Community Is In Bad Health, Big Bang Theory Stumbles – The Week In TV Ratings

Heeeeeeere's Carrie.

Heeeeeeere’s Carrie. Just for you.

Jamie Wotton Writes For Bleeding Cool.

If you were tuning into watch television last Monday, and for some explicable reason don’t have cable, there was a real goldmine waiting for you.

Maybe you started off the evening by watching ABC. They aired The Bachelor (3.3). A nice bit of fluff to start of the night  before switching over to The Following (2.6) on FOX. After all that weird empathising with criminals who preach Poe did a number on you it would be nice to rather relax with some light entertainment. Luckily, NBC was showing The Biggest Loser (1.9) and CBS had Rules of Engagement (2.0).

But before you knew it, it was getting late and you probably wanted to sleep, so as you get up to turn the box off, the TV switches to The CW! You’re missing your favourite teen dramas, The Carrie Diaries (0.4) and 90210 (0.2)! Not wanting to be spoiled around the water cooler, you stay up for another couple hours to conclude your fantastic night of television.

A fantastic night indeed.

There were lots of repeats and reality on Tuesday, with only Smash airing  to a 0.9. That’s up from last week, but it hardly matters – the show is switching to a brilliant Saturday night slot soon.

Four shows aired on Wednesday – literally. FOX aired Idol (3.6), and it continues to do poorly. I can’t see many more years of American Idol going ahead, and a smart move would be to go all-out and bring back some of the original judges and give it a big send-off next year. No one wants to see the show die more in more pain than it has this season.

CBS aired Survivor (2.5), ABC aired alien-comedy The Neighbors (1.4) and for some reason NBC showed another Whitney (1.2).

On Thursday, Community hit a series-low 1.0. Yeah, it hit another series-low. Thankfully this didn’t affect Parks And Recreation at 1.6. The Office continued the upward trend with 1.9.

FOX aired Glee, and after that was up to a decent number last showing, it now fell back down to 2.0.

Tying for a season-low on CBS, The Big Bang Theory dropped a sing;e ratings point to a 4.5. Don’t worry, your favourite show isn’t falling off a cliff. This number may have been affected by some sort of sports or something.

For once in a long time, The CW did better on a Friday than in previous weeks, with Nikita hitting 0.5 and Cult doing a 0.3. The most fascinating thing about how poorly these two shows are doing is that a few years ago, Smallville and Supernatural were garnering better ratings on a Friday than their mid-week counterparts. O’ how the times have changed.

On Sunday, The Good Wife continued to garner its now-normal 1.5 rating, and at this stage of the season, I’m not worried about its future so much. More than anything, networks want consistency. Okay, they want large audiences, but they also want to know they have a loyal, attentive viewership, and CBS most definitely does with The Good Wife.

However, there are many shows that lack consistency, and one current example is Once Upon A Time. For most of its first season, and a lot of its second, Once averaged a solid 3.0. A really stellar rating for a show most people would have predicted to bomb. So to see it get a 2.2 now does not seem genuinely bad… but will the ABC execs think its a sign of things to come and cut their losses ahead of a third season? Very doubtful, but still: gulp. ABC also garnered a 1.8 on Revenge and 1.0 for Red Widow.

See you again next week, with more ratings, rationalisations and nonsense.

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