Lying In The Gutters - 25th March 2013 - Get Well Soon, Brendon

Tom Hiddleston Is The Great Escapo In The Muppets… AgainFolks, Bleeding Cool’s Brendon Connelly is currently in hospital with heart palpitations. Appropriately enough, it is Pinewood Hospital, the synchronicity gives him small pleasure. Ous thoughts and prayers are with Brendon and his family. As a result, our film and TV coverage is likely to be lacking in the next week or so, we hope you forgive us. I’ll do what I can, I’m off to see a bit of Iron Man 3 tomorrow. I’ll try to see it with Brendon’s unwaveringly critical perspective rather than my fanboy blinkers. And if I see a Muppet I will try and kidnap it and take it to Brendon.

So, yes, you’ve been reading rather a lot of Bleeding Cool this week it seems. Record traffic and stuff.

Top Twenty Traffic Stories Of The Week

  1. Fialkov Left DC Comics Over Plans To Kill Off John Stewart
  2. Angela Joins The Marvel Universe
  3. Ant Man Test Footage [REMOVED]
  4. John Stewart – He Lives?
  5. Jurassic Park 4 Laughs In The Face Of Science
  6. Now Joshua Hale Fialkov Walks Off Green Lantern Books
  7. New Star Trek Poster Is Your Reward For Not Ogling Alice Eve
  8. Andy Diggle Off Action Comics Already?
  9. A New “Guest” Joins The Marvel Universe After Age Of Ultron
  10. Axel Alonso Announces Marvel Now Wave Two, A Weekly What If
  11. When The Topless Halo Jones Was Covered Up
  12. Five Hundred And Twenty-Five Free Digital Comics From ComiXology
  13. More Of Those DC WTF Gatefold Covers For April
  14. Not-Safe-For-Work Trailer For The Clockwork Orange Meta, Alex
  15. Video: First Footage From The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug [REMOVED]
  16. DC Confirms Andy Diggle’s Departure From Action Comics
  17. The Week In Sex, Sexism And Nudity
  18. When DC Stopped Constantine Smoking On The Cover Of Issue One
  19. When DC Tweets About John Stewart
  20. Grant Morrison Talks Superman, Wonder Woman And The Walking Dead

And Ten You May Prefer…

  1. Marvel To Publish New Line Of “A-List” Original Graphic Novels
  2. John Barrowman States Categorically That He Will Not Be Part Of The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode
  3. Surprise Supergirl Credits!
  4. Sony Chairman Calls For Hollywood To Ditch All Gay Slurs And Stereotyping
  5. Could This Be Your Favourite Dialogue From Tomorrow’s Comics?
  6. What James McAvoy And Danny Boyle Had To Tell Us At The Premiere Of Trance
  7. When Karen Berger Told Douglas Rushkoff Not To Do His Comic At Vertigo
  8. Bleeding Cool Movie Podcast – The Croods, Jack The Giant Slayer, Compliance, Reality, Hammer’s Dracula And More
  9. Brian K Vaughan And Marcos Martin’s The Private Eye Available Now
  10. Peter Jackson Names His Fee For Directing An Episode Of Doctor Who

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