Holding Court With The Boy, A Visit From The MVP, And My First Fan Mail – WonderCon


Day Two of Wondercon from David Blake Lucarelli

Day two of my maiden voyage into the realm of being a creator/booth exhibitor saw sales go up to 22 copies sold. Full disclosure, three of those were bought by people I know, and I’m not counting the two trades for other people’s books. If you’re keeping track that’s a total so far of 37 sold and counting. Here you can see me and the boy holding court amidst a sea of attendees. Don’t worry, he was later rewarded, with several new action figures, and he got to hang out with Kiss and the Power Rangers, two of his favorites, as well.

It strikes me that running a booth is an interesting experiment in human psychology. There are the people you are pitching to that you think are going to buy a book right up until the very second they don’t, and then there are other people who come up already decided and determined they want one, and you don’t have to say a word to convince them. Likewise, I noticed that when I had all my books on the table placed near me, no one asked if they were free, but today when I placed a second pile on the corner of my table a couple of people made that assumption, until I had to tell them otherwise.


Definitely a lot of the buys I got were due to people reading my articles on Bleeding Cool, particularly ‘Twas the Night Before Wondercon, but on the other hand, one guy told me yesterday that reading my article was the reason he decided to come to Wondercon! Which, is very flattering to say the least.

Also interesting is that one woman who bought my book recognized me from being in Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope, where I have a cumulative screen presence of maybe four seconds answering a couple of questions. But, I guess that’s the power of the movies.

The MVP award of the day goes to composer Sarah Denise Carter, who not only provided the excellent score for my comic promo reel heard here:


but made the trek down to Wondercon to show her support in her Most Very Pregnant state you see here only partially obscured!

Calvin-and-I-holding-courtMy sainted wife Sherry worked the booth for me while I went to the Comics and Hollywood panel where I got to hang out with fellow creator David R. Flores (deadfutureking.com) as we listened to a bunch of industry heavyweights, some of whom I knew from Comic Book Sundays past, talk about the trials and tribulations of navigating your IP through the minefield of Hollywood. Afterwards I got to meet Martin Shapiro who taught the excellent online course Publishing and Marketing Your Graphic Novel. He was gracious enough to take a picture with me and tell me about an exciting new website just launched called graphicnovelcreator.com.

After a long day of being “on”, the family and I took in the masquerade and I returned to my hotel to find my first fan e-mail. He told me he enjoyed the first issue of the Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade, and wants to know when issue 2 is coming out. A perfect way to end a long but satisfying day at the con!

Calvin-and-KissDavid Blake Lucarelli is the writer/creator of the Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade, a four issue mini-series inspired by the real life incident of the Gorbals vampire and described by film director Joe Doughrity as “Buffy meets S.E.Hinton’s The Outsiders.” Issue one is exclusively available at Abacab Comics Booth SP-74 in the Small Press area of Wondercon. You can read the first 11 pages online here:

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