Jordan’s Vampire Movie, Byzantium
  5. Swipe File: Red Hood And The Outlaws and Naomi And Ely
  6. When Bleeding Cool Called Up Bruce Campbell To Celebrate Evil Dead 2
  7. The Changing Face Of The New 52 – How DC Got Soule
  8. Masters Of Cinema Monthly For April 2013
  9. Terry Dodson To Draw Red Widow In August
  10. Superb Alex Pardee Poster, First Image And Plot Details For Willow Creek

Mark Millar.

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