The Inauguration Of Li’l Lincoln

Benjamin J. Kreger writes;

It’s funny, the rollercoaster of life. In my thirty odd years in this world, I’ve discovered, above all else, one must learn to laugh at oneself if you are to survive all the ups, downs, twists and turns of this ride. For without humor, what would be the point?

The subject of my comic, The Less Than Historical Adventures of Li’l Lincoln may just agree on this matter as well. Those who’ve spent time with Lincoln (through his writings and the writings about him) know the man enjoyed a good jest as much as anyone… maybe more. It seems he was well versed in the therapeutic nature of a hearty laugh, known for keeping the spirits of those around him up. As with Lincoln, I oft use humor in my writings. Though, I dare not call myself a humorist, I find creating comedy most rewarding when a frown is turned upside down.

And, like Lincoln, I too use humor as a weapon to combat the debilitating effects of depression. For in 2009 I found myself jobless, homeless and, quite frankly, loosing my battle with chronic depression thanks to a little P.T.S.D. I brought home with me from my first tour in Iraq (2004-2005; O.I.F. III. U.S. Army IDNG). Again, like Lincoln, I was blessed with a funny bone. I began writing stories about a younger version of Abraham Lincoln. I teamed him up with his mutt Fido (based on Lincoln’s real-life pet Fido) in a story surrounding the untimely death of his birth mother. As with all things, tragedy isn’t without humor. It’s not to say sad things make us laugh or chuckle, rather, the absurdity of a child, unable to properly express his grief, throwing a tantrum and directing his frustration in anger toward those who love him most. Something I’m sure we have all been guilty of at one point in time or another.

Writing Li’l Lincoln gave me something to focus my energies into. In this Less Than Historical world I was allowed to be irrational, irritable and angry at those things, which were out side my control. Aiming my frustration toward the antagonists in the story instead. There, in this world, I found my humor again; a trusty tool I continue to favor.

Paul Johnson, bringing a unique humor to the series since it’s first publication as a web comic, his cartooning style allows us to standout amongst the crowd of new independent comics. Both he and I, tirelessly composing stories from our hearts and souls but with such absurdity, surely to make President Lincoln “L His A Off.”

We are four years into this now. There is no turning back now. With the anniversary of both Abraham Lincoln’s birth and the launch of The Less Than Historical Adventures of Li’l Lincoln comic series coming up in the next few weeks, we are celebrating by collecting the first three issues of Li’l Lincoln into a definitive trade paperback.

Life is a journey and just like a ride on a rollercoaster, it is best shared with friends.

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