The Following Grows, The New Normal Falls, 30 Rock Says Goodbye With A High - The Week In TV Ratings

Jamie Wotton writes for Bleeding Cool.

The times they are a-changin’.

Fox’s resistance has kicked into a higher gear on Monday as The Following grew in its second outing, up from a 3.2 to a 3.3. It’s also proving to have great live+3 ratings – ie. live telecast, plus dvr watches over the next 3 days. I would still qualify its long-term success, but it’s doing wonders for Fox’s Monday night. It also buoyed up Bones, which rose to a season high at 2.6.

In a somewhat surprising move, if move is the word, The Carrie Diaries remained even yet again, at 0.5. We all know this abysmal, but a new drama staying consistent is still pretty rare. The show looks even better when compared to 90210 airing in the following hour and garnering only a 0.3.

Do you remember what I said last week? It’s happening. New Girl rose to a 2.5 on Tuesday night. The rest of the night, made up of Raising Hope (two eps – 1.5, 1.7) and The Mindy Project (1.7) looked especially feeble in contrast.

Over on NBC, without The Voice, things continued to look more and more dire. Matthew Perry’s Go On and Ryan Murphy’s The New Normal both hit season lows at 1.2 and 1.1. These are huge overall falls, and it more or less rewards NBC’s decision to keep its prized Revolution off-the-air until the return of the second cycle of The Voice later this year.

Without Modern Family to prop up ABC’s Wednesday night viewership, there were some more comedy tumbles. Down four-tenths from last week, The Neighbors hit a 0.6. Suburgatory was also down four-tenths, hitting 1.8.

It might just be me, but there appears no rhyme or reason for shows on The CW scoring highs some weeks and completely underperforming others. So don’t read too much into Arrow going down to a 0.9. Supernatural scored a 0.9 too.

Thursday‘s series finale of 30 Rock, airing over one hour, earned a 1.9 – skyrocketing up from the last week’s 1.4, and reaching the shows’ highest number in almost a year.

It’s almost too perfect that as Tina Fey’s sendup of the farce that is NBC ends, actual NBC continues to be absolutely ridiculous. Do No Harm, the peacock’s new Jekyll-Hyde drama, premiered to be a 0.9. Which is isn’t just awful, it’s the LOWEST SCRIPTED PREMIERE EVER. Someone get Black Frasier on the air now!

On The CW, which is the network that regularly premieres lower – but isn’t counted for this record, due to it not being available in all homes – The Vampire Diaries was even with its last airing at 1.3.

ABC’s Friday night comedies did… alright, I guess. Last Man Standing was even at 1.3 and Malibu Country garnered a 1.1. These shows aren’t setting the world on fire – obviously – but its quite nice that there is a network airing harmless multicamera shows on a Friday night. Of course, you could probably watch actually good multicamera comedies in reruns and get the same feeling, but there you go.

On Sunday, not a lot happened. Except for, you know, the biggest television event of the year… I guess. CBS hit it huge with the Super Bowl, getting a 38 – 35 demo rating. The ratings for Elementary‘s performance in the post-game demo aren’t out yet, due to time-zone differences and the nature of live television. I’ve no doubt, though, it will be the highest rating the show has ever achieved.

The bigger question is whether it will continue its high streak into next week…

I’ll see you all next week, with more numbers, speculation and excitement. If there’s something more fun than TV ratings, I don’twant to know it.


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