Cosplay – Jessica Nigri Covers Herself With Cherry Sauce At Amazing Arizona Comic Con

Brian Wise writes;

Most guys won’t tell a girl to put a shirt on, but Mike Gabouri and Jason Soprovich didn’t have to. That might sound like a weird thing to say, but it’s pretty normal when we are talking about a t-shirt company looking to advertise. CherrySauce, a Canadian based shirt site, was at the Amazing Arizona Comic Convention had a booth with a selection of t-shirts from a selection of genres. “We found that, whatever game were playing, I get distracted and start sketching stuff for the game, whatever is on my mind at the time,” says Mike. If Pokemon, Adventure Time, or Super Mario Zombies didn’t catch your eye then their advertising would. Cherry Sauce has shared a booth with none other than Jessica Nigri since August 2012. It’s like a beautiful relationship that we see between sharks and fishes or birds and water buffalo. If you’ve never heard of Nigri then listen up.

If comics are the meat and potatoes of a convention, then cosplay is the dessert that always comes with it. There were plenty of sweet costumes this weekend, from both the Comic and Anime universe. Where there’s cosplay, there is also Jessica Nigri. Nigri’s been in cosplay since 2009, and she has been building a profile since then. She’s been everything from Pikachu to Lt. Anya Straus. She sported two outfits this weekend, going all out Friday and Saturday and coming back to her civilian costume Sunday. Friday showed a female Connor from Assassin’s Creed III, and Saturday was an awesome Harley Quinn. There wasn’t just effort in each costume; it was an effort getting it to the convention. “My friend is from Canada, and we huddled under a massive umbrella,” laughed Nigri Arizona is a desert, but it received buckets of water Friday and Saturday. (I think the clouds were just crying that Stan Lee wasn’t there.) “I did my friends hair, so that’s why I have orange in my hair, but if that got wet it would run.” So how did a t-shirt company get Nigri to put clothes on? “One of them contacted me to sign at their booth at a small convention in Vancoover and after that we were all like ‘Ya lets hang out all the time!’ I do photo shoots with them for shirts”. You can find Nigri sporting most of their designs at Mike found out was taken by people who don’t like clothes. After convincing me on it, we looked up the domains…. Uh oh… is a porn site.Now Mike and Jason travel around to conventions with Nigri; sometimes they buy the booth and sometimes she buys it.

More interesting, Cherry Sauce eases through copyright just fine when Mike creates a sketch. “It’s no fun you’re just tracing what they do. Because I don’t like drawing things one for one, I do an evil take or a different design entirely.” Nintendo and Adventure Time don’t really care, so Mike says he’s planning on releasing a zombie Mario and zombie Link. Jason runs the business side of things but he also models the product. “When people come up to our booth they recognize us. It’s a nice personal touch.” On reflecting on their business, you realize these guys have the best job in the world. They travel to conventions throughout the year, touring big cities. They do it with beautiful women who will pay for their booths. They sell their favorite ideas and watch how their business expands. It’s a sweet deal, but that’s Cherry Sauce for you.

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